Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Trumpfuk: The Return of Trump Fukunomics

Donald Trump Forgets Americans Again in Trumpamnesia


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It certainly is productive that President Donald you read this the two quotes and see if this reminds you of anything.

The White House plans to privately negotiate a massive overhaul of the tax system with Republican leaders in Congress, possibly giving rank-and-file members little if any say over the finished product, a top aide to President Donald Trump said Tuesday.

Yes why include Republicans who will be voting on this and have to answer to constituents back home. It would be much better to keep them all in the dark and just throw the bill at them and trust Paul Ryan in writing it.

Gary Cohn, Trump's top economic aide, said the administration doesn't want to engage in prolonged negotiations after the package is made public this fall. Cohn said the goal is to release the overhaul in the first two weeks of September.
"We don't want to be negotiating the tax bill on the floor," Cohn said at a meeting of technology executives.

By all means, why do we want Republican input on a bill they are going to be force to vote on.

If you do not recognize the above, how about we throw in Donald Trump taking to Twitter to threaten the Freedom Caucus if they do not vote on this liberal retread of OBAMACARE!!!!

Yes, Donald Trump, his leftist staff and Paul Ryan learned absolutely nothing after the fiasco of Obamacare which is still rotting in the Senate, due to the incompetence of Donald Trump and the betrayal of Priebus, Ryan and Pence.......oh and they are still all there and again there appears this nation rapist Gary Cohn now cutting Republicans out of their own bill.

The ship has sailed on the Trump tug boat. He allows nothing but insiders who are interested in either crony deals or crony deals for their portfolio fiefdoms, and that is what a tax overhaul is going to look like. I honestly expect from Gary Cohn a bill that lets Ivanka's Silicon Valley oligarchs and Jews named Kushner to not pay any taxes ever again, while Republicans discover they are being taxed to death in the Obama grave.

There is absolutely no excuse for President Trump in this. He oversaw the fiasco of Obamacare and now has engaged in it a second time in a tax overhaul cutting out Republicans. The first time there was an excuse, but there is not any excuse for Donald Trump in this shenanigans as this is deliberate, and that means Donald Trump deliberately caused the first healthcare repeal to Ryan, Pence and Priebus were doing exactly as Donald Trump ordered. There can be no other conclusion as it is Donald Trump destroying the Republican party by creating Obama leftist bills which no Republican would ever vote for.

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