Thursday, June 22, 2017

What's the 6 20?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am not writing this to whine about the poverty which is still attempting to keep me, but to explain to the people who have dropped notes in hotmail what it looks like when I log in.

See I run Windows XP, and Firefox on my old laptop, and yes it is working very good in all aspects and do appreciate the person who asked, thank you. The thing is Microsoft wants everyone to update to the new spy systems so they cause problems for Explorer 8, and in my case they literally will not allow Firefox to log in. I just get a blank screen.
I had this happen over a year ago, and it came out of it on a Firefox update. Firefox updated, but lo and behold it will no fix. The last time the NSA was playing fun with me, in I could log into another email account at Microsoft, just not the blog's account.

The above is what hotmail looks like in Explorer 8 and I was having difficulty trying to figure it out. It reminded me of the old Netscapse version when they stopped being supported and everything went to java script.

So for now it appears I will be dealing with IE 8 and picking my way through email, as I am trying to figure out what to do with perhaps moving the account as I have had it with Microsoft from top to bottom. I have tried numerous free emails and some just take too much bandwidth, and some like Yahoo I already have an account and I hate logging in under another name in my one click emails. Some I bring in on Thunderbird and some emails will not support that. Some like Proton, soon as I got the account, the entire site got hacked and everything went down for weeks. I am sure that was just a coincidence too.

I just wanted people to know that I am not ignoring you. I am having technical difficulties again. The thing is I have hated hotmail for years and never used it except as a dump box and that is what this address was when I inherited it. This account was stolen by Russian hackers too or someone, but those kinds of things were never looked into even when I complained that Obama trolls were phishing my accounts........and I actually gave Microsoft a picture of the fat, black dude in Washington state, who worked at the company who was behind the scam.

I have had problems with Yahoo too, in the Obama years in they were censoring emails wholesale. Now Yahoo has been acquired and I cringe at what kind of bull crap will be taking place in those emails. Like I had AOL long ago, but when Time Warner bought it, they confiscated my unpaid account for a paying customer. I really appreciated that spoils system, and in Yahoo's case..........yes that account was hacked too and I had to send them my ID to get it back (perhaps Facebook should check those records as Facebook has my fricking birth certificate and press credentials and still have that account in limbo).........where was I going with this?????????
I just do not want to move in and then have Mexican squat my butt out the electronic door, so for now it is the slow go on hotmail, which is about the chittiest email on the planet. Yes I could do Gmail, but.......Gmail feels like a trailer house on gutter avenue in being tinny, and I do not want to be in an email account that John Podesta chose to mail from.

I suppose I will check again, but it is not like I have other things to do in I was trying to put sprouted vine crops in the ground a week ago. Heck I might as well knit booties for them if I wait a few more days.

I will though probably look for some free email which sucks and try and be free of Bill Gates NSA moneywhoring codex terrorism. For now I have to get things done for tonight and that mean I better get it headed down the road.

Le Sigh*