Thursday, June 8, 2017

What Value Is James Comey's Word?

Jimmy Hoffa didn't have this much Legal Counsel
but honest Jim Comey does

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Testifies Lynch pressured him on Clinton investigation...
PAPER: Disappointing the witch-hunters...
LAWYER: 'President feels completely and totally vindicated'...
CNN issues correction after statement contradicts reporting...
NYT Story Debunked...

Liberals like Charlie Rose from CBS and the morning crew were fixated on James Comey making statements inferring the President was a liar, and yet in this, the real question in the storied past of James Comey perjuring himself before Congress is giving inaccurate testimony and showing bias, that Americans are supposed to rely on Mr. Comey's word as a gospel.

I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting and I thought it important to document."

The Lame Cherry has already exposed that James Comey's written statements could be utilized in a Grand Jury to indict him on multiple counts of trying to blackmail the President.

So what value is any testimony from James Comey.

James Comey Attempted To Blackmail Donald Trump

Senator John McCain seeking to have his wife confirmed for a job in the Trump Administration, actually did his jobs as Senator Tom Cotton, in asking James Comey about his character, and each time Comey squirmed.
As an example, Comey rushed to clearing Hillary Clinton in a blanket statement of all wrong doing, while going after President Trump, but as Senator McCain pointed out, Comey worked on a double standard of Clinton crimes and Trump fake news.
Comey stated that the President noted an understanding had been worked out with Comey, but Comey did not follow up on what he was supposed to agree to over making a statement stating the fact that the President was NOT under investigation.
What the above reveals about Comey is that he was on a witch hunt, and he fully as in the case of Patrick Fitzgerald going after Dick Cheney, intended to foul up some campaign staffer, pressure them to turn on Donald Trump, so that Comey could bring  down the President on a charge which Trump was innocent of in Russian hacking. That is the fact of the saintly Comey in he was trolling the President for the deep state and still is.

That is the one reality in all of this in what was motivating James Comey, and it was he was keeping an investigation open with the intent of tripping up some staffer on a wrong date memory, indicting them, and then pressuring them to roll over on Donald Trump in something Trump never did.

The Lame Cherry is going to address something on Donald Trump and "lying" which a holier than thou Comey's brain is not wired to figure out. Donald Trump is not a liar. Donald Trump is an AMERICAN.

What do I mean by this? I mean Donald Trump is Buffalo Bill Cody, the master showman, who people jealous of him would call a "blow hard". In the south it is called Shuck and Jive, in the west it is called "bullshitting" and in Donald Trump WWE it is called showmanship.

For example, Tom Custer, brother of General Custer, told his little brother Boston that there were "water rocks" and if you soaked them in water, they were like a canteen and you could drink from them. As the people from Tennessee would call it, "Tom was greening his little brother", because that is what real Americans do in they are always making some statement which to some churchy Comey would be a lie, but to Americans it is fun, the art of the deal, the jewing someone down in price.
I had an Aunt tell me I lied so much. Yes her daughters were bone heads who would believe anything, so I told them idiot things and in a few minutes started laughing and told them NO that is not right. My Aunt like James Comey are idiots who can not tell the difference between someone joking  and a real lie.
It all worked out as I told the one wild child that she should beat curfew by waiting till the parents went to bed and crawl out the bedroom window. Now that is something I said in jest because I knew other girls who pulled that, and I never would, but that kid did it, and proved what morons her parents were.
Her parents were the same saintly Comey types who actually got me out of the way when their brother in law was dying by having me watch him that day, as they rifled his house and walked off with things because "they knew he would want them to have those things".

See that is  James Comey. He goes in and talks to Donald Trump who has it on the ball in knowing Comey is playing him to blackmail, and Trump gets Comey to say that the President is not under investigation and does reach an agreement with Comey to state that in public, and Comey goes into a panic, because he realizes that Trump now will tweet that Comey cleared Comey starts taking notes and refuses to keep his word as it is Comeys Diary which is gospel, which could have been written after he was fired. So Comey goes in a panic about taped conversations and starts a conspiracy of leaking to the press to smear the President as it is a crime.

COMEY'S LEAK : Comey tells lawmakers he had a friend leak the memo he wrote to himself after meeting with Trump.
Ex-FBI Director James Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee he asked a friend to disclose to The New York Times a memo he wrote after a meeting with President Trump in the hope it would spur appointment of a special counsel. (Fox )

So it returns to the fact of what McCain, Cotton and Cornyn were bringing out concerning James Comey, in if he was so disturbed by Donald Trump, then why in the hell didn't Comey resign or have a letter written out?
It is because James Comey is the stooge of the deep state and he has no principles or morals. He is a judgmental prude who when asked, "IF YOU KNOW OF A CRIME AS LAW ENFORCEMENT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO REPORT IT?"

Comey's holier than thou response was more Comey in he did not know the answer really as it depended. This is the FBI Director and he does not know that it is a CRIME to not report a crime, as that is why law enforcement has Internal Affairs to investigate crooked cops who do not report crimes.
It goes to the point in the fiction of James Comey's diary that if the President had engaged in a crime, then Comey was responsible to report it which Comey never did, because Trump never engaged in anything criminal.

But Comey can speak and does speak for others, like Attorney General Jeff Sessions who apparently was listening to this whining taddler constantly in Comey whining about the President, and Comey views Session's silence as "What am I going to do about Trump", when it was more likely Sessions thinking, "Lord God why don't you just crawl back under your pew, you goddamn busy body!"

What good is James Comey's word? It is worthless. He proved he was delusional again and vacuous to the facts. The only worth his written statements and testimony provide are for the President's lawyer to file a billion dollar defamation lawsuit against Comey as he confirmed he was smearing the President in an organized conspiracy.

The value of James Comey's words in Truth are zero. They do have value in a billion dollar civil suit though.

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