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When Muslim Terrorists Wear Minnesota Police Uniforms

Haji Habib of the Muslim Terror Front in America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry once again wades into the Mockingbird propaganda of the murder of Australian Justine Damond in Minneapolis Minnesota, USA, by a black Somalian terrorist named Mohamed Noor, as Noor has lawyered up, Governor Mark Dayton after threatening White Minnesotans with removal, and Mayor Betsty Hodges fleeing from Black Minnesota protesters so none of these liberals or the liberal media is talking, so the Truth must be pieced together before this murder event was created in Minnesota creating an international incident of Donald Trump's America  being the blood bath, of an Obama African Muslim shooting an Australian (We do not know the liberal leaders name of Australia because no one cares.)

This all begins with the evidence of Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann stating the facts that Muslim Noor is part of Minnesota Muslim invader policy of liberal Mayor Betsy Hodges, implemented by Chief  of Police Janee Harteau, paid for by the federal government taxpayers via various charities like Lutheran Social Services.

Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann said Harteau has to accept a large part of the blame for putting an unqualified officer on the street.
“Finally the female chief of Minneapolis police came out and said Justine Damond should still be alive. She said Mohammad Noor had no reason to shoot Justine,” Bachmann told WND. “He violated police policy and training. Noor refuses to cooperate with investigators. He refuses to give a statement.
“Firing him isn’t enough, the question is whether a grand jury will be impaneled. Manslaughter charges should be considered,” she added.

Now that we know the sources, we can examine the evidence of the police thought they were caught in an ambush.

Now why would the Muslim terrorist Noor and the White Harrity think they were caught in an ambush? It is because other ambushes have been set up for police which are not being reported.

Remember now this is an affluent Minneapolis neighborhood. So is this some White Mercedes driving gangs ambushing Minneapolis police? Not likely, so it means someone else is ambushing the police in drawing them in with false calls being reported like a woman making sex sounds for hours and screaming rape.

Source: Cops Thought They Were Caught in Ambush |

That source says Officers Matthew Harrity and Mohamed Noor were ... Fatal SW Minneapolis Shooting ... in an ambush seconds before the deadly shot ...

It goes to the essence of this in Minnesota is affirmative action for profit. We have the affirmative action Muslim terrorist, being bragged about by the liberal Mayor and the affirmative action lezbo police chief, Janee Harteau, who was too busy getting her Rocky Mountain High on during vacation to be bothered by a murdered White woman in an international incident due to one of her cops she hired was a murderer.

I am Janee Harteau the lezbo affirmative action manager of
Twin City Muslim gangs that shoots normal White Women

But in this we return to the ambush that the cops though they were entering into. We know something was up, because the cops rolled into that alley with their lights off, from back side, did not bother securing Justine Damond, and  as it is not being stated, Muslim Noor HAD HIS GUN DRAWN AND READY TO FIRE BEFORE THE POLICE EVEN ENTERED THE ALLEY, as the police knew something was in that alley from past experience.
But who would be targeting a Muslim from Africa, who was high profile acting American, and at odds with the commerce of the Somalian community?

Oh my, Minneapolis is run by a Somalian crime syndicate which engages in every criminal activity, from sex trafficking to the latest Twin Cities Somalian craze of putting gunk on women's windscreens, and the women have to stop to remove it, and that is when the Somalian rape gangs attack the women of Minnesota.

Somalian gangs, Somalian rape gangs targeting Minnesota women, and the police expecting an ambush of a Somalian Muslim cop who has his gun drawn and ready to fire at anything.

Somali gangs in Minneapolis accused of running sex-traffic ...

The Somali community, already dealing with some of its members' alleged links to the al-Shabaab terrorist group, now has some more bad news.

 Now that you are arriving at the Lame Cherry understanding of the events in plain sight, we now come to what the Lame Cherry first exposed in something was wrong with this police time line, and it was discovered that 2 minutes were missing. The police were so absent that Justine Damond had to phone twice to 911 asking if they had the wrong address, as that woman in the alley was still screaming and wailing.

Put yourself in that police cruiser now. Dispatch tells you a rape is taking place, but you roll up with your lights off, expecting an ambush, an ambush by Somalian Muslim rape gangs as it has happened before and the public is not being told of this event, no more than the Somalian Muslim rape gangs of Minneapolis had probably made threats against the high profile token Muslim that the Mayor is tweeting about.

Now you are in that cruiser, and you know all of these facts, and now ask yourself that you have 2 MINUTES missing in that time line, 2 minutes where the body cams and cruiser cam has been turned off. What are you doing in those two minutes?

Are you driving around with your lights off? Not likely as it is a hot scene.

Are you stopping and having a donut? Not likely as you ate your fill swiped from the 7 11 at 10 o'clock.

Maybe, just maybe you stopped your cruiser. Now why would you stop your cruiser? Maybe you have a cell phone and you called someone as a Somalian Muslim in your contacts, and those gang sistahs told the brotha in the hood, that there was a girl being raped as bait in a Minneapolis suburb as bait to get a Somalian terror Muslim in uniform for not showing respect to the Horn of Africa gangs.

Maybe, just maybe, with that warning, the cruiser rolled up, and maybe the Somalian Muslim gang rapists were warned by the same stooges that the cops knew it was a set up and were entering the alley hot. So the Muslim rape gang exited in the shadows with the willing wailer of rape, an the situation enters into phase two of this in Justine Damond.

