Thursday, July 27, 2017

Exit Laughing

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It is a common tragedy that men in life have women who lie to them. It is like that song by Billy Squier, She Goes Down, in men never do get it figured out who is in control. It is the problem that women are too good at their jobs really.

Like this Mormon from Utah, you can just tell he married up, and she got her list guy, and he has been reading braille big comforting breasts for years, in she never laughed at his small dick size, his small brain and his small fetal position. You know the normal stuff a good wife does to make a man out of their husbands.

So this poor Mormon husband has his wife take him on a cruise to the Arctic, and while there they get into a fight, as for the first time in their marriage, she is laughing at him in front of the daughters. I mean what is a mother to do, but train her girls to laugh at men.


So they are like yelling at each other, on the balcony, and in the end the husband beats the wife to death.

So like the passengers show up, and he is covered in blood splash, and he says the wife would not stop laughing at him. I mean what is a good Mormon wife going to do, but in crapholio Utah, being suppressed all them years, but get out in Alaska and start acting like normal  wives do, and teaching the girls to laugh at their husbands. You simply can not stop human nature.

So like, husband or now the widower, tries to drag the dead wife and toss her off the balcony. Somewhere in this someone tries to hang onto her feet and stops the husband. I tell you some women just got it even in death in men folk fighting over them.

The it seems the husband tried to jump of the ship, but that did not go so well either. I doubt anyone stopped him, as it was  just sort of suicide desperation that passed as a thought, as he said his life was over.

I think fathers need to teach their sons the Red Foreman lesson from that 70's Show. Steven the wacko child they took in, did not want to go to Kitty's party and Red told the kid, "Look you might as well get used to it now, as you are going to that party and you are going to be miserable, and enjoy it, because that is what being a man is".

See guys all think it is Hugh Hefner snatch box and big tits, where you get to do things, but that ain't guy life. In guy life, some woman finally decides she can make something of your sorry ass, she marries you, and makes you think you are the man of the house, but as Billy Graham's kid said, "Dad thinks he is in charge of the house, but Mom is the one in charge".


The problem with this Mormon wife is she was too good at the job. She had  that poor husband believing all that stuff about big cocks, the best in bed, her dream knight, he was smart and all that other nonsense, so when she started acting normal and laughing at him, his world just fell apart as he had no preparation for it.

A man who has not had his dick laughed at by his wife, is not ready for any Alaska vacation, and a man who has not been laughed at silly by all the women in his life, as they relish the torture just is not ready for any of the real stuff in life.

I know I have said large breasts are comforting and everyone likes them, because we naturally get started on that in nursing, but people you got to know that you have to suffer for them mams as they have a hell of a price on them, bigger than any Alaskan vacation can ever repress a giggle. You just got to figure it out as a husband that you married a cat, which does not want to be touched as she rubs up against you, does not want to be noticed as she plops down in front of you, and does not want you around until you are gone, as she can never control you.

The remedy for laughing women is beer. That is why God created it. If you got a really small dick, that is why God created whiskey. Mormonism prepared no man for anything in life, just like Islam never prepares men, that is why Muslims are all nuts and violent, because their shrew wives drive them nuts in Islamic marriages and all that nether stink.

Guys just have to figure out they are not all that. Donald Trump talks big about pussy grabbing, but you know Melania lines him up nightly out of the shower and  tells him how little his cock is as she laughs and laughs. It is what wives do. Ivanka does it all the time to Jared, and that is why he keeps trying to sell her to the Chinese, because he thinks he will get away from that, but I tell you once a woman has seen you naked, there ain't no place even to the Judgment that you are ever going to get away from her laughing at you, along with all of the other women in the room.

Men have to know they get like one room, like a closet for their lives, and their wives know all they are thinking before they think it, and that behind every man is a woman laughing at him with other women.

See a Christian man just takes it, and that till death do us part stuff is not literal to make happen. A Christian man just hopes for death........Lord does he hope, he dreams about it, volunteers for war for it, works himself to death for it.....but always knowing deep down that with women there is no till death do us part, as even in Heaven they will find a way to show up and eternal rest is the sound of a man's spiritual dick size being laughed  at, in the mirth of Heaven.

You might as well get used to it boy here and now, as Heaven is forever.

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