Friday, August 4, 2017

The Plumes of America's Destruction by Clouds

American Northeast

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It has been reported that American meteorologists are  absolutely flummoxed by the weather in America as it is not operating at all the way normal weather patterns generate.

In studying the above weather print of the American northeast, this is "normal" in one witnesses thundershowers along a front line, and very little other moisture being picked up.

Below one observes a like trend which is "normal" in summer showers along front lines created by solar heating, and over New Mexico the "plumes" of moisture which will feed coming storms in New Mexico.

 American Southwest 

One though begins noticing something off about the weather pattern, as one examines Texas. New Mexico is correct and Texas would be correct IF THIS WAS BEFORE A MAJOR STORM FRONT, which would be feeding moisture to the southern region. The problem is that the there is a massive weather front of the Texas coast, meaning that a cold front should have pushed through the region and dried out the air, and yet Texas is loaded with massive amounts of moisture, but no rain as should be the case.


 American Texas

 In observing the Northern Great Plains where a major category D 4 drought is taking place, this entire summer season there have been these plumes of moisture appearing, but when rain attempts to fall on a storm front, the fronts literally evaporate.
It became so strange this past week, that rain was in retrograde in it was moving from east to west, instead of as it should west to east.
Something is pushing that rain high in a super heated atmosphere above to deflect it.

America has been two nations this year, in rain in the east and cooler temperatures, and absolute drought and searing heat killing crops in the west.
For those who are unfamiliar with this, Montana and the Dakotas are liquidating their entire beef herds, as this is a drought which is worse than the Dirty 30's, and it is not being reported.

American Northern / Central Great Plains

In the above weather system now over Minnesota, I was observing the National Weather Service projection which showed that the above storm system to bring rain too late to this region, was supposed to flow north out of Nebraska. What captured my attention is that big green blob, came with two fingers into the region from North Dakota, and then that blog appeared out of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, both drought areas this year.
I will repeat that, the NWS said this storm was going to generate on their models out of Nebraska moving north, and instead out of drought ravaged Canada, this blob of rain appeared and swept south, then changed direction over South Dakota and started moving east.
Weather simply does not make 90 degree turns. That blog should be sitting over Iowa and yet it is moving back into Ontario Canada.

Below are examples of the American West and Northwest, which have been super heated and extremely dry. The drought would not be an issue, except one notices there are these moisture plumes appearing again, meaning there is moisture for rain, and yet the fronts are not producing rain as the atmosphere is so over heated in this entire region.

American Great Basin Rockies

American Northwest

The last screen grab from August 3rd 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, is an extension of the Texas weather print, which again shows the moisture plumes which should be producing massive amounts of rain in 24 hours as a cold front should be approaching. Instead there is a coastal system already there, not feeding on this moisture, but just offshore dropping a steady front line of rain, moving east.

American Gulf Coast / Southeast

The Lame Cherry exposes this, to alert the public that all of this is in plain sight. I have witnessed things this year which are impossible according to weather models. The effects are the destruction of Western agriculture and impoverishing Trump voting areas in everything west of the Mississippi.
If I were to observe the moisture plumes previously, I would state that one would be looking at huge amounts of rain in the inches, and if winter it would be a foot of snow or greater, and yet no rain has appeared, and where it has appeared it is not doing agriculture any good.

This has all the markings of HAARP, as part of the missile shield for the United States.  There is not weather taking place in America, but a sort of sponge effect soaking up all the rain and then squeezing it out in other areas not Trump.

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