Wednesday, July 12, 2017

No Ivanka Trump When Christians Are In The House

 I said, "Ivanka the Christians are coming!!! I never
seen that girl move that fast in 30 years!!!!"

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Democrat Don is in trouble as this blog first stated, so he paraded a mob of Evangelicals into the Oval Office to lay hands on Mr. High Rise again, and they all posed for a group photo.
In all sincerity, a prayer in God's Mercy is all Donald Trump has going for him now. I do not know if God will be merciful in lessening the blow coming due to these Ivanka McMaster warmonger policies, as Jew Street Gary Cohn rules 1600 Penn Avenue.

The problem is that Donald Trump was supposed to lead America and the world out of the Obama Abyss, but instead Mr. Trump bunkered down in the Abyss, with Ivanka, Jared, Gary and Mike inviting the coup plotters into the foxhole.

And look who jumped into the midst, trying to get a little hand laying on too? Why it was that old sidler, Mike Pence. Hope he was not too Katie Walsh sticky as them rich money preachers probably are still trying to get free of Mike Pence.

Sidler Mike Pence nudging in for a photo op again
as Katie Walsh is outside revving the engine waiting to get away

Like I have told you, get a positive publicity stunt and Mike Pence pops up like a jack in the box erection, but have something happen like Don jr. take place, and Mike Pence is  the one tying the anvil to Don jr. as Jared Kushner is shoving Don over the side of the boat.

Do not though eye strain too much in looking for Ivanka Kushner, as here is further proof in how much Ivanka Kushner hates, loathes and detests Christian Goy, just like Jew Jared Kusher, Jew Mike Cohn and all of those other Jews which are betraying Donald Trump and America. They will not be caught around Christians EVER.

Michelle Bachmann was there, and she was looking pretty petite. She really needed to be appointed to some important job, but is being wasted as there is a ban on Christians in power at the White House by Pence, the Jews and the Neocons.

Donald Trump does not have to be a Christian or even a good Christian. He simply need to do what he promised and God would have handled the rest to success. I just can not comprehend how pleased and comfortable Mr. Trump is with Christians, that he does not have them around him in numbers, as they are loyal, honest and good company to have around..........and God blesses them to get things done.

There is a most serious reality in this which must be addressed, as Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner can not whore enough for photo ops on every occasion and yet when Christians appear, they refuse to pose smiling with Christians.


What the White House looks like when Christians are inside as Ivanka is gone

Ivanka Trump and the Jews though, flee Christians in the White House like vampires to Crucifixes. 

Want to know how to get Ivanka Trump out of the West Wing?

Put an Evangelical Christian in her office.

May God bless Donald Trump to be an instrument in the Hand of the Lord, to accomplish those things which are required for the quick return of the Lord Jesus Christ, so Peace will be implemented in this world, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

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