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Marse Donald, American Copperhead for Peace

Don't Tread on Trump


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This Sabbath Day, the Lame Cherry is to share a second History of the American Federated States, North and South, because it is vital in this Second Civil War as  Patrick J. Buchanan rightly defines it, and is another foreign intrigue to engulf Americans in this strife in more hired terrorists by the same Rothschilds of yore.

In that 1860 period the Northerners who supported the South and stood against Abraham Lincoln's War against the Americans, were called Copperheads. They were railed on in the press, and if one bothers to note Donald Trump in speaking of the beautiful Southern sculptured memorials is a Copperhead as all Americans are in defense of their sister states in the South, and the boulevards of New York City now under attack in ethnic cleansing of Southern American Heroes.

No one ever mentions as Donald Trump the Hero of this time, standing like Stonewall Jackson as a safe haven for all true Americans, is that the South had numbers of Union men in their military ranks. The following is an account of a Union man, Robert Stiles who served in Marse Robert E. Lee's artillery throughout the war, with numbers of Union men, fighting for States Rights.

In the  following account, by Robert Stiles, you will discover that Whigs or Republicans were the prominent legislative advocates for the South, once Abraham Lincoln called up federal troops to invade the South. The Virginians who were against secession, against the war, immediately turned against Lincoln, once Lincoln made war on their homes.

        State conventions, both of the Whig and Democratic parties, sat in Richmond during my visit and discussed, of course, mainly the one absorbing issue. I was an eager observer of the proceedings and much impressed with the high average of intelligence and speaking power in both bodies. This seemed especially true of the Whig Convention--perhaps because I was so much in sympathy with that party in deprecating the disruption of the Union. I confess, however, the question has since been often pressed home upon me whether, after all, the Democrats of Virginia did not, in this great crisis, exhibit a higher degree of prescient statesmanship.

        Among the Whig leaders I distinctly recall William Ballard Preston, A. H. H. Stuart, Thomas Stanhope Flournoy, and John Minor Botts. I do not remember whether John B. Baldwin was a member of this convention of 1860. If so, I did not happen to hear him speak. Mr. Preston, Mr. Stuart, and Mr. Flournoy, as well as Mr. Baldwin, were, later, members of the Secession Convention of Virginia, but all were Union men up to President Lincoln's call for troops. Mr. Preston and Mr. Stuart were not only finished orators, but statesmen of ability and experience. Both had graced the Legislature of their State and the Congress of the United
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States, and both had been members of the Federal Cabinet --Mr. Preston during General Taylor's and Mr. Stuart during Mr. Fillmore's administration. Mr. Preston was afterwards a member of the Confederate Senate and Mr. Stuart one of the commissioners appointed by Virginia to confer with Mr. Lincoln as to his attitude and action toward the seceded States.

        Mr. Botts made a very powerful address before the convention, but the spirit of it did not please me. He belittled the John Brown raid, at the same time accusing Governor Wise of having done everything in his power to magnify it. He ridiculed the Governor's military establishment and his "men in buckram," while dubbing him "The un-epauletted hero of the Ossawattomie war." He said that old John Brown certainly did a good deal against the peace and prosperity of the commonwealth and the country, but added, "Whatever he left undone in this direction has been most effectually carried out by his executor, the late Governor of Virginia."

The Southern Soldier was always deemed low class, but unlike the prissy Ivy League leftists of the Trump era, one discovers that the majority of Volunteers for the Confederate States were EDUCATED men, of Harvard and the University of Virginia. They were Constitutionalists so they were RIGHT. Their DUTY was to God and Country, and behind them was their HOMES they were defending.
These are the Southerners, the cream of the United States genocided in Lincoln's War.

 There were 896 students at Harvard in 1861, there were 604 at the University of Virginia. Why was it that but 73 out of the 896 joined the first army that invaded the South, while largely over half of the 604 volunteered to meet the invaders? It was manifestly this instinct of defense of home which gave to the Confederate service, from '61 to '65, more than 2,000 men of our University, of whom it buried in soldiers' graves more than 400; while but 1,040 Harvard men served in the armies and navies of the United States during the four years of the war, and of these only 155 lost their lives in the service.*

        Here, then, we have the essential, the distinctive spirit of the Southern volunteer. As he hastened to the front in the spring of '61, he felt: "With me is Right, before me is Duty, behind me is Home."

As for the Union men in the Civil War, this most amusing recollection at Bull Run is the epitaph of this post in explaining this war of Union men in the Confederate Army.
The federal artillery had been overrun by Confederate infantry and captured a Union gunner, who watched with apprehension as his gun, was fired at the retreating federal troops.The Confederates kept missing, and he could not stand it, so he threw the Soldiers aside, aimed the cannon, and told the Southerners to let fly.

The shot tore through the Union ranks, because that day, this Union man's loyalty was not to Lincoln, to the Union, to his army, but what it came down to for most men, in their allegiance was to their gun, because that gun defined them as Americans, in making them safe, securing their rights, and where their gun was, that is the land that was their home, that they protected in their God and their Country.

This is lost in the propaganda, but it is what Donald Trump and the Copperheads of 2017 are engaged in, with the Americans under assault by this terror mob and their conspirators in deep state, conglomerate and media, in they are defending America which defines them in the right of the majority to not be ruled by the minority who was purchased by foreign interests, and the right of the minority to be governed by the will of the People, for the People and by the People, in each individual, shall not be infringed.


 The Federal gunners had done what they could on the instant to disable their pieces for the time, throwing away the lanyards and running the screws down low, so that the muzzles pointed high in the air. Having rooted out a few friction primers from a gunner's haversack and fished a
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string or a handkerchief out of some one's pocket, for a lanyard, McGowan's infantry managed to load one of the captured pieces and, turning it in the direction of the retreating Federals, sent two or three shots whizzing over their heads, to seek the quartermasters and wagon camps in the rear.

        Meanwhile, the gunner of this particular piece, a tall, splendid-looking fellow, stood hard by, with his lip curled in scorn and his arms twitching convulsively; until at last, unable to stand it longer, he sprang into the midst of the blundering infantry and hurled them right and left, shouting:

        "Stand aside, you infernal, awkward boobies! Let me at that screw!" meanwhile whirling it rapidly up, until the gun came down into proper range. Then, seizing the trail handspike and aiming the piece, he sprang back, yelling out: "Now, try that! Let 'em have it! Fire!"

        Away flew the shell on its flight of death, until it tore through the line of his own friends. And he continued thus to direct the movement of the awkward squad of rebel cannoneers, and to sight and fire the piece, until the Federal infantry were out of range. Then, stamping his great foot upon the ground and gesturing wildly with his great clenched fist, he exclaimed:

        "Damned if I can stand by and see my gun do such shooting as that!"

Donald Trump is where States Rights are held in the Federal Government by his standing for the Southern American past, present and future. We are all Copperheads, because this is about the Right of the People to live in peace and safety, South and North, East and West, to not be dictated to by treacherous billionaires who hire their own Taliban America to terrorize the Citizens of America in this Neo  Civil War.

Stephen Miller should  write such moving tribute to President Donald Trump.

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