Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Feeling the Frack

Working in the West Wing is Different

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In still conducting inquiry into the matrix, but not publishing the results, my findings about one week ago, were that the DOW was to hit 22,000 on pur dates of August 6th. This is now 4 days earlier this manifested and connects that the matrix is not time generated or manifests according to time.

DOW 22,000! 

It would explain in part the .........God is figurative in visions and dreams, compared to the literal. Lottery numbers can be seen in matrix flow, but change in time flow. Events in current to generate can appear sooner or later, but the event is on time, but the matrix is not focused on time generation but the event.

At this Wednesday moment, the matrix is again pointing to implosion dates going into next week. It was pointing to August 6th, a Sunday a little over a week ago. I am getting a number for August in the 12,000 range.

There is a major event in this  cycle, which keeps shifting. Yesterday it was a different day, and today it is back to where it was almost two weeks ago, although the exact time has moved something like 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

I am puzzled in this study of lights on bridges, and other manifestations, as I proved inquiry could predict exact earthquakes a few years ago, but the quake status started shifting 6 months out as once again the matrix and the physical time mass / force shifts.

I know in the stock markets under Obama's regime they did not behave as the matrix predicted due to human intervention, in human will up to a point by action can and will overcome natural law.

I believe in part the event which is trending is in a sort of symbiotic connection to the markets. That light on the bridge though manifesting in New York makes me look toward that rupture as something is generating to connect the two, the ether and the physical, in an energy release.

My curiosity in this deals with the shifting dates. The matrix is speeding up. It brings the question if it speeds up, does that mean greater events have a greater effect to manifest of their own volition. Is an event a sort of life form infused with energy.

Well enough of this, as the world spins no matter the axis, and I had a Daisy running like a race horse today. Lord that 3 year old calf acts insane when she wants attention. Everything is feeling the frack and off the deep end.

Gotta jet before the storm.

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