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The Outrage of being Outraged over Fat Disgusting Communists who are not Heather Heyer

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The Lame Cherry is moved by pity after all the attempts to make Heather Heyer, the White Woman killed in Charlottesville into a martyr, a profit and a cause, that no one cares, not even after the leftist media was give a gold mine in this tweet today.

Heather Heyer was a fat, disgusting Communist,” stated the tweet on an account belonging to Jason Kessler. “Communists have killed 94 million. Looks like it was payback time.”
The tweet linked to a story on neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer that also insulted Heyer in crude terms and appeared to take glee in her death.

I do not know what makes a person a cause celeb. It seems either you have it or you do not. Apparently Heather Heyer does not have what it takes to move leftists to donate huge amounts of money, and to like paint signs with her image on it, and to chant her name.
People on the left just seem to not get fired up over fat disgusting communists, with a capital C, no matter the issue, because no one follows Rosie O'Donnell around, and in reality who can name any of those things on The View.
That is not to say that fat disgusting communists are alone in this, because remember skinny disgusting Madonna was offering blow jobs to anyone who would vote for Hillary in 2016 and there were no takers. People on the left just seem to have the same reaction that normal people do to things disgusting.

For a reality check in this, I would not say Heather Heyer was fat. She seemed rather big boned and adverse to shampoo, but then so is Ellen DeGenneris and many lesbian types, and as I do not know if the disgusting part is about communist or fat women in that ranters tweet, that can not be spoken to, but in looks she was not what I would term disgusting in my sphere of one, nor would I call her disgusting for being a Bernie voter. I would just be sad she was duped like so many by Bernie being part of the Clinton scheme to disenfranchise those voters.

What we can speak to is the facts that the leftists who organized this ambush of James Fields jr. did an excellent job in setting up a kill zone for James Fields. I mean the evidence is certain that a terrorist struck his car to flush him, attacked him after he turned a corner, and then they had not only dumpsters in the street to stop Fields, but had all of these people as human road blocks. In that, Heather Heyer appears to not have had any clue that her leaders had led her, after the police directed this group to stand in the street blocks from the protest, to be a human dumpster.
Now that can be judged, as these paid terrorists rioters chose Heather Heyer well, because she was big enough to stop a Dodge Charger. Granted this as not the Dukes of Hazard General Lee, but all the same she had the bone structure to stop a car, along with two dumpsters.
It is not Heather Heyer's fault that her Afroid terrorists who charged James Fields jr. were not up to the task as they were swinging clubs at him. I suppose that they were told that some retarded White boy was the target and he would just sit there like a pinata to be beat to death. They had plenty of speed in charging the Charger, but simply could not finish the operation.
Heather Heyer did her part in being placed in the street to stop the quarry flushed into her, but her Afroid terrorists while fast enough, were not able to follow through.

Heather Heyer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know -

Heather Heyer was killed when a driver rammed into a Charlottesville protest. She stood against racism and hate and was a Bernie supporter.

Oopppsss sorry about the above statement in Heather was not profitable as they got 150,000 dollars for her. Granted that is way better than my donors have ever done, so leftists out do my deadbeats, but all the same that is not like 750,000 that GAB AI raised.
So it seems leftists are a bit tight on coming up with the cash.

Sorry again, as it is hard to keep up, as now the Heather lottery is up to 200,000 dollars, but she still is not the movement maker the left is trying to make her into the Remember the Alamo slogan.

A GoFundMe campaign created to support Ms. Heyer’s family had surpassed $200,000 as of Sunday evening.
“I’ve never had a close friend like this be murdered,” Ms. Blair said. “We thought, ‘What would Heather do?’ Heather would go harder. So that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to preach love. We’re going to preach equality, and Heather’s death won’t be in vain.”

I think the leftists aired in this, in Heather Heyer had a Mexican dog named Violet. They needed to feature the dog whimpering and put it up on Gaytube, just like PETA or whoever that is that runs them sad dog commercials with puppies on log chains to raise like 26 cents a day for donations. Heather would be a real money maker then.


 Donate to Violet the orphan as Mum got run over in
being a human road block in Virginia

So the left needs to change tactics in making Violet the focus, not this love preaching as Jesus does that and He ended up dead too, and no one on the left wants to hear that, as they are all about that outrage and rage, like Heather was posting about.

It would also end the attacks on Heather Heyer, as no one could say Violet was a fat disgusting communist, because the Chihuahua does not get fat and you could not tell if one was fat as they are so little.

See no one cares if a regime provocateur is calling some dead gal fat, disgusting communist to stir things up before a Boston protest, as nothing happens in Boston, because their governor is not running as Hillary Clinton's 2016 Vice Presidential nominee like Terry MacCauliff.
15,000 communists marched in Boston, and drove off the government paid protestors, as the 15,000 were paid by George Soros to march. That kind of cash outlay is probably why Heather is not doing the million dollar Go Fund Me, but in the end, it sort of works out, because after Obama taxes at 35% on that donation, it comes to 70,000 dollars, which George Soros has Congress making spending bills to funnel that money to George Soros, so George came out pretty good in the tax deductions for the NGO, and the money off of Heather taxes.

Sorry this is supposed to be about Heather being a fat disgusting communist, but the reality of all of this just sort of creeps in, of what is really being engaged in, as none of this happens by accident, and is all by design, like putting Heather out into the street by her leaders to be a speed bump.

But then Bernie got problems of his own for not bending at the waist for Hillary Clinton low enough. His sneers at the DNC and other statements brought out those investigators who could not find any crimes in Hamrod, but Bernie's wife is quite the money embezzler the reports indicate.

So in the end of this it returns to was Heather Heyer a fat disgusting communist? If you asked Bill Clinton who is married to a fat disgusting communist lesbian and image Obama who has the same load hauling around, those boys seemed to like the cush for the push, as there is quite a fetish in weak males who really like a bossy, plumper.....hell Blacks got the market cornered on that one, and if you look at Russia, that place in the Soviet era had nothing but 300 pound communist chics and sex never slowed down there either.

So the answer is no, because Heather Heyer in forensic psychology is like most of the people protesting in they were hurt as children, and are trying to make up for that, but seizing onto some issue to rally around, in order to make up for that hurt to never happen again. It is how movements are created and those who are trying to do good are exploited, as they never dream that their leaders would put them out into the street to get run over to further the cause, as the mob is always expendable.

Bernie had a use. Heather had a use. Nevada ranchers had a use. Christians had a use in 2016, and they are all dropping like flies. The leftist who had no outrage over LaVoy Finicum and gloried in his murder, are now the ones saying Heather Heyer should be the poster girl. Nothing changes, and it is always a new staged march next week for the police state to take more photos, and for George Soros with the conglomerates to weigh how many people will be expendable to get a real civil war going again in America.


11:55 a.m.: This article was updated with a tweet from Kessler’s account stating he had been drinking and taking drugs and news that the account had been deleted.
Aug. 19, 5 a.m.: This article was updated with Kessler tweeting that he’d been hacked.
This article was first published at 11:10 p.m. Aug. 18.
 So it was John McCain's Ukrainian hackers, like the hackers who helped Hillary Clinton who called Heather Heyer a fat, disgusting communist. Gee I wonder in whose interest it would be to have America in a Trump Civil War, but McCain and Clinton.

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