Saturday, August 12, 2017

Man Up Steve Bannon

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Is Trump about to fire Steve Bannon? His base is worried ...

Apr 12, 2017 · Bannon, more than any other White House aide, speaks the language of Trump's populist base.

Note to Steve Bannon:

Look Steve, you got to man up and tell Donald Trump to stick his cocksucking job up his presidential ass and rotate on it, because this PMS housewife of Trump being non stop going spastic over you is just proof he is not man enough for the job. Sure he can fire Katie Walsh, but let that twat Mike Pence parade her around in front of Donald, and Trump just takes it.

You have proven Steve, that you are the man. That cuck Kushner could not take you out and that glanz head Herbert McMaster could not take you down, so you just got to help these hoovers and just quit and let this hideous junta of Donald Trump being Obama's 3rd term tampon named Hamrod, just implode.

You got money. You were bright enough to not get sucked into that Russian bullshit that Kushner started, so now do the President a favor and leave this klusterfuck to consume itself, as this is nothing but Neolibs in Kushner, nuclear warmongers in McMaster and Pence 2020.

So take the retirement, as this outfit can not start a good nuclear war or fire a real man in you Steve and here is what you do:

Go into the Oval Office with your digital recorder, sit down behind the desk and say this:

As you are not man enough to fire me Mr. President, and your cocksucking stooges are not man enough to take me out, Steve Bannon fires himself, and I escort my own ass off the premises. Thanks for the broken promises, the investigations, not protecting the people who trusted you, and not having a goddamn cat.

Post that to Youtube and then leak everything you got to Gorilla Cernovich and enjoy the show.

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