Sunday, August 13, 2017

Charlottesville was State Sponsored Terrorism

Study this photographic evidence closely in the
meaning the police are BACKING THE VIOLENCE
not stopping it.

Charlottesville was State Sponsored Terrorism


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Yes we all feel safe now, that Jeff Sessions has not recused himself from the violence at Charlottesville, which is stunning really, as he seems to find excuses to not protect Americans all the time........because after all is he not Southern, his family lived in the Confederacy and Virginia was a Confederate why is Jeff Sessions not recusing himself again...........

FBI, Justice Department investigating Virginia white power rally attack

Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a statement late Saturday decrying the “violence and deaths in Charlottesville,” and saying the FBI and the Justice Department is investigating what local authorities are calling the murder of a 32-year-old woman protester.

And this from what the Scaramucci dragged in.

Scaramucci says Trump isn't harsh enough on white supremacists

What more does Scaramucci desire with his leftist sodomites?

A 32 year old woman who perished, for being ON THE STREET IN TRAFFIC, in a mob which was violent, rioting, raising hell, and attacked, punched and knocked down a reporter, is being called a "murder" instead of as it properly should be called an accident.


 Mob in the street intimidating Traffic

The question in your life is, if someone is going to bash you in the head with a brick as you are being held hostage on a street by a violent mob, and you make a mistake in being frightened in accidentally hitting someone ON THE STREET who is impeding traffic deliberately, do you want to be charged with murder for this accident or be set free as you should be for an accident, as that is what accidents you have the right to FLEE HARM in the personal right of protection.

Unless of course you are Justine Damond in Minnesota, then you get murdered by a Muslim terror cop, and Jeff Sessions investigates nothing, like White House leakers, but let it be a Caucasian being endangered by a paid Soros mob, and then Sessions is ready to execute justice in this lynch mob.

Let realities be understood in this. This BLM and ANTIFA is funded by globalist who are the same ones in the process of bringing down Donald Trump, and that chief financier is George Soros.
This is the same group of Ferguson Missouri, Chicago Illinois, Stanford University riots, the Inauguration terror spree and now Charlottesville. This is Obama weathermen whether it was Wisconsin Wilding targeting Whites to the neo version of signs directing these terrorists to punch White People in the face.

Soros-Funded Group Gave $50K to Radical Group Antifa Who ...

The Alliance for Global Justice is funded by a Soros-backed charity called the Tides Foundation, who gave $50,000 to help fund a radical-left group called "Antifa ...

No one should hold their breath in Jeff Sessions protecting Americans in this. Sessions record is clear in handing Donald Trump over to the skewer, abandoning Sheriff Joe and to the death penalties handed out to Trump supporting Bundy patriots.

The woman was run over when a car rammed a car of predominantly anti-supremacist protesters; driver James Alex Fields, Jr. is in custody and charged with murder.
“When such actions arise from racial bigotry and hatred, they betray our core values and cannot be tolerated,” Sessions said in a press statement.
“I have talked with FBI Director Chris Wray, FBI agents on the scene, and law enforcement officials for the state of Virginia.
“The FBI has been supporting state and local authorities throughout the day. U.S. Attorney Rick Mountcastle has commenced a federal investigation and will have the full support of the Department of Justice,” Sessions’ statement read, concluding, “Justice will prevail.”
Also Saturday night, the US States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Virginia and the Richmond Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a joint statement calling their probe a “civil rights investigation.”

There is not going to be any justice in this, because it has been taken from the local police who stated James Fields was scared and was not a danger, to his being transformed by the deep state into a terrorist and murderer. The system will bury James Fields just like it did Billy Budd.

Billy Budd - Wikipedia

Billy Budd, Sailor is the final novel by American writer Herman Melville, first published posthumously in London in 1924 as edited by Raymond M. Weaver, a professor ...

The criminals have all the rights in this, in Soros funds terrorists. Terrorists are breaking the law beating up people, threatening people and trying to tear down Civil War Monuments to American Heroes, as they prowl on the streets impeding traffic. Sidewalks are for pedestrians to walk on, not streets where cars have the right of way, but none of these facts matter as this is about lynching James Fields, to condition Americans for when President Donald Trump is lynched by this same mob.

Each of you just wait, because if the deep state gets this intimidation of Whites started, these same terrorists will be breaking through the White House gates with Jeff Sessions and this police state claiming they can not do anything to stop it, as they drive Donald Trump from the White House and piss on the President's desk.

The deep state now has an open ended federal investigation against the Alt Right. This indicates the Bundy Treatment is forthcoming in a crackdown.

I told you children to stay home, pay your taxes, obey the law and stop making yourselves a target.