Sunday, August 20, 2017

Comedy with a Negro Sidebar

America, Enemies Domestic
America, no longer needs Enemies Foreign

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

But onto important things........

I noticed that leftist Dick Gregory was dead. No one cared, and no one bothered really as he got a sidebar on the Drudge Report.

Then this Drudge siren came up about Jerry Lewis, which puzzled me as racist as the Jew is dead in banner headlines, and then the Nig gets a side bar as an also ran with that other Kamala thing fresh off the boat banging the wood over in Iowa.

The Jew is dead....oh and so is that Nig in the corner.

It needs to be said, that Jerry Lewis was not funny. Dick Gregoy was not funny. Lewis was like watching someone vomit in your face and Gregory was like someone trying to cut off your face.

Most people have no idea what Jerry Lewis was in his hey day, and those that remember the name from that telethon which wasted 2.5 billion dollars on muscular dystrophy, and the rest was like that bush in the skull humorlessness of Abbot and Costello and the Three Stooges. Fat stupid little white people being picked on are not funny.

Jerry Lewis was that Atlantic City anomaly, like New York is. Put enough rats into a city, and make some crapper act the only thing to go out and see drunk, and enough idiots will say how great it is, when the east coast press has to sell  ads to companies to fill up these lounges for profit. Woody Allen, Babs Streisand, David Letterman and those satan awful late night howlers on CBS, ABC and NBC which are billed as comedy in who can Jerry Lewis scream the loudest or laugh at their own cue cards loudest is what we are told is funny, with no one laughing in this horror that is Soros funded terror America.

America is a nation which has tattooed, pierced and cut off it's genitals, of their tortured souls, and that not being enough, the left is on a rampage to rip down the history, replace with fake Obama birth abstracts, and embark on a new tumbril, where this left now tortures Donald Trump daily in the most sadistic of ways, has him either in the Tower of New York or Tower of Twitter to throw feces at him, and if they can pick a Bannon off for the mob to tear apart, that is entertainment in America.

In my world, Jerry Lewis never made me laugh, but he did interrupt my horrid existence each last weekend in August, where with my three channels, I could watch Sesame Street all day, watch Jerry Lewis with the worst acts in the world hawking for donations already given, or I could watch US Open Tennis. Yeah I watched that fricking worthless tennis, instead of going out and having a semi run over my head which would have been better for me.

Maybe it is a Jewish thing, in Jews sticking together like Drudge and Lewis and Drudge and Kushner. Sort of the same in both cases they got a side of Gregory and Omarosa to fill in the empty space. For me, what I laugh at nightly yet is Hogan's Heroes, which is littered with Jews and I marvel at how it all fit together.
I asked one of the directors once about how they did it, and he surprised me in relating that the directors often cast the show and it was a collaboration of everyone which made it work.

All I do now is watch old shows as background noise. I am weary of the lack of talent in the din of the present, and the lack of taste that all the beautiful people had in laughing at vomit comedy. Maybe if Jerry Lewis had donated, I would think better of him, but I would prefer not to think of him at all, because he was just another space taker that the bleaters were told was funny, so they laughed.
.......and there is poor pervert David Letterman, so wanting to be something more than hauling his kid around to be his audience in New York, that he has signed his 15 minutes of fame channel deal to gnaw on Donald Trump in this tumbril parade where a nation possessed of satan, takes to the streets to get their pound of flesh off of Donald Trump.

Like the Roman Circus, this will end. It will end either by Nero burning it down and scapegoating those who will not fight back, or it will end with a foreign army and a tan skin slave class in revolt, turning Rome to rubble.

Earlier that day, Third District City Councilman Jermaine Reed called for the removal of Confederate monuments, labeling them “outdated” and a reminder of much darker times in American history.
“Confederate monuments are an outdated reminder of our country’s history of racism, exclusion, and violence,” Reed said in a statement. “They have no place in a modern society.”
Erected to the “Loyal Women of the Old South,” the local memorial’s purpose was to recognize the women who supported the Confederacy and slavery.

It seems to be time for a great eclipse in the insanity that modern society has become in roaming mobs in this Jungle State USA.

Let's laugh though, no let us mourn as laughter is dead, but do it with a Negro sidebar.

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