Friday, July 28, 2017

The Wayward American Sisters of War

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In the continuing examination of the real history, of the America Civil War, in relation to events in this period in the globalists in the process of beginning a Neo Civil War in America with the fake intelligence against President Donald Trump, who is too much the part of President Jefferson Davis, who I sympathize with, I am reminded of the sound wisdom of Col. Richard Irving Dodge in the summer of 1875 AD in the year of our Lord.

Colonel Dodge was commanding the surveying expedition of the Black Hills, and an incident arose in which he stated that he could have investigated the matter to find the facts, or he could have just ignored the situation and in two weeks the facts would come out. He chose the latter and true to his God given Wisdom, the facts of the matter surfaced, and it was not blown out of proportions, because he did not make it a legal issue and cause everyone in the command to focus on it.

There are situations in life when actions must be taken. One must make preparations for war or for your winter meals. There are other realities though that one must not always start a war and one must not make an issue of buying a headboard when the you may need that money for your roof.

The key to life is to not make a mountain of a mole hill, by worry, by exaggeration or worse yet by taking an action which will in time sort itself out, as no one has ever fallen off a mole hill and died.

America has had a few very outstanding Generals, and a corp of absolute dunces. One of the best was General Winfield Scott, who commanded the military of the United States. One of his equally brilliant Solomon's, was the American Napoleon, of Lt. General James Longstreet as he remembered the words of the supreme leader.

This is the quote:

In glancing backward over the period of the war, and 
the tremendous and terrible events with which it was 
fraught, the reflection irresistibly arises, that it might 
perhaps have been avoided and without dishonor. The 
flag and the fame of the nation could have suffered no re- 
proach had General Scott's advice, before the outbreak, 
been followed, — " Wayward sisters, depart in peace." The 
Southern States would have found their way back to the 
Union without war far earlier than they did by war. 
The reclaiming bonds would then have been those only 
of love, and the theory of government formulated by 
George Washington would have experienced no fracture. 
But the inflexible fiat of fate seemingly went forth for 
war ; and so for four long years the history of this great 
nation was written in the blood of its strong men. 

What an outstanding foresight, in families, for this was the American Family of North and South, and what General Scott told everyone in Wisdom, was that the South had every right to succeed and the North had every right to pretend it's jealousies were about slavery, when instead the North was upset over Southern power in Congress dominating the federalists.
The South had every right to confiscate stores of munitions on their sovereign states and to remove federal troops from their nations, because in a divorce no one has the right to leave their inlaws living in your basement.

Instead of being worked up at the exuberance of the Southerner in independence, Abraham Lincoln should have been a true leader, and respected the South and notified Europe that the Monroe Doctrine stood, and their interference would not be permitted, and worked with President Jefferson Davis in the Confederacy to enforce that, beginning in Mexico with the French and then in Canada liberating that nation from British rule, as they are the parties who began this abolitionist nonsense to make a war of debt for America.

That would have been leadership on Lincoln's part, instead of reacting like a husband chasing after his fleeing wife and dragging her back by the hair, and beating her up every step to send a message to everyone else to not get involved.

The policy of General Scott, would have created a greater United States, as a Confederacy would have never lasted. Slavery was a money loser in the Negro from George Washington's time was a stock of the shanty which cost more money than every produced anything.
Beginning with Eli Whitney in the cotton gin, and then the genius Cyrus McCormick in his reaper to harvest grain, the Negro was becoming obsolete as a slave, and that issue would have been arrested on economics and societal progression.

In reality, with the almost 5 years of the war, the almost 15 years of Northern occupation of the South, before the South was liberated, 20 years would have in peaceful cooperation brought the South and the North together as the United States again, in the same outcome of policy, but with 500,000 healthy males to have sooner settled the West and  Americanized Mexico and Canada in driving out the French and English for a truly prosperous peoples in healthy competition as Theodore Roosevelt advocated for all nations.

General Scott though saw a much shorter time than 10 years, but less than 5 years for the South to have created a better compromise in States Rights, than the war for profit of the warmongers in Lincoln's War.

None of you ever hear this history as it does not fit the propaganda of the Nigger as a focal point of the war, and the Nigger as a terrorist wing of the Republican emancipation to terrorize the South and under Obama the Afroid became the Black Lives Matter terror force of the Democrats in exploiting the Black again.

Lincoln's War was about profit in Europe. Lincoln's War was about corrupt Republicans losing to superior politicians of the the Southern Democrat in policy. Lincoln's War was about the abuse of power against the Constitution in States Rights deciding policy in their sovereign nations inside the Union, and slavery was used to mask that the sword was what the political losers used in the North to steal a political victory over the peaceful People of the South.

You now understand the Civil War in it's reality in a shorter time than the plundering propaganda of hours of racist documentary of Ken Burns, hiding the Truth from you, so you will once again in a modern age be victimized by the same heavy handed thuggery making most Americans enemies of the State.

Mr. Trump should learn a lesson in the reality of life. There are issues as in North Korea, which require time to sort things out and not big sticks. There are though coups against him, which require the marshaling of forces against every domestic enemy by the Judiciary to remove the festering insurrection in the billionaire speculators who fund it, instead of being swayed by them as Jefferson Davis was.

The issue of slavery was cover for subjection of the White Southern Race by the White Northern Race in America. The American people of  that age were moral people of Christian foundation, and the issue political rights. There is a vast difference in the America of the 21st century where the issue is immorality, where both North and South would have rejected the Citizen being replaced by the foreigner, the legalization of the abomination of sodomy and the genocide of Americans by aborticide, as the target this turn is again White Christian America to be ended.

A real leader drives a political and diplomatic agenda where the clash of arms is never necessary.

- Lame Cherry