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The True Shame of Americans

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With the horrid mistreatment of President Donald Trump and his family, Americans need to be reminded what the establishment engaged in against President Richard Nixon. All are familiar with the driving of Richard Nixon from office in that coup, as what is taking place against Donald Trump, but few remember what the American elite terrorized Richard Nixon with after he left office.

Those who hated Richard Nixon had engaged in a vendetta so complete, that at one point he only had 500 dollars in his bank account, as court costs had almost bankrupted him.

—at one point in early 1975 he had only $500 in the bank

This all began with the democrat Congress stripping the former President of the necessary funds to resettle and keep a staff in dealing with being a former President. There were not any billion dollars for the Clintons nor paid global vacations as for the Obamas.

Congress had funded Nixon's transition costs, including some salary expenses, though reducing the appropriation from $850,000 to $200,000.

It did not end with democrats, as Gerald Ford tried to force Richard Nixon to admit to crimes he never committed in order to give Nixon a pardon.

The Ford White House considered a pardon of Nixon, though it would be unpopular in the country. Nixon, contacted by Ford emissaries, was initially reluctant to accept the pardon, but then agreed to do so. Ford, however, insisted on a statement of contrition; Nixon felt he had not committed any crimes and should not have to issue such a document. Ford eventually agreed

Liberal New York, expanded this a short time later, in taking away the President's ability to practice law. Richard Nixon had NEVER been convicted of a crime and for the myth of obstruction of justice, the democrats carved off another pound of flesh.

In 1976, Nixon was disbarred in the state of New York for obstruction of justice in the Watergate affair. Nixon chose not to present any defense

Jimmy Carter got into the act in literally holding Richard Nixon hostage in the United States in not allowing him to visit Australia, and forcing the Prime Minister of Oz to withhold an official invitation, in dictating to the Australians.

The Carter administration had little use for Nixon and blocked his planned trip to Australia, causing the government of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser to withhold its official invitation
New York liberals were not through yet with Richard Nixon, as they strove to make him homeless and denied him the right to purchase a home in New York City. Yes the all inclusive black and gay liberals, authored discrimination against Richard Nixon.

On August 10, 1979, the Nixons purchased a New York City townhouse at 817 Fifth Avenue after being rejected by two Manhattan co-ops

Interestingly, the communists of China appreciated the detente of President Richard Nixon and formerly invited Mr. Nixon to honor him.

In February 1976, Nixon visited China at the personal invitation of Mao. Nixon had wanted to return to China, but chose to wait until after Ford's own visit in 1975.

The British in all their faggery though were part of the get Nixon campaign in treating him horridly in England. It should be of no surprise that it was future Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who defied the elite and welcomed President Nixon, showing her leadership, which would take a stand with Ronald Reagan against the Soviet Union.

In early 1978, Nixon went to the United Kingdom. He was shunned by American diplomats and by most ministers of the James Callaghan government. He was welcomed, however, by the Leader of the Opposition, Margaret Thatcher, as well as by former prime ministers Lord Home and Sir Harold Wilson. Two other former prime ministers, Harold Macmillan and Edward Heath declined to meet him. Nixon addressed the Oxford Union regarding Watergate:

Jimmy Carter was not through with Richard Nixon though in banning President Nixon from the White House during an official State visit by China. The Chinese informed Jimmy Carter that either Nixon was invited to the White House, or the Chinese would travel to California for a meeting with former President Richard Nixon.

Nixon journeyed to the White House in 1979, invited by Carter for the state dinner for Chinese Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping. Carter had not wanted to invite Nixon, but Deng had stated he would visit Nixon in California if the former president was not invited. Nixon had a private meeting with Deng and visited Beijing again in mid-1979.

In another shameful American policy, Jimmy Carter overthrew and then abandoned the Shah of Iran, to establish Zbigniew Brzezinski global Muslim terrorism still murdering Americans and Europeans to this day. Carter banned Nixon from attending the funeral of the Shah. Nixon went anyone to show the true leader he was in never abandoning a United States ally.

When the former Shah of Iran died in Egypt in July 1980, Nixon defied the State Department, which intended to send no U.S. representative, by attending the funeral. Though Nixon had no official credentials, as a former president he was seen as the American presence at its former ally's funeral

It would be President Ronald Reagan who would assist President Nixon to be restored to his position of honor and to end the shameful attacks upon him. Mr. Nixon would represent America at the funeral of the murdered Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat and in detente go to the Kremlin and formulate the detente between Russia and America to end the Cold War.

He joined former Presidents Ford and Carter as representatives of the United States at the funeral of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. On a trip to the Middle East, Nixon made his views known regarding Saudi Arabia and Libya, which attracted significant U.S. media attention; The Washington Post ran stories on Nixon's "rehabilitation". Nixon journeyed to the Soviet Union in 1986 and on his return sent President Reagan a lengthy memorandum containing foreign policy suggestions and his personal impressions of Mikhail Gorbachev. Following this trip, Nixon was ranked in a Gallup poll as one of the ten most admired men in the world

In his last years, even President Bill Clinton would defy his impeachment hounding wife, Hillary, and welcome President Nixon to the White House, to assist in guiding the floundering Clinton presidency which was making horrendous missteps.

It was not enough though, because when President Nixon died, in refusing treatment for a stroke so he would linger bed ridden, the liberal press was still looking to drag the Nixon corpse around the city one more time, but were shocked when Americans lined up for blocks to pay their respects to President Richard Nixon.

This is the shameful mistreatment of an American by American elitists and it is being relished again against President Donald Trump with the same sadistic effects which is affecting America to her greater harm again.

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