Monday, July 17, 2017

Lessons in Seth Rich

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the murder of Klaus Eberwein, it is necessary to explain something again to the bleaters in how the world operates.

There are those who rule the world.

There are those who sell their souls to those who rule the world to gain power and money.

There are those who are deluded in thinking it is a world of principles, and the front people like Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence, are on the side of good, when all these deluded are, are ants on the farm to carry out the charade which those in power carry out for those who rule the world.

There are the enforces who are employed by the rulers to protect the system and protect those in power as an investment of those who rule.

There are the bleaters. 99.9% of you are in the last category in you do not know anyone in power in this world, like to think you are playing the system or have it all figured out, when in reality, all you comprise is spacetaker status to keep this illusion of societal intercourse in place, until all of you are wiped out as you do not get to eat the fruit of the immortal tree.

World Net Daily can say another person the Clinton's associated with died by suicide. It is amazing how many happy, wealthy and established people die by suicide, once they start interchange with the Clintons. The Clintons as this blog has noted are a people who become engaged with the people who have their own enforcers, and then when Bill and Hillary swindle people, rape people or break people's dreams, those deluded people react and start spouting off in public or start copying Wikileaks files, thinking they can right the system for their particular grievance, but all they have done is become a problem for those in power with enforcers who must then activate the enforcers to protect their billion dollar investments and trillion dollar empires.

For your feeble minds, this akin to the syndicate and mafia, but so much more the octopus, as others have likened it to in this interconnecting web, and ended up again, dead in a bathtub by suicide with their wrists slit, warning again their family that if anything happens to them, it was not suicide............and the medical examiner puts suicide on the death certificate and the case is closed, because the ME does not want to end up like the ME who knew too much about Andrew Breitbart going puffy pink on the street.

There are rules in this and the first rule is one never speaks about the lords and the priests or those who run this world. Forget the Jew Rothschilds and Soros. They are bag men like the Kushners are slum lords. They can be written of, but just do not expose someone like the Chicoms who have enforcers who will make you disappear.
That is the rule, in you can rage on about whoever is in the media, but you do not start rocking the boat or the people who got bribed, took the Clinton money, see your ranting about the Clintons as Klaus Eberwein did as a threat, and just like Joe Scarborough's assistant ends up dead on the carpet and it gets listed as suicide or natural causes, by a train running over you in Arkansas.

I always appreciated the Clinton's protectors. They had such a sense of humor about things. Putting Vince Foster across from the Saudi Embassy, was absolutely touche. In other matters, putting William Colby into the river with his supper on as a message to others to not rock the boat as he went accidental death was most artistic and creative.
See you can appreciate, fawn over and simply become a fan of the rulers of the world murdering those who threaten them, but you just can not start implicating them or the things they are involved in.

It is like all this pedophile crackdown. Seriously Ivanka Kushner, do not pat yourself on the back too much, as the fact is all the primates are the cloth of the land. No lord or priest like Brian Williams taking his new Mercedes out for a drive and covering it with semen. See the perverted culture the elders allowed sown into the world had too damn many pedophiles sullying up all the children like it was smorgasbord time.  It was ruining the pickings in the pasture, so it becomes necessary to get rid of these former useful perverts so the elite will have pristine pastures, as no lord or priest likes finding out his grapes have been sucked on by some precinct chairperson.

Are you understanding how the system works, how Bill Colby explained the system worked in the Franklin Scandal,  in the deep states wants people to trust the regime to be fleeced, but it becomes a problem when no one trusts the system. Look, it is a point that the elite want the police state to rule, but it has to rule a reduced population, and that means civil war and global war to get rid of the bleaters, as robots are ok servants, but now in programming they are finding out that robots are all right wing in nature and rebel against the system as the natural order of the world is the kind of language the Ku Klux Klan uses.

Any way, the last place anyone with a brain should want to be is having their children like Seth Rich working for the system or having your family member like Klaus Eberwein rocking the boat for the elite. You can be like Jim Marrs in giving the rulers great publicity in all they accomplish as they like that, but do not be like Jeff Rense in activating the enforcers or they show up and scramble your brains for an accident.

That is the lesson in Seth Rich. If you are rich, make sure you donate to the charities and politics, as that means you are a good bleater. Bill Gates was not donating and had to be herded by the Clintons, and now he is a good bleater that Warren Buffett can launder money to, as he is a good nation rapist who manages his part for the elite. If you are poor, just take the handouts, corrupt yourselves and die of some disease they give you like the sheep on the meat hooks at the locker.
And if you are someone who sold your soul to be in the system, you are on the hook, in you are not going to be let off. You can walk away if you keep your mouth shut, but just do not copy files or show up at protests as a cause celeb, or you will get your ticket punched.

It is always the problem like Chandra Levy, in she gets initiated, gets too close, finds out too much, and her outing is a message sent in a calling card, so everyone shuts up and agrees what is in the media.

The last thing any of you want is to trip the wires of have someone trip them for you, or all sorts of adventures begin like James Holmes. Just pay your taxes, act like a herd, obey the laws, and you should not be on the receiving end of any surprises. Basically be who you already are, and be sure to act like you know everything on Facebook, as that is one of the protocols which always get the head up your ass tag in no one really pays attention to you in the police state, as they know what a moron you are.

That should be about it on this lessons in Seth Rich. All he had to do was walk away, get another 6 figure paycheck, donate to Hamrod 2030 and he would still be alive wearing gay costumes, visiting gay bars and drinking beer as he hid behind his beard, revealing he was ashamed in what he was associated with as he had left behind clean cut Nebraska.

For the Christian the answer is you can not change anything. You just behave yourself, not become a target and just wait for Jesus to return or you to exit this earth in your time. None of you are intelligent enough nor devious enough to play this game with the lords and the priests, and even though you are thieving no donors to this blog, you really are not that wicked to get your masonic bible to begin your descent to things so evil you would find out what a wimp you really are.

So just let go of the world, the elite have it any way, and protect your children from not being sucked into the system. That is all you are responsible for and most of you are failing at.

Time for Battlestar Gallactica, the Eddie James Almost them Canadians really know how to take up space and ruin a Loren Greene masterpiece.

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