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The Bribe to End the Civil War

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I am amused in providing this information, because in the Ken Burns version of the Civil War which is liberal propaganda, the meeting to end the war between Grant and Lee was a respectful, brotherly arrangement of the Good Samaritan Grant caring for the broken Lee on the side of the road.

None of you know that peace negotiations had been intimated for some time, and began with General Ord from the Union contacting General Longstreet of the Confederacy, which was attempting to set up a military council meeting to discuss the issue of ending the bloodshed. In none of the terms though was Lee ever in mind to surrender. It was a mutual peace in which both parties would walk away with honor.

That is why this lost piece of history from General James Longstreet is so valuable to show what the peace really was, and it was not some humanitarian affair as liberals like to succor the poison lies of fake history from.

Soon after General Lee's return ride his chief of ord- 
nance reported a large amount of United States currency 
in his possession. In doubt as to the proper disposition 
of the funds. General Lee sent the officer to ask my opin- 
ion. As it was not known or included in the conditions 
of capitulation, and was due (and ten times more) to the 
faithful troops, I suggested a pro rata distribution of it. 

The officer afterwards brought three hundred dollars as 
my part. I took one hundred, and asked to have the 
balance distributed among Field's division, — the troops 
most distant from their homes. 

To provide background on this bribe which ended the Civil War, General Ord intimated at the start of the negotiations that Abraham Lincoln was open to paying the South for the slaves in possession, as they were property, and then deport them.
This blog has published previously that records indicate from other military sources that there was a plan by Abraham Lincoln to deport all the blacks  to Panama, take over the Panama canal being built by the French and deal with this stock of the South in this manner.

The black problem was never addressed, as there was too much turmoil in the assassination of Lincoln, and the Northern interests desired to use the black terrorism after the war to subjugate the Southern States by giving blacks the vote. So this meanness by the North in keeping the South occupied by Federal  troops to keep them from developing, has caused huge problems all through the United States in this civil rights issue.

In this though, General Grant in fact had a huge amount of American currency in his possession to be handed over to General Lee as a bribe. General Lee was absolutely honest though, and did not want any part of this money as he mentioned it to his staff.
Now whether General Lee did squirrel away a portion of this, is not known, because his beloved Arlington plantation was confiscated by the Union as a cemetery. General Lee nor his family never seemed poor after the war, and when business people tried to pay him for advertising to use his image, he refused as a matter of principle. Principles are things one has, when one has money in the bank. It leads one to conclude that "funds" appeared to General Lee and his family though, and it was not all as Ken Burns portrays it as Lee being the head robe wearer at a college after the  war.

We do know for certain the money was divided up, and General Longstreet advocated for the troops furthest from home would be given 2/3rds of the 300 dollars officers were receiving. As a figure in this era, 20 dollars to 30 dollars a month was considered a living wage of some substance. In modern terms it would be in the 50 to 150 thousand dollar range.

What is of interest though is this pile of money that General Lee returned with. The fact that it was not noted in official records as noted and was not ever part of the official capitulation of rations for the troops. The reason things are hidden, is because if the public knew about such things, the public would not be pleased.

There is absolutely no mention of funds or bribes in the Longstreet correspondences to Ord  or Lee, so this arrived from the Union side, and that would mean General Grant. As he could not print money, that fell then to his superior in General Halleck, who could not print money either, so that points to President Andrew Johnson and the war department with the Treasury agreed to this bribe in making no record of it.

As there were other Confederate armies in the field, as in General Joseph Johnston hemmed in by General William Tecumseh Sherman, it begs the question if bribes were offered in those surrenders too.

In review of this in the correspondence of General Custer with his wife, Libby, cash flowed quite freely during the war, in young generals were paid quite huge sums and lived lavish lifestyles. Money was never a problem in creating it and paying it out, so some bribe off the books to keep the leaders content, and it appears in Longstreet's case to get the boys back home and away from each other, would help in ending any guerilla bands from becoming a staple of the South as the James Gang was such an entity in robbing banks and hiding the funds for the South to rise again.

It is an interesting fact of history which no one ever has examined for the Truth. The only troubling aspect of this is, is the blacks should have been purchased by the North and deported to Panama for the canal construction as Lincoln intended. That money would have helped make the South productive again like a Marshall Plan for Europe after World War II, but the Northern political and financial interests did not want Southern competition, and there were enough hateful Northerners who wanted to genocide the South, so the real economic plan for America was never instituted in full, only the bribes to the Soldiers.
The fact is that bit of a sadistic retaliation has cost America several trillion dollars in the welfare and crime state of minorities, and it is only become a worse deluge with each passing year.

This is the history though which is ruining your present and future. You deserve to at least be aware of the money under the table, because those who gave it and got it were well aware of it.

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