Monday, July 24, 2017

Global Gun Grabber Donald Trump

Representative Mike Kelly


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As all of you bleaters have missed this, as only the Lame Cherry has reported that:

Secretary Munchkin has been banning Americans from purchasing affordable Russian firearms.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has focused the entire Justice Department on American gun owners.

But of course we can give excuses as this is not President Trump, because Donald Trump has a gun, spoke at the NRA and promised to many things to American gun owners.

The reality is though as Donald Trump states he has rescinded hundreds of Obama laws, that Macron of Paris is telling the world that Donald Trump agrees with the Paris Accords, and is now a proven fact that Mr. Trump did not remove America from those accords.

This has now melded into another piece of Mr. Globalist Trump in 2013 AD in the year of our Lord, Birther Hussein signed the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, which was NEVER ratified by the Senate, but it is in full force and it requires American tax dollars to fund this international police confiscation of guns.

There is a big reality in this, in this quote:

The only way to officially kill the ATT is to have a president formally withdraw from it.

The only way to kill ATT is if Donald Trump remove America from it. That sound you hear is Donald Trump not moving an inch to remove America from United Nations control of gun confiscation.

What is taking place is Representative Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania passed a house bill 2810 unanimously to stop funding ATT. The problem is though that it is only for one year and will have to be repeated.

All it would require is Donald Trump to do his job, keep his promise, instead of this endless bait and switch of promising things in 2016, spouting off about getting out of NAFTA, Paris Accords, and the fine print has Donald Trump going gonzo Obama like he is Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush in Obama's third term.

“Therefore, in addition to supporting this amendment, I strongly urge President Trump and Secretary Tillerson to take the final step and officially withdraw the United States from the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty once and for all,” said Kelly.  “It’s time to tear it up!”

 Why is Donald Trump not tearing up ATT? Why is Donald Trump not pushing for a national concealed carry law making a national standard? We were all lied to that Mike Pence and Reince Priebus were the legislative answers on these issues, including health care and tax cuts, but when we peek inside the bills, health care is nothing but a kick back for Ryan and Pence, and tax cuts are just for Big Jew in the Kushners and Gary Cohn.

So bleaters, why is Donald Trump not restoring American Gun Rights as a top priority as the Founders ratified?

You already know the answer, but the cartel is using your prejudice  in not admitting we are being conned every day, to keep your silent affirmation.

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