Monday, August 14, 2017

Neo Europa

Italy's Border Wall: Machine Gun Soldiers 
against African Invasion 

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It is cause for pause to examine the world which Birther Hussein Obama and his Merkel of German have brought to America and the world, as we are living in the Obama legacy of invasion, rape and death. The things that American voted for Donald Trump in American elections in secure from invasion by slave labor, and nothing is being done about it, as Mr. Trump instead shifted it to legal invasion, is the same toxic condition in Italy and Greece, with the Slavic nations fighting for their lives, in this genocide invasion.

Italy is now an armed wall, just like the American armed wall is attempting to stem the invasion of Africans and Muslims making that nation a squatter camp of vermin without skills, arriving and expecting to be cared for, as Italians watch their peaceful nation become a squalor.

ITALY has deployed 7,000 troops armed with submachine guns to patrol the coastline during the summer months.

The face of France in Marcon though is one of all smiles, as the plantation master Macron wades through the neo faces of France, have France looking like the Congo as the two millennia Caucasian face of Europe's most cultured nation, has become an 87 IQ.

French Congo - Wikipedia

The French Congo (French: Congo français) or Middle Congo (French: Moyen-Congo) was a French colony which at one time comprised the present-day area of the Republic ...

Yes downtown Paris is Negroid central as Macron beams over the primates he can offer to bananas to like chimps in the zoo as Parisians have their cars fire bombed by the Muslim primate.

Plantation France of Massa Macron
Replacing French with the 3rd world Negroid

The Italians though have noted how all of this clever European Union Soros policy has worked. The French get Libyan oil and the Italians get the human refuse and Germany gets the cash.

France gets the oil & Italy gets the boats!’ Italian MPs FURIOUS at EU double standards

All of this is what Europe desired in stolen elections in Austria, Briton, France and soon to be Germany. Europe threw it's prophets like Andrew Breivik into prison, torturing him, and threw Marine LePenn out of French politics for trying to save Europeans from this genocide invasion of the 3rd world.

This is Neo Europa, the bastardization of the Caucasion 130 IQ to the mongrel swarthy interbred of the next generation of 78 IQ as the cloth of the land.
Russia will be cock raped out of existence as Hitler's master race by the Chinese, and will be a race of Tartar to be herded by some new forbidden city.

The future of Europe will be the rubble of American crumbling Negroid ghetto, intermixed with the hot rape cock of the Muslim Afriasian cross of the North African. In 100 years, if nuclear war does not erupt, the degraded nature of the Caucasian world will spawn some new plague to rid it of the billions in overpopulation, or it will arise from the laboratories of the feudal elites as a new Black Death final solution of the financial elite.

It will be too late by then, as the forests of Europe will be black with death, fertilized by the hidden bodies enriching the soils to make a pretty grove for the immortals to preen before in their ivory towers.

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