Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sean Kwan Doe

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is written about a week after the knife slasher terror events in London and focuses on Sean Homo Hannity who incessantly brings up daily he does martial arts, is a pasty color belt and lectures about rather having a gun in his temple than a knife as a knife is the most dangerous thing there is when the attacker knows how to use it.

In reviewing the Muslims, they really do not get record numbers of murders in their knife attacks, so they apparently run out of ammo in their knives.

What the Lame Cherry wants to address in this is a reality that most of you  have no conception of as you do not even slice your bread any more in the morning. What I mean by this is knives do cut, but people who butcher animals soon discover that hides are tough, bones are tough and you just can not cut things that easily or penetrate the Manson murderers discovered on Sharon Tate as they kept striking bone and it hurt their hands.

Knives are dangerous, but if one has an object longer than a knife, it negates the knife. Yes most people do not have 7 foot long cocks, but all the same a London bar full of American baseball bats would have negated those Muslims in one swing, as much as mop handle.
If one examines Hannity's Asian self defense, the farmers were all disarmed, so they had to resort to pitch forks and rakes, to fend off Samarai from raping their boys and girls and killing said warrior when a few farmers ganged up on the assassins.

While it was only a television program,  TJ Hooker starring William Shatner off Star Trek was an interesting police academy program, because Shatner lectured constantly about the use and control of the Police Baton, Knight Stick or Truncheon.
The weapon looks odd, but when employed with skill and force, amazing results occur. I have witnessed unruly black having their skulls split open by a baton blow. In offensive arts the baton blow on a number of nerve center hits will collapse a leg to a jam to the liver creating a nerve shock that paralyzes the attacker.

The best advice is to never get into a fight, but in close contact, I would trust a Hooker baton over Hannity fists any day, because I would have the reach, and my baton would crack the bones of the blocking adversary, and in moving combat, if one cripples an arm, that weak side presents itself even in offensive leg kicks to smash the knee, and then it is game over.


There is a reason the American Indian and Viking carried the war club, because clubs break things they hit, and hitting bone and breaking it, slows down the murder in the other assailants mind.

There is always a first rule in a lethal fight and that is to flee. If that is not possible, the second rule is to arm oneself with what is available, if of course you are not prepared in already carrying a handgun which made everyone equal.


The collapsing baton as was used on Olympian Nancy Kerrigan was quite effective as they are easily carried and will extend in a moment for full effect. It is the point though to not get into the situations where you need to deploy, and is the mistake of Sean Hannity always lecturing about his hand combat of Sean Kwan Doe, as a blade is a threat as all things are a threat, but as Muslims seem prone to knives, the population should empower themselves in non gun zones with bats and batons to protect themselves when the police run away as in London.

There are just too any variables in hand combat. Hannity is old, he will be slower than his hyped up on dope assailants who are younger. Hannity make ones mistake and it is his last. A baton is like having another person in the fight with you, and that is why people soon got away from Cain rocks to Abel's head, and went for the war club.
It is possible to carry even a Hooker baton concealed as large as they are, providing one does not exist in a liberal death camp metro like London or New York which raises mutton for Muslims.

Of course it all requires practice, but from my experience, I would rather invest a few hours a week assessing the places I am at, in wondering "What would I do if a terrorist appeared here.......what could I use to defend myself?:, and then I would go home to the garage and practice with those things, from a chair to a pen, and then go back to gaining skill with the baton.

There are three factors which prove survival.

The first is your defense. This can be added to with Kevlar, but once your arms deflect enough slices with a knife, some will get through and degrade you.

That is the second defense in making your perimeter expanded, by running away or finding an object to deflect whether it be a chair, a plate or a trash can lid.

The third is stamina. Face it that none of you are as strong or energized as a doped up zombie and your fatigue will wear out as that Jew kid defending Nicole Brown when OJ's kid went psycho.

That means in a knife of fist fight, you bring a gun or baton to stop the situation in warding off the assailant before the distance is closed. Distance is what keeps you alive, and it heightens your chances even in a gun firing at you.
So I do not place a great deal of authority in Sean Kwan Doe techniques, because if they worked so well, the world would have Sean Kwan Doe treaties and not nuclear treaties.

The only thing I would recommend beyond the above, is there should be a directional pitch blast which would not harm the user, but would make the assailant grab their ears along with a high flash strobe. Yes criminals would flow to these like candy too, but in this the lesson always is the same, do not trust your arms, but trust in arming yourself instead.