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Rock the boat baby Kim

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There are signs that a major operation is being planned, or an action by the United States concerning North Korea, will spill over to a direct war, with North Korea, and digress to China with Russian  entanglement.

Like  Daniel Boone, you have to read the signs to know the trail.

The most interesting is Sidler Mike Pence was sent to  South America over McMaster's killing off all the Patriots of Venezuela, and has been ordered to America a day early, to consult with President Trump who is moving to Camp David again this weekend.
The President hates Camp David, and CD is a bunker of protection. Pence is being recalled to not become a a target or hostage rescue problem in some type of military attack on the US mainland.

 Pence being recalled, has nothing to do with Pence. It has to do with continuity of the executive.


Then the conflicting reports of North Korea standing down over Guam, and yet the missiles are still being prepared on the launch pads. Mixed messages mean the Chinese have been told this is a line in the sand, and the Chicoms have informed North Korea, which is talking deals, but is moving to hedge their bet, in if the US strikes over a provocation, the North Koreans will retaliate with what they have to make this a vaporization issue for the White House.

The Independent1 day ago

In all of this, Kim Jong Un has intelligence that he has been shadowed by  an assassination program. He has been busy weeding out the South Korean, American, Chinese and Russian agents in his regime in killing them.
His going gopher means the US has the South Koreans operational on an assassination attempt, and his moving rockets again, is another warning that nukes will fly if Kim Jong Un goes ground temperature.

Kim Jong Un's disappearance sparks concerns missile launch ...

Aug 14, 2017 · North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has vanished from the public eye for two weeks, South Korean media reported, prompting fears that he may be preparing to mark ...

A deal has been made with Peking to stop doomsday exchange with the Chinese, as things are this close, and China does not want a confrontation over Korea yet, and America does not want to have the Chinese misstep in any actions the President is in the process of taking.

China, US Agree On Direct Military Communication
Rusi - New Korean War 'Real Possibility

We are in a world that the junta has been given free hand. The globalists are in full control, with Tillerson and Mattis preparing the world for war, that McMaster and Kelly have primed it for.

Hillary McCauliff 2020 is to blame for this over their staged political event in attacking innocent James Fields jr in Charlottesville, as the President would benefit from a game changer and mixing it up with North Korea is a game changer.

 Bolton 'Appalled' By Tillerson-Mattis OpEd N Korea
Policy Which Contradicts Trump Entirely

Lastly, watch these two in Kusher cuck and Kushner Trumpenfuror, who klusterfuked Charlottesville for the President, so fag Shep Smith could show his cock lips to the world. It is not any secret that foreign intelligence would watch this opportunistic duo, as the Kushner's were apparently off to Croatia again over more hacking intrigue, but something stopped them on their vacation from the golf course from putting them in jeopardy in Europe, which means Russia, so they are hiding out in Vermont as a safe zone.

Always look for the cowards, as they will bird dog a point in confirming something is in the works, as they will save themselves first.

Glenn Thrush on Twitter: "Big error in my story tonight that ...

Glenn Thrush Verified account @GlennThrush. ... Jared and Ivanka in Vermont not Croatia ... Who are Jared and Ivanka again?

So those are the headlines. Something is locked and loaded, and once Pence hits US soil, it will be unlocked, and if events continue on unabated, whatever is the operation will be unloaded, for a headline you all can be chirping about, instead of the fake news headlines.

The Telegraph2 days ago

Let's sing.........

Don't Rock The Boat Baby-Original Version HD sound/picture ...

Don't Rock The Boat Baby-Original Version Lyrics: So I'd like to know where, you got the notion Said I'd like to know where, you got the notion To rock the ...

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