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McMasters sets up Venezuelan Patriots to be Slaughtered

HR McMaster's Dictator in Venezuela, Murderous Maduro

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Whatever Donald Trump was in 2016, the reality of Donald Trump 2017 is that he is NEOLIBERAL HR McMaster in the ruthless Jew finance of the Kushner's and Cohn's.

The Lame Cherry laid out a White Paper for Venezuela, to secure that wonderful nation, and rebuild her for the Americas, but instead Donald Trump did absolutely nothing and now the Patriots there are being wiped out as McMaster and Munchkin sanctions only rape that nation for the profiteers.

 A reality is going to be laid out here which no one can deny, as HR McMasters EMBOLDENED THIS COUP in Venezuela last week.

H.R. McMaster discusses 'crisis' in Venezuela with opposition ...

National security adviser H.R. McMaster discussed the "ongoing crisis" in Venezuela with opposition leader Julio Borges at the White House on Friday, according to the ...

And what followed? The Patriots rose up, expecting American support, but were crushed like Kennedy's Bay of Pigs.

By Corina Pons and Alexandra Ulmer
CARACAS, Aug 6 (Reuters) - Venezuelan authorities have suppressed a military rebellion near the central city of Valencia, a ruling official said on Sunday, less than two days after President Nicolas Maduro formed a legislative superbody internationally condemned as a power grab.
Socialist Party deputy Diosdado Cabello made the announcement shortly after the release of a video showing a group of men in military uniform announcing a rebellion and calling for a broad uprising. But the rest of the country appeared to be calm, with the capital Caracas waking to a quiet Sunday morning.
One witness in the area of a military base in the town of Naguanagua reported hearing gunshots before dawn, but Cabello said the situation had been brought under control. Officials said the rebels, whom they described as "terrorists," were trying to steal weapons and that seven people were detained after the attack on the base.
The Defense Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But government allies were quick to denounce the attack as a right-wing plot aimed at bringing down the "Bolivarian revolution" started nearly 20 years ago by the late Hugo Chavez and carried on by his protege Maduro.
"These attacks, planned by delirious minds in Miami, only strengthen the morale of our armed forces and the Bolivarian people," tweeted Socialist Party official Elias Jaua.

The Lame Cherry is not going to beat about this as I no longer am going to prop up this American junta with their propaganda, but am cutting to the Truth. What HR McMaster's did was thee exact same thing Birther Hussein Obama did in Iran. Obama by the CIA stoked up the Iranian Patriots, leading them to leave tracks on Twitter so the Mullahs of Tehran could track them, and then Obama allowed them to be crushed without mercy, as this is about globalism, and there are is not any room for Iranian, Venezuelan or American Patriots.

Articles: Why Obama Betrayed the Iranian People

Why Obama Betrayed the Iranian ... Why did President Obama refuse to support the ... by and did nothing during the abortive Iranian revolution; ...

From the results, there is absolutely no difference between McMaster and Obama. Donald Trump is not a buffoon, ignorant or dupe. He knows exactly what is taking place and Mr. Trump led out the Venezuelan opposition and allowed it to be smashed, securing Venezuela for the money interest globalists, so the country can be looted by the national socialist globalists.

A little over a year ago, Birther Hussein allowed Muslim Erdogan of Turkey to coordinate with American CIA to convince a coup in that nation, where Erdogan has ruthlessly butchered his people. It has been one year, and the butcher Erdogan, the exporter of Muslim rape cock to Europe, is increasing the butchery in the oversight of Donald Trump.

Erdoğan to continue crackdown as Turkey marks failed coup ...

The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, signalled on Sunday that his government would not relent in its crackdown against the alleged perpetrators of last year ...

 And who is constantly embracing, smiling and laughing with the Turkish butcher, the armorer of ISIS,  the benefactor of al Qaeda in Syria, none other than President Donald Trump.

Muslim butcher of Turkey, Obama's Erdogan

So let the excuses end in this, and let the reality educate that just like John Kennedy betrayed Cubans at the Bay of Pigs, Donald Trump let the Venezuelan Patriots be baited to be flushed out for their slaughter by HR McMaster. McMaster employs the same butchery that Barack Obama did to the innocents of Iran in flushing them out to their slaughter, as Obama did in Turkey and Mr. Trump beams with approval with the Muslim butcher Erdogan.

This is the same HR McMaster that the President defended as a "good man" in the New York Times.

Trump Praises McMaster to NYT: 'He Is a Good Man'

President Donald Trump late Friday defended National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster after attacks by conservatives, telling The New York Times that "Gen ...

Mr. President with John McCain the godfather of ISIS has been fostering Kiev Nazi's who have been shelling the Donbass Patriots who are allied with freedom in Russia. There is a pattern of this around the globe in John McCain's neolib HR McMaster has been implementing in the Trump Junta the exact policies of Obama's 3rd term.

It is disgraceful to America 1776 in what just took place in Venezuela in the family of American States. And for those who are still lying to themselves, this same sell out is happening daily in America from the coal industry, American ranchers, the Bundy's, and those shocking things like Jeff Sessions confiscating American personal property on his whims and going after gun owners as Steve Munchkin bans more firearms from Americans.

All of this is by design and not oversight or accident. It not what any American voted for and as each day goes forward and more excuses are given to you, just remember that Mr. President praised the "good man" McMaster who set up Americans just like you in Venezuela for their slaughter of the same bankers and globalists who are running the Trump Junta.


Crush those damned patriots as Ivanka needs a new pair of ruby slippers

Goldman Sachs Defends Venezuela Bond Deal Vilified by ... -

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. defended its decision to buy bonds issued in 2014 by Venezuela's state oil company after the head of the legislature criticized ...

Stop deluding yourselves you are going to receive a blessed thing from the Trump Junta. Do not cause trouble for yourselves in acting out. Pay your taxes, obey the laws, deal with Obama's 3rd term, and wait for Jesus, as the window has closed on America ever being made great again without Christ in this world.

Come Lord Jesus, come quickly.

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