Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Jared Kushner and Five Mile Capital Crimes

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In the 1940's, the Jewish slum lords sold out their people to the Nazi, and in the 21st century it is the slum lord Jared Kushner who sold out his Trump in laws for 30 pieces of silver, and this crime is what witch hunter Robert Mueller is closing in on.

This is a simple story really involving a Jewish immigrant from Russia, named Lev Leviev to the Israeli state. Leviev was the Marc Rich of money laundering, instead of Saddam Hussein for Bill and Hillary Clinton, Leviev was laundering money out of the Russian Treasury, to be laundered into western real estate investments.

Lev Leviev3.jpg

Lev Leviev

The process involved Prevezon which was the front company in this money laundering and this is where the Russian government was offering "the Jew deal" to western Jews to sweetheart them into influencing their influential contacts in the west. Jared Kushner was targeted and as Kushner is a Shylock who never met anything gold he would not accept, it was simple for Leviev to hook this greedy young slum lord as the Times of Israel reported.
Do you think the Jews for their money laundering investment in Kushner expected Kushner to get the US Embassy moved to Jerusalem as Steve Bannon was pushing, and Kushner is the one who thwarted Bannon on that deal, by whispering to Donald Trump?

The year before the meeting with Veselnitskaya in Trump Tower, Kushner had paid $295 million for some of the floors in the old New York Times building, purchased in 2015 from the US branch of Leviev’s company, Africa Israel Investments (AFI), and partner, Five Mile Capital.

Yes the infamous Don jr. meeting that Jared Kushner illegally leaked Trump campaign documents to outside sources to frame Don jr., already had Kushner ties in a sweetheart deal. Kushner was getting special deals from the Russians, which when linked to the money laundering.
This apparently was the same loosely connected funding that created the dossier Pissgate file.

Kushner later borrowed $285 million from the German financial company Deutsche Bank, which has also been linked to Russian money laundering,

So what is the reality with boy Kushner is he was buying Russian properties on the cheap, with money he apparently did not have, and was set up for loans for this scheme in Angela Merkel's Germany where the Russians were laundering money through.

To explain this, the Russians needed a middle man, and that was Kushner in this case. They buy property with laundering Russian money, sell the properties to buy influence and then set up the loan structure so it is then Russian money which is owed by the middle man.
To put it even more plainly, Jared Kushner owes 285 million dollars to Vladimir Putin's KGB, as that is what drives all of this, as this is not just about investments, but hooking idiots in the west, in the same Kushner deal for that billion dollar investment from Peking at the 666 property, which got China that meeting at Mar Largo and Jared Kushner's family selling Trump influence in China.

The Lame Cherry informed all of you that Jared Kushner was the weak link, that he would roll on Donald Trump, and now you have the money trail making Russian influence a live wire. Don jr. seems to have been around the fringes of this deal, again with Kushner leading the way, but this is what Robert Mueller is trailing like a hound dog on a blood trial. This is the same situation that Paul Manafort is being leveraged over.

It is a brilliant strategy for Russian foreign policy to both gain influence and by clever bookkeeping create influence in the west, as the Saudi's do, as the Jews do, and this one combines the royal blackmarket of all blackmarkets. I will explain.

Years ago DeBeers of South Africa for the Queen of England created the fiction that diamonds were rare, when they litter the planet like rocks. The Russians made a move on breaking this monopoly out of Amsterdam in the Jewish control there which went worldwide, and soon Russia started dumping their gems out of their new found mines. This created the African Russian laundering syndicate, which you might know as blood diamonds, which was shutting down the contraband traffick for this monopoly.

This was too much for a slum lord to resist, as this is top rung of the Jewish cartels in the diamond merchants of the old guild running this shop.

You need to remember something now in Jared Kushner testified before the Congress and he also made public statements about his innocence about "collusion" with Russia.

“Let me be very clear,” Kushner, a scion of a wealthy developer, said afterward in a rare public statement at the White House. “I did not collude with Russia, nor do I know of anyone else in the campaign who did so.

The problem in being very clear, is the above testimony is on the edge of truth at least, and that kind of lying to Congress and investigators gets one indicted, especially when there is the reality in this of the Russians for Vladimir Putin were laundering money into the west, as all regimes do, but in this case they were hooking Jews connected to influential families as the Trumps, and in the sweetheart deal, the Russians sold cheap and then loaned their own money back to the buyer, to double launder the funds, to hide what the KGB was engaged in.

As the Lame Cherry counseled, the President has to have Shycuck Kushner confess to Jeff Sessions before a judge and plead guilty to all, and then this will shut down as Kushner takes all the blame and the President can save himself and his family in Don jr. from going to prison and pardoning Jared Kushner with a host of other pardons including Sheriff Joe.

This blog mentioned previously that all of this investment money is crooked and being laundered, and everyone in American banks knows it, but takes the money and so the government, but that is how the deep state self funds.

Jared Kushner is in legal jeopardy. This all now comes down to Mueller allowing Kushner to claim ignorance which is not excuse in the law, to rat on President Trump, or Kushner is going to be indicted on this as there is absolutely no doubt what Mr. Kushner was involved in.

The Russians were not hacking American elections. The Russians were running a money laundering campaign, just like the Saudi's funded Barack Obama or any of these other nations like South Korea funding media in America, to George Soros funding NGO's.

In this season for war with Russia, Jared Kushner is caught, and there is no doubt about it.

Now you know what is percolating on the burner which is the 900 pound gorilla in the room that everyone is about to know is eating the bananas.

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