Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Silent Resolve

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

General Stonewall Jackson crafted a most remarkable fighting force at the early stages of the Civil War. He had created an infantry which was called the Foot Cavalry, due to it's ability to move quickly as horse soldiers would.

The Americans were adept at this warfare as the first Rangers in the Indian Wars would strike terrorists in riding horses, carrying a blanket, a canteen, their rifle  and a bag of parched corn.

A well trained army, which handles and responds well is a remarkable living creature. In the Battle of Malhern Hill, which was costly, but in this Jackson's command never uttered a word, but filed to their positions as directed.

Profound silence rested upon the field. Jackson's bat-
teries, yet a little beyond the point of range, marched to
their places as quietly as if taking positions for review.

This is completely different from the Rebel Yell which is classic of the war. There was a time for such bravado to inspire the South and there were other times that the quiet resolve sent an even more disturbing message to the Yankees that a force was there which knew it's business and it would accomplish it's mission.

The North and the South fielded the greatest group of untrained Soldiers in history, and they outperformed every military the world fielded in regular troops.

Battles would follow where there would be rage in both the Union and Confederate lines at Sharpesburg, when both in fury wanted to kill every last one of the enemy. It was all work though and with each battle, the shouting was replaced by resolve.

The silence of resolve upon the battlefield.