Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Trump Spikes Number of Foreign Workers More than Obama

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As Mr. High Rise has surpassed Birther Obama in invader raping these United States with slave labor, it is a point that no one should expect anything from this regime, and expect it to be worse than an Obama 3rd term ruled by Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush.

Trump officials order 15,000 new visas for low-wage, seasonal workers

 None of you should be conned any longer in these are necessary workers, as America has 95 million Americans out of work, and the reason these slave labor industries keep importing more foreigners, is because these foreigners NEVER LEAVE, but stay in American illegally and take Americans jobs.

Just look at the list of "workers" and "industries" involved in this charade:

Visas for more than 120,000 positions have been requested so far in fiscal 2017, according to Department of Labor statistics. And the seafood industry, which began its hiring season in April, competes with other industries, such as landscaping and tourism, that rely heavily on temporary summer workers.

 The H-2B program has drawn strong bipartisan support in the past because lawmakers have a vested interest in supporting their states' most critical industries - whether it's crab-picking in Maryland, ski resorts in Colorado or logging in Washington. But some senators are criticizing their colleagues' efforts to bypass public debate about changing immigration law.

Any of you ever priced an Aspen vacation where the Kushner billionaires go to get away from you Americans? How about seafood lately in how that is like gold? How about a 12 dollar 2 x 4 - 16 foot long that we just purchased.
Landscaping for millionaires and billionaires and tourism are now slave labor jobs. Ask yourself what the fricking hey some goddamn foreigner who can't speak English is any good in America, telling you about the wonders of Sea World?

You should get the point that these are ALL high priced jobs, and not these damned summer jobs. What this chit is all about is more Silicon Valley slave labor coming in at 10 dollar an hour Indian paddies, replacing about to retire 60 year old White men, so the companies do not have to pay benefits after 40 years on the job to an American.

U.S. Doesn't Know How Many Foreign Visitors Overstay Visas ...

U.S. Doesn't Know How Many Foreign Visitors Overstay Visas. ... How many foreign visitors ... was granted entry to the United States under a K-1 visa, ...

US Immigration Fears Terror Threat From 6,000 Missing on ...

... entered the United States on student visas, ... number of foreign students entering the United States ... visa holders have been arrested in the United ...

But let us haul in another 15,000 more than Obama into the United States, because America is not rotting in the grave fast enough. 

This is not Pedro out in the horse shed, shoveling shit. This is some Chicom in air conditioned comfort stealing your jobs more often than not, because the Chicom can be paid five bucks less than the American, because the Chicom will exist in some 30 person house where they all eat, drink and shit out of and in the toilet.

And who is leading this push, BREAKING HIS PROMISE TO AMERICANS IN THE CONTRACT WITH AMERICA? Why none other than President Donald Trump, who creates no Americans jobs, but hands out Squatter Cards to this foreign vermin, replacing American workers in this massive slave labor scam.

"I've hired in Florida during the prime season - you could not get help," Trump said during a 2015 primary debate. "Everybody agrees with me on that. They were part-time jobs. You needed them, or we just might as well close the doors, because you couldn't get help in those hot, hot sections of Florida."

The time for excuses for Mr. High Rise is over. This is a billionaire, who uses other people's money at risk, then defaults, and they lose their investment and Mr. High Rise goes off and hires more foreign slave labor.

Initiation fees at Trump's exclusive Mar-A-Lago club drop ...

Initiation fees at Trump's exclusive Mar-A-Lago club drop from ... instead only paying $100,000 for membership ... Cost $2.5m to build, sold to Donald Trump in ...

In case you missed it in the above, it is only 100,000 dollars for a basic membership at a  Trump resort. That means Trump resorts earn, millions of dollars. Yet Donald Trump tells the world that he just can not get Americans to work at his posh surroundings and has to hire slave labor like all of these other frauds.

The fact is Donald Trump will not pay an American a living wage, due to this Wall Street inflation from Bush, Clinton and Obama, and Donald Trump can afford it. Sure Donald Trump slips a 100 dollar bill to a waiter at his restaurant and looks like Mr. Big Tip, but the fact is Donald Trump like all of these plantation owners got their billions screwing Americans out of jobs.

None of these swindlers is like Henry Ford who actually paid his workers at Ford enough money, so they could afford to by a Model T, as Henry Ford cared about the American People.

For those still making excuses for Donald Trump and his 10 figure crowd of the rich slave masters, look at this statistic about what it is like to work for Donald Trump, proving what was stated in Trump pays slave wages.

This is the screen grab from Trump Entertainment:

Trump Entertainment Resorts Salaries

Updated February 6, 2017

34 salaries (for 31 job titles)
Salaries in $ (USD)
$13.99 hourly
2 salaries
About $48k - $57k
1 employee salary or estimate
About $21 - $22 hourly

So you comprehend the above, as the chart explains it all, Donald Trump for security officers pays 13.99 an hour, the industry norm is 12 to 17 dollars.
That is bottom rung as in slave labor wages, from a billionaire, who makes millions of dollars every year.

But, you must remember that when Donald Trump is paying the salaries it is Mr. Miser, but when it is you the taxpayer in the Trump White House, then the 100,000 dollar a year jobs just bloom like a festering gonorrhea pimple.

Those are the facts in Donald Trump lied to his voters. He is pouring into the United States more foreigners than Obama from the diseased to these slave laborers, who never leave the United States.

I will repeat 95 million Americans are out of work. Perhaps if Donald Trump was like Sean Hannity who is a most generous employer with Hannity's tax deduction money, then none of this would be an issue from billion dollar Colorado Ski Resorts or billion dollar Weyehauser forests in Washington.......and the thing of this is, is that ALL employee salaries are tax deductible, meaning Donald Trump and his Gary Cohn Jew Street swindlers actually pay less in taxes in write offs, by paying a higher salary. That though is something which these swindlers will not do as they just can not have Americans with money, as who would drool over  the Trumpenfuror's cosmetic body tits, as everyone would have perky Ivanka breasts when they could buy them.

Donald Trump is not Mr. High Rise. He like all of these other rich people are Mr. Low Wage unless it is your money they are spending.

Those are the facts in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.