Monday, July 31, 2017

Jared Kushner the Ultimate Trump Disrespect

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I heard this blurb on the best of Rush Limbaugh this past weekend and did a search for it, and found the link as no one believes me without someone else posting on things, but the subject is the absolute shitty way that Jared Kushner treats his in laws.

Out of respect, if your spouses family, in a most important meeting for your father in law, you would show up at a meeting and sit through it all, without leaving, because this is family and it would be a real bitch slap to your brother or sister in law to simply walk out.

Yet that is something which has been lost in the fine details of Jared Kushner's bolting for the door in the Don jr and Paul Manafort meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower.

Jared Kushner wanted a fake phone call to get out of Russia ...

Kushner was one of several people who during the ... his assistant during the meeting to help him get out ... as 'Meeting: Don Jr. | Jared Kushner ...

We already know that Jared Kushner to save himself,  threw Donald Trump jr. under the bus. We know that Kushner met with Robert Mueller and informed on Don jr. Now into this we have not just Jared Kushner to save himself, stating, "I was only in the meeting for a moment and left", is the reality that while this meeting was taking place, Jared  Kushner was  checking his texts, and texting his assistant, telling them to phone him, so that he could get out of that meeting.

Think of it, in the message that sent to everyone in that room in Don jr. calls it, and there is Jared Kushner with head down, reading texts, being a distraction, and tapping out his own messages..........then the phone rings disrupting things more, and Kushner announces, "I have a meeting that I have to go to", and runs out the door.

In review of this we discover:

Jared Kushner disrespects his family.
Jared Kushner manipulates his family.
Jared Kushner lies bold face to his family.

This is absolutely reprehensible and out of the bounds of all civility, in showing this kind of disrespect to your wife's brother. You will notice that Paul Manafort acted human and stuck it out. Don jr. was diplomatic and stuck it out, but Jared Kushner with those damn goy was not going to show the goy any respect, any more than some damn monkeys in the zoo he would walk past.

If I was Don jr. I would be paying absolute attention to this, as I would if I were Eric, as this Kushner is scum. Ivanka is not vacuous, so she knows what her husband is pulling all the time, and she condones it and is probably pulling the same garbage, and that means the Kushner's pull the same thing on President Donald Trump, as the biggest glaring example was Jared maneuvering Donald Trump into a meeting with the dictator of China, so Kushner's siblings could cut million dollar swindle deals in China trading on Jared Kushner's access to Donald Trump.

There are rules in you never treat your family nor your in laws this way, and yet this is a pattern by Jared Kushner in how he treats people with the ultimate disrespect in this person lies at every situation.

In the way the West Wing Cabal has mistreated Christians and Loyalists, it is simply proof of what has been  taking place in stabbing them in the back by the Kushners, because Jared Kushner was stabbing Don jr in the back when it was a little event in the selfish Kushner world. What do you think Jared  Kushner will do to his inlaws, American and allies in the big things to save himself?

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