Saturday, August 5, 2017

Trump White Paper: Building a Korean Nuclear Wall of Protection

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The key element in North Korea is not North Korea, nor their nuclear arsenal, but the synergy of keeping communist China and Putin Russia from entering North Korea, by assistance or military reinforcement as the Harry Truman police action in the Korean War, in which Truman refused the solution of nuclear checkmate of the Chicoms by General Douglas MacArthur, which has created this festering mess that Donald Trump rips the scab off and in McMaster neocon idiocrity vamps between bandaging it with Rex Tillerson or poking it with a stick by McMaster.

This analysis by the Lame Cherry is designed to deal with the four Presidents involved in Kim, Xi, Trump and Putin, by placing America as the cause and effect.

It is assessed that North Korea can not be isolated without triggering a military response from Peking and Moscow. The correct method of isolating North Korea would be to dust the Yalu border with Cobalt 60, creating a death zone. The international problem is it would kill too many of the North Korean population, and trigger unfavorable results as the harbors of North Korea are too numerous to shut down with nuclear mines,  and if that effective measure was so initiated, a nuclear detonