Wednesday, August 9, 2017

McCain makes you a Nuclear Target

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The following is a headline from the Washington Examiner and in this American utopia of witch hunts and rationed death, the nuclear smudge pot of global war are not being paid attention to, as this is the Trump junta, run by John McCain and his lethal puppet, HR McMaster, in a place none of you have ever heard of.

The obscure Eastern European country that could further roil US-Russia relations in 2017

The problem is the Russians have heard of Transnistria and they are absolutely aware of what the globalists are up to, and why this matters to each of you, is if this is the eruption point with Russia, then the Americans there will make this a direct nuclear exchange point for Russian missiles falling in the United States.

Transnistria appeared after the fall of the Soviet Union, when they declared their independence, sitting on the western Ukraine border and on the eastern Molodovan border. In 1992 a war broke out as Molodova attempted to annex this slice of earth, and these Russian speaking people fought them off, for their autonomous governance, and this is where it all now come to strategic push and shove, as Molodova is supposed to be neutral, western Ukraine is McCain Nazi, in between is Transnistria with Russian peacekeeping troops, and on eastern Ukraine is Russian Donbass with McCain Kiev shelling the Russians there with bombs.

A country of roughly 3.6 million people, Moldova initially watched Russia’s incursions into and takeover of territory in Moldova’s much larger eastern neighbor, Ukraine, with unease. Since 1992, Russian military units – officially, peacekeepers – have been stationed in Transnistria, a largely Russian-speaking area bordering Ukraine that declared its independence from Moldovan rule in 1990.

Remember in this, that Moldova is supposed to be neutral, and yet not only is NATO running exercises there, but the United States in June of this year, was building a forward Naval military training base there for the European, African and Asian command.
Just imagine if Russia started building bases on the Apache Indian Reservation in the American Southwest, if this would be a worry for Americans, and yet this is one more senseless and aggressive action which the warmongers that Donald Trump has appointed, after he promised peace with Russia.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Monday that the US Navy's plans to construct facilities for urban military training in Moldova are an indicator that the United States has started preparing Moldova's special forces for a potential military conflict with Transnistria.

So with the Russians on edge, President Dodon of Moldova, apparently has no idea what the hell is going on in his own nation, as Dodon stated Moldova will not join NATO, as they must remain neutral according to their Constitution, but somewhere in this Individual Partnership the United States Navy is building a forward operational and training base, right next to the Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria.

 Dodon has repeatedly stressed that NATO membership was unacceptable for Moldova, which needed to remain neutral, and opposed participation of the Moldovan military in NATO drills.
Moldova is constitutionally neutral, which means it does not participate or support any belligerents in wars. At the same time, Moldova has been cooperating with NATO since joining the Partnership for Peace in 1994. The cooperation also extends to the Individual Partnership Action Plan, which Moldova became a part of in 2006.

The majority of Moldovans in 84% do not want any part of NATO, and yet somehow this small nation by McCain and McMaster footprint has made itself one of the biggest scorched earth nuclear targets in the world.

The most recent opinion poll shows that Moldovan support for the Euro-Atlantic alliance is far from robust. In a November 2015 survey, the bi-annual Barometer of Public Opinion, only 16 percent of 1,160 respondents stated that NATO membership “would be the best solution for ensuring the security of our country” – a figure only two percentage points above the 2014 number. Fifty percent of respondents preferred neutrality.

To explain all of this in real terms. Transnistria is an indefensible piece of ground in war, and an absolutely vulnerable projection point for Russia in an invasion or annexation as Ukraine is in the way. It is not that Russia can not easily roll through the Baltic states or Ukraine, but it is the fact that America antagonizing Russia in this base, making a neutral nation in Moldova a slaughter pit target, and therefore the Continental United States a nuclear target over an absolutely non strategic area is not policy protecting thee American People, which is supposed to be the oath of the President and the mandate of the Pentagon.
This is about globalists seeking a coup against Vladimir Putin, to seize Russian natural resources for their exploitation, and using American Soldiers as nuclear bait and the American People as nuclear fodder.

Any of you can tell me that building a NAVAL BASE ON A LANDLOCKED NATION, in the middle of eastern Europe and on the Russian front is something that America just has to have to keep America safe, and America will cease without being in Moldova, are liars just like John McCain and HR McMaster. All this is, is one more tripwire to start a nuclear war with Russia.

None of this is in United States national interests. This is about globalists making Americans nuclear hostages for their profits.

You want to die for Transnistria? HR McMaster, John McCain and this entire coup plotting junta with the Cohn bankers and Pence conglomerates want you to. It is all the same if it is Obama bankers and Clinton conglomerates. This was initiated under Barack Hussein Obama and Donald Trump has not done one thing to roll any of this back.

Nom de Deus, it is the US interest to have Russia expending resources sandwiched between two Western allied nations in Moldova and Ukraine. It is not in American interests to make American Citizens nuclear targets that is absolutely not in any of their interests.

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