Sunday, August 6, 2017

Butterfly Wings of Geese

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

People have wondered why I share little of my life in the brier patch as of late, and it is due to the fact that you people are such toxic evil that your murderous ways destroy everything from baby apple seedlings to baby calves. You are septic and drip like a psychic tsunami of evil, and that is why God is going to destroy the lot of you as you are Sodom and Gomorrah times 1000.

Most of you have seen the photos of little girls or women in a shower of butterflies. Apparently they even show up at rich people's weddings in things pretty. We had a like experience here with the Canadian goslings in they are now big enough to take flight and every day jump out of the pen and become airborne.
Is an odd thing with them as they get excited with TL and do this usually when TL appears, but I am the one they mother to in heads down and greet for her brood.

It is a different experience to have birds this huge swooping by your head as they learn to fly. I have witnessed this many times at distance, in hunting and just watching Canadian geese, but have never been lit upon by the flock at my feet.

These are immense birds. For those who do not know, there are over a dozen subspecies of Canadian geese, from the duck sized cackler to the Canadian giant.

The Giant Canadian is a prairie bird and if I remember it was though extinct, until discovered in South Dakota. These are like 18 pound birds, and through careful breeding, they made a fantastic comeback. Most of you who have geese in your ponds, have some type of Giant or cross, as they are rather cow-like in doing well around humans.

Some places like Minneapolis had immense numbers of them and seeded them to many other locations across America, so the pretty of the geese on the pond is now the problem of anal retentive pricks who do not like goose poop.

Our geese though, are now free to be what they are, and choose where they live. There is an early goose season and I will watch to make sure no one blasts them as any of your septic natures do not murder some more people, plants or animals, but in that saga this morning, there is one male that really never gets out of the pen. He likes me immensely and I sat him out this morning with the others that got out of the pen, and next thing I knew he was airborne higher than any of them.
It was the first time I really got a good look at them, as a few days ago they went for a fly about in a few of them, but this morning they all took off.

Four of them were our butterfly experience flying past our heads, which would have knocked us out if hitting us as they are big birds, but as TL said, "They missed me by 18 inches".

Three went for another go, one came back landing in the driveway, one was heard honking south and one was heard honking somewhere in the west in the neighbors corn. Nothing to do but figure they are their own people now, put the 4 away, finished chores and as I was doing things, TL thought two got out, but it was the wayward 2 back home.

They have excellent radar in homing for home, and as long as they get things figured out, they will always come back. I do not want them flying with other geese just yet or they might not return and get shot, but if we had not rescued them, they would have been all dead crushed by an idiot in a car, as that is what started this is idiots in cars could not slow down with their geese parents on the road, trying to get them to cross the highway.

They look like bombers coming in or flying around, and I had assumed they were my babies yet, but they are not. I just need to keep watch over them the next few weeks, which will be easier once we get the hay up and I can move the chicken tractor where they can eat grass in the pen.
Most days they are down by Daisy and Baby Belle under the apple tree, resting.

For those who think geese just honk. Canada geese when you are family, sing at you with a happy chatter, they peep, they hiss at cats and chase them, they honk, they whistle and they murmur in a low sound. That is besides the calls goose hunters make in various calls, not including the alarm.
It is ok for them to honk, but if I honk they think it is the alarm and go quiet.

Lastly, they tip their heads and look up if there is ever a bird flying over, even miles above. They do not miss a thing with those 100 power eyes they have.

One more lastly, I have bruises on my legs from them pecking me in greeting. Great fun in untying my shoe laces or pulling on my pants for all they are worth with my skin in the cloth. They also like having me put my head down, so they can chew on the bill of my cap, but I have to be careful in that as goose teeth and bills like that hang on and pull like a clothes pin.

That though is the gooses in their grown up stage and on their own, deciding where they will live. It really is an amazing experience to have a flock of geese light on you, not because they are decoying, but trust you as family.

.......and if you do not like the reality of reading how toxic you are, then quit being toxic, because hell is coming and you are to blame for every vile thought you have and you will be repaid for your every evil thought and action.

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