Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mr. President doesn't need his base.......

 It's ok daddy, you don't need your base to win, because Jeb Bush
said so..........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Americans are held hostage and would rather pay extortion than submit to the Neo Junta ruling America from the West Wing Cabal.

FREEDOM TAX: 6.5 million pay fine to avoid Obamacare...

And it is not just the 6.5 million paying extortion money, but the 25 million who can not afford to pay the fines, and are terrorized each year being force to submit evidence to keep themselves out of prison.

Millions of uninsured Americans exempt from ObamaCare ...

Aug 07, 2014 · A new congressional report has estimated that more than 25 million Americans without health insurance will not be made to pay a penalty in 2016 due to an ...

Last time I did the math, that would be 31.5 million voters.

Last time I checked in the vote fraud margins the 2016 election was running this tally.

As of Wednesday evening, hours after Clinton called Trump to concede, the former secretary of state clung to a narrow lead in the popular vote, 47.7%-47.5%.
She had 59,755,284 votes, according to CNN's tally, with 92% of the expected vote counted. Trump had 59,535,522. That difference of 219,762 is razor-thin considering the nearly 120 million votes counted so far.

Thost 31.5 million Americans voted for Donald Trump, because Mr. Trump promised to end the mandatemand yet we are reading that 6.5 million Americans are being tormented in this legal jeopardy, having money extorted from them in the billions in paying this fine, the other 25 million on waivers are stuck filing EVERY YEAR the proof to not get the fine which they can not afford, because that is what I am forced to do, churning up my world.

I am reminded every day that I am stuck with this mandate and Donald Trump did not keep his promise. Mr. President said it was Mike Pence and Reince Priebus who would get this done in liberating Americans, and they failed. That makes this Mr. President's responsibility, not the crooks in Congress.

Only 13 million Republicans voted for Mr. Trump. There are 31.5 million Americans who are the GOP majority who are not going to forget they have been lied to again as this is about their deaths and their taxes.

This is the President's responsibility and none of these sham rah rah rallies are going to fool the people another day. That is why Mr. President does not venture over the Mississippi River as the People of the West have already decided in Sheriff Joe being abandoned, the Bundy's persecuted and Sarah Palin kicked to the curb, what kind of rewards the President protects his supporters with.

It is beyond foolish for anyone to antagonize or ignore a voting block of 31.5 million Americans, and yet Hillary Clinton did it in 2016 and now Mr. President has gone whole hog in 2017 in ignoring them.

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