Sunday, June 4, 2017

Your Narco Electric Stupor

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Why do you feel depressed and not good after watching television, or the movies as of late?

The Lame Cherry is going to inform you again in a current example of how the CIA cartel Mockingbird media deliberately designs cloudy days to make you feel repressed, instead of sunny day happy.

Wonder Woman is boded the salvation of the movie industry in a 100 million dollar box office. BS that is as this was a money dump, unless women are looking for ways to become suicidal, as I am going to explain to you exactly the difference between the American Wonder Woman and the current Globalist Wonder Woman.

This is Lynda Carter in the most famous rendition of God, Mom and Apple Pie. Look at the colors, in how they are all bright and stimulate you to good feelings. Note she is Red White and Blue in all things are possible in the United States of America.
Lynda Carter did not need weapons, because she had her Rope of Truth and her bracelets which she deflected bullets with. She was all virtue.

Next we have Globalist Woman, in the entire movie is shot in depressing colors and Globalist Woman looks bathed in the color of rotting menstrual blood. Look at her weaponry and her gladiator form of desperation and doom, needing to kill all in her path.
See how sickly she is in the morbid colorless life she is.

Now who would do this, but the Tavistock mind conditioning group of the cartel, and the reason is, they want to frustrate, depress and make society feel bad, in everything is brooding like a nuclear landscape killing everything.

They do this constantly in media, and Star Trek filmed in Living Color, all looks like the Living Morgue in the later episodes. Watch Battlestar Gallactica with Loren Greene in how hopeful and vivid that was to the Edward James Olmos mortuary. The cartel has been depressing society for a generation and it works like a perpetual cloudy day by all the psychotic drugs the world consumes on their way to the grave.

Speaking of grave, here is the nuclear grave that Global Woman represents, an ashen world where her color schemes to not match and actually clash. There is no harmony in her, and that is exactly the psychological message the elite have created to disrupt your life and torture you for a few hours, which will linger on for months, and you paid for that.

Now look at Wonder Woman as Lynda Carter, in the scenes were deliberately constructed as in this scene where it alerts the audience that the positive sunny day of America's Heroine is about to enter into the darker world of evil, as she transitions from the bright outdoors to the impending battle against the darkness.

Notice that Wonder Woman is the only bright light among the darkness of the evil of Nazism. The Nazi image is enticing like a red sun, but the cinema leads you to choose the positive Wonder Woman, as she like all of us, must overcome evil with the light of good.
We can discern that Wonder Woman is chained by this darkness and she struggles to free herself from the menace it is. All positive messages reinforced.

This is classic positive American in the day when it was Ronald Reagan America, where you see the light of Wonder Woman is held in the grey surroundings of evil, which is nothing the viewers desire. This is only for a few minutes in the scene, like a passing cloud, it is not for 120 minutes of a movie depressing you and literally raping your soul.

In Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman in the classic pro American image, every audience member was set free by all of her positives. She had her invisible jet she flew and she came from an island which was of peace, but she came to the world to overcome the evil by non lethal means, as she was a super heroine and did not need to abuse or butcher her children.

Every one of you is affected with lasting effects of what this mind abuse does to each of you. It is why you are on Facebook looking for attention or on your phones texting, because you are afraid of the world and want to keep it arms length, but are desperately alone.

I mean Geez Louise, Wonder Woman could save the world and never have a hair out of place, but Global Woman runs around like her hair is a rat's nest which has never seen a comb.

Now you have been awakened again, before you go back to your narco electric stupor.

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