Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Saving Our Barron

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not know any of these people in this story, nor do I care to. I just was reading this stupid story where Chelsea Clinton is defending Barron Trump over a Barron fan making a remark about Barron's attire.

White House renews request for privacy for Trump's young son

We now have Marinonette Melania terming it bullying for making comments about this kid. I remember as a child being ordered by my siblings, friends and parents not be a damn fool for dressing wrong, standing stupid or making odd expressions.

To the point, if the Lord does not come back, in 20 years people are going to be looking at Barron Trump in his mom shorts and hair bigger than his old man's, and Barron is going to be saying, "Why in the heck didn't anyone tell me to not look like a fricking dork.

See this is what Barron should look like when he is casual. He can grow the beard later.

Leather just is timeless, as are Americans jeans, and t shirts that do not look like you have been wearing them since you weaned yourself off Sesame Street.

See when you wear shorts, you want to look like this.

Melania is timeless in her dress as is the President, but Barron is going to stick out like those dorks from ages past.

It simply is a reality that someone needs to tell this kid like saying it to his beer can, "Goddamn it kid, you don't want to look like that fruittard Obama!!!"

That is not bullying. That is doing the kid a favor which he will appreciate and the chics will too.......and one day when Barron had sons, he will say, "Goddamn it boy, straighten up and put some clothes on or people will laugh at you!!!"
See no one ever told Obama he looks like a dork and that is what you get.

That is what people do for each other when they care.

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