A timeline pieced together through the bride-to-be’s 911 calls and a newly released police incident report shows Damond was shot two minutes after police officers arrived at the alleyway behind her home.
“What it doesn’t explain is what happened in those two crucial minutes that prompted officer Mohamed Noor to draw his gun, reach over his partner and discharge his weapon through the open window, delivering a fatal shot to Ms Damond’s abdomen,” reports, an Australian outlet.

We are getting absolutely no information from the Minneapolis liberals in charge, other than Mayor Hodges hinting that they "know things", but Hodges is refusing to resign, and only throwing her lesbian Chief of Police under the bus for this management of Somalian Muslim Gangs in the American Twin Cities.


Betsy Hodges is nothing but a Jig hating Mayor
We need new leadership at MPD," Hodges said. "I asked Chief Harteau for her resignation, she tendered it and I accepted it.”
The presser quickly turned into a back and forth debate with a protester who was in attendance.
“We do not want you as the mayor," a man said to Hodges. "We do not want you as the mayor of Minneapolis! You have been ineffective. We do not want you as the mayor, Betsy Hodges!”
Hodges initially attempted to engage the protester, saying she would be “happy to sit down and talk with people about the future of policing in Minneapolis.” But the protester continued to yell while others in attendance joined the dialogue.
Hodges eventually walked away and left the room without continuing her announcement as the protesters began cheering before taking turns to make their own remarks.


Yes I am Michele Bachman and I speak for normal Minnesota

Michele Bachman said something at the start of this which is providing more insight in defining Mayor Besty Hodges as the HIJAB WEARING MAYOR, meaning there is more than affirmative action taking place in Minnesota, but the liberal elders are managing the Muslim rape gangs in Minneapolis for their benefit.

Bachmann said state leaders focus too much on “political correctness,” something she said often during her run for president.
“That’s what I see in Minnesota — too many people who are afraid of being called ‘racist,’ ‘bigots,’ ‘Islamophobe,’ ” Bachmann said. “I’m not afraid of it.”
She also mentioned Justine Damond, the woman who was shot and killed late Saturday by Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor. She called Noor an “affirmative-action hire by the hijab-wearing mayor of Minneapolis, Betsy Hodges,” and insinuated that Noor may have shot Damond for “cultural” reasons.

Now what benefit would this be? I posted here the work of another author, whose name I forget, who discovered that every street corner of crime in America pumps in 3 million dollars which is laundered into banks, businesses and politician campaigns. The Muslim Somalians in being managed by Minneapolis city, the police and Governor Mark Dayton's office are a billion dollar enterprise. Simply doing the sums is easy in 150,000 Muslims, at 10,000 dollars in federal and state funding is 1 billion dollars.
Now compound that to the prostitution, drug, human traffick etc... traffick in the 50 communities which make up the Minneapolis metropolitan, and that is 150 million dollars of rich Mercedes kids getting dime bags of coke from Somalians or a slummer getting his dick sucked off for 50 bucks from a Muslim run prostitute in a meth house.
We are speaking of real commerce here big liberal metro city style, and everyone knows this, and no one is telling you the facts, as Muslims for profit are the criminal syndicate of America. Mouthy Governor Mark Dayton has vanished and that means this entire criminal enterprise is known by the Minnesota executive and everyone there is desperately attempting to cover up this murder of Justine Damond as it will expose everything in the payola.

This is what the bet is, in the above is very close to what actually was taking place on that night. It may be more rancid in Muslim Noor might have been shaking down or taking a bribe from these Muslim gangs, as he helped manage them for profit for Minnesota politics and the mayor's office in this money laundering scheme carried on by Mark Dayton, as there is a reason Noor lawyered up in he knew something about this ambush, and it is a given those missing 2 minutes are where something happened which is being covered up like this murder.

Those missing two minutes are key, the police cruiser's GPS must be located for stops, and all cell phone communications coming out of that area must be logged to see if Muslim Noor was phoning someone as there is more of the scenario above in the murder of Justine Damond than what is being stated in the cover up of this homicide.

In closing this, Justine Damond apparently was outside in her pajamas. We do not know if she had a robe on, but we do know that loose pajamas in the dark look like a robe flowing, and that is what Muslims wear, so when Muslim Noor shot Justine Damond waving in the shadows, he was certain he was firing on a Somlian Muslim gang assassin who he knew would be there. Justine Damond is innocent in this as she can wear pajamas in her neighborhood, but this is proof that Noor was looking for a Muslim gunning for him, because Noor had engaged in some activity which the Muslims were outraged about in the Somalian community.
And lastly, Justine Damond is obviously a White woman, the key being a woman, and a woman was reported as being raped in that alley. The police knew this as the logs repeated the woman screaming rape report. Muslim Noor discounted it, so when a woman appeared in the shadows, he did not believe this was a woman escaped from a brutal rape, but a Muslim jihadi gunning for Noor. So Noor as a uniform wearing terrorist of the Minneapolis police force opened up to the stunned surprise of his White partner.

This was not Minnesota police work, this was Muslim internecine warfare on America's streets, an an American White community used as bait. From this starting point if Attorney General Jeff Sessions and whatever is not catching leakers at the FBI were doing their jobs, instead of targeting Americans, we would begin to get to the bottom of this, but that bottom is difficult to reach now that Ivanka Trump is taking millions of dollars from Muslim terror states just like Hillary Clinton.

No one has asked if Mohamed Noor is a member of Muslim gang in Minneapolis in those ties are never broken.
Haji Habib is the center of all of this and he is being protected, because his silence is protecting the Minnesota Somalian crime syndicate which is funding Minnesota politics and finance.

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