Sunday, July 16, 2017

Madeline Bassett Bassett

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I have decided in my second post after fixing Victor Hugo's faults in Les Miserable, that a great void has been attrocitized upon the world audience in no one has ever written the history of Madeline Bassett Bassett, of Bertie and Wooster......I thought it was Birdy Wooster.

Anyway Madeline is my favorite character. They should have awards for such things as those actresses and actors are every bit the stars that Sir Lawrence Olivier is or was.

See Madeline Bassett Bassett.......well let me have Sir Watkin Bassett tell it as he writes terribly appalling manuscripts.

Now look here, Madeline Bassett Bassett is not interbred. Her Bassett's on her mother's side are the Bassetts of Basselton Basselton. They gained fame in King Henry the VIII's time in having 7 daughters, all of which were available for reproduction, but were the only women in England that Henry refused to carnalcopulate with.
 The Bassetts of Basselton Basselton gained their titles by their bravery in some battle somewhere. What took place was a run away horse charged the enemy with Merlin Bassett on saddle, as the English were in retreat, and with Merlin wailing like a banshee, the English thought he was extremely brave and followed him back to the field and slaughtered the enemy.
Unfortunately he was killed somehow when his winded horse fell on him, whereby a coward named Alphonse Le Passe who was hiding behind a bush came out and whetted his sword.
The army was so moved the King or Queen at the time knighted his retarded brother, Winslow, and bestowed on him Basselton which was a swamp, where upon he was ravaged by the lusty daughter of a broke Lord named Leyton, and thus was produced the Bassel Leyton line which became the Basselton Basselton line as the two cousins, Corinne and Smelby, Corinne a Lady for having donated her underwear for the making of sails for the Corvette Darter and Smelby for having claimed to have invented the art of tactical retreat, became the Basseltons of Basselton, to which the fortune of Madeline's grandfather Sir Horace Bassett in plundering the American Indians of Manitoba of ermine skins, allowed him to wed Lady Edith Basselton which produced Lady Ladymore Basselton Bassett, who wed Lord Conrad Bassett of the  "other" cousin Bassetts.

The Conrad Bassett's were acclaimed from the lineage of the Normans, who appeared on the invasion with William in the name of Sir Helgamyte Louvre, who landed his ship at the wrong landing, and embarked a 50 mile slaughter of English sheep, whereupon he landed upon the domicile of Earl Landsy Bassett, who had stayed at home from the war, and accidentally had been killed by a horse kicking him in the head that morning. Sir Louvre immediately ravage the widow being in a lusty mood and then was ravaged by the daughter, a Cornella Bassett.
William the Conqueror fresh from killing all of the English, and being famished was most pleased to find upon the wind the scent or roast sheep, which of course were the sheep that Sir Louvre had killed, and in a fit of rage in not finding any beef, as he was a beef eating sort of man, he entered the straw house of a peasant named Buff Houghkoeppsy and his wife, Glenda, threw porridge about, whereupon the hungry Spaniels dove for it, knocked a broom into a fire which flipped to the roof and started a conflagration which spread to the sheep pasture and roasted them all up for the hungry genocidal army.
William was so pleased he named Sir Louvre, Duke of Bassett Castle....which was more a pile of rocks exposed on a hill, but that which followed was the Bassetts of Sussex and not the Bassetts of North Umberland........a parting which took place in Briton times and had to do with a story about two brothers,  Lanswulf and Bikwulf, who fled north and south upon the defeat of their peoples by the Romans. Lanswulf hiding in a cave and Bikwulf on a rocky hill. Both ravaging local milkmaids where in English the word Bassett meant little person, and the Bassetts of that age were short people as were their offspring, and hence their name was their stature.

That is the most important information not written of Madeline Bassett Bassett which must be completed or the entire Bertie and Wooster series would never have any meaning or closure.......sort of like Downton Abby when it went completely fag.

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