Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Snapshot of Lame Cherry Deadbeats

TL was accosted today by a deadbeat, who is friends with one of the other hanger's on, who was upset their little world was in Mike Cernovich upheaval over the firing of Anthony Scaramucci in what was behind it.

The classic bone head message was about "are we supposed to believe a lame blog". By all means do not believe anything here, as all of you deadbeats were told to get the hell off of this blog several times, and yet when I do not facilitate your shit for brains, flat world, ignorance, I am the one who is the problem.......not the reality of Donald Trump is the pied piper attempting to sucker deal all of  the couch sitters, who rose up after this blog was the one God chose to rewrite the time line, and each of you tried to take credit like it was you the one God worked through.

None of you have put yourselves into jeopardy, been placed in the spiritual crosshairs, or done anything but steal the information from this blog, repeat it to others as your genius, and then appear to disrupt my world again with your toxicity.

Honesty does not allow me to lie, but how I could have sucked donations out of you trolls by giving you the Trump line, instead of alerting people to the problems of Obama's 3rd term. The bleaters will cheer as loud in adoration of the anti Christ, as that person will tell them how wonderful they are too.

It is one of the most amazing of things in tens of thousands of "poor people" appear on my blog, with all the high speed internet, and new devices costing thousands of dollars a year, but yet they are so poor they are deadbeats.

I know who you are, and here is a current snapshot as I type this of the people on the blog. None of you run an old system, an old computer and have internet limitations as I suffer through every day.

A unique visitor snapshot of viewers on the Lame Cherry recorded at 1 o'clock eastern time.

Pageviews by Browsers

13744 (36%)
11669 (31%)
8406 (22%)
1311 (3%)
Internet Explorer
780 (2%)
385 (1%)
Mobile Safari
298 (<1 div="">
262 (<1 div="">
229 (<1 div="">
192 (<1 div="">
Image displaying most popular browsers

Pageviews by Operating Systems

14964 (39%)
7576 (20%)
6970 (18%)
3442 (9%)
2828 (7%)
1157 (3%)
428 (1%)
Android 6.0.1
117 (<1 div="">
iPod touch
64 (<1 div="">
60 (<1 div="">
Image displaying most popular platforms

Yes my poor readers who are camped out online being snippy all day, as the above proves are sinfully rich.  I rarely bother to review who is on the blog as I am too busy or like today too sick to care, but I really get fed up with the trolls on this blog, and now the few people who have donated and could not afford it, can look at the above and scowl like I do, in the poor are doing the job the rich can afford to do. I think the Viking mentioned once if the deadbeats donated what they should have, all the money problems would be solved, but instead they are thieves and they will answer to God for it.

Today I am going to try and recuperate as even in the toxic sludge I get from the deadbeats in their vile hatred, this past few days has been even unsettling for me. As someone mentioned in a note the other day, he could feel something evil out there and others could too.
It is so unnerving now that I run a fan at night, and pretend if I can not hear the outside world, that it will stay away.

Oh and for the toxic deadbeats who caused more upheaval in our lives, when you do this, it throws off my abilities to focus in playing the Prophetic keyboard, which means all of you trolls are in more jeopardy as all I play is your static.

Nuff Said