Friday, July 28, 2017

And then there was Bannon

Exit Staged Right

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You see my children what blood sports look like at 1600 Penn Avenue, you start off with the bottom feeders, then the minnows with teeth picking the eyes out of the cadavers, and then you get the piranha feeders like this Scaramucci gal, grabbing balls and nailing them to the wall, as they begin to learn the feeding chain and the ruthless rise to the top.

We know certain things now, that Jared and Ivanka Kushner have become cemented enough, that they do not need the GOPliters of Priebus any longer to maintain power. There is now only three factions operating in the White House, the Neocons under HR McMaster with John Kelly, Ivanka and Jared leading the Gary Cohn liberals, and the Mike Pence mafia, as the GOP is DOA in this White House, as dead as the knife Priebus helped shove in the back of Loyalists and Christians.

We also know one thing, that this Scaramucci gal, does not lie, as he was bragging that Reince Priebus was going to be fired, and Priebus was. As Reince Priebus is a traitor, he deserved it, but I still consider it bad sport to have Son of Terminator squat over the Greek and piss in his face, because Priebus for shutting down the RNC delegates in their coup against Trump in smashing their vote scheme last August, deserved a better exit for appearances sake than what just happened.

 WWE PRESENTS: Scaranator Son of Terminator

We are in the Scaramucci era now though, until this all goes south, because the President can schmooze the base with words, but his actions are alienating another faction every week, and that is a political problem,  as one can rule with an armed state of Neocons, Pence mafia and Kushner slum lords, but that Conservative Chuck Schumer who just offered to work with the Republicans to make a better healthcare system is the winning power in this, as the GOP just became a fringe party.........just like that genius Webster Tarpley stated was the position of the cartel in America to make the GOP a fringe party, and then divide the Democrat party into two wings of Bernie and Hillary...........and children with brats, Donald Trump is now the neo head of the Hillary Clinton New Democratic Party by the Kushner liberals, the Pence socialists and the Neocon fasicts, and what is left is Maxine Waters making Kim Jong Un look like the calm one on the globe.

You read the above again and remember what this blog warned all of you was coming, and it is now here, exactly as Webster Griffin Tarpley opened his genius to the world and blurted out, which he should not have done as it displeased those in power.

So now it is over Bannon's dead body that Scaramucci hacked off Priebus' nutsack. Steve Bannon was in exile in Priebus' office, and now he has no home nor place there, as John Kelly with his amnesty for terrorists is running this White House, which is disconcerting as he was horrid at Homeland Security.

I am going to whisper something as soft as a bobber on the sea, if you have not noticed, Donald Trump has been putting nothing but cut throat military into most powerful positions, as if the President was securing the Pentagon's allegiance, and as if Mr. President has been told to prepare for something on this globe which will require the military state to be in absolute control.

You can read the above again as something appears to be in the next step phase and all you children should have made your donations.

How do you think Bannon is going to get it from Scaramucci? I know Mr. High Rise has to keep an illusion of nationalism until primal law takes over, but do you think it will be like Breitbart or do you think a definite message will be sent.

I hated spelling Priebus' name, so am pleased Roger Stone is casting the first landslide in blaming Priebus for Robert Mueller's coup. Alas perhaps Mike Pence will send some hoover time in one last vacuum from Katie Walsh in a parting gift.

Priebus' sins came home to find him out  and he deserves it for how he used and betrayed Christians. Scaramucci is having his walk in the sun, but he is in world of making profound enemies and his friends will throw him to the sharks, as that is all he is good for is chum in the water, as the royal executioner for the regime.

That is enough of a lesson before Sabbath observations, as this was all planned to be the driving story all weekend, as every Trump voter was betrayed in Obamacare, and someone had to feed the frenzy and for this weekend that little Greek was chum in the shark tank.

Ed Rollins, former campaign manager for President Reagan, said the new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci has created chaos in the White House, by tagging Reince Priebus in a tweet over the “leaking” of his financial disclosure information.
“He’s supposed to be coming in here and developing a communications plan and he’s just created a gigantic controversy. This is about as dumb and stupid a thing I’ve seen in my life. He has to understand that financial disclosures are public documents. It’s part of going into a White House,” he told FOX Business’ Trish Regan. 

It is crazy Mr. Rollins, unless of course the purpose is to make a creature in the White House appear more psychotic than Twitter Trump, as  the Lame Cherry broke the story, and is the case.
You people have never accepted the Lame Cherry brilliance in this is WWE cage match, in one big psychotic soap opera, to make you believe the illusion, so you do not comprehend the reality of this entire fraud of the feudal few ruling the majority.
It keeps the bleaters from revolution.

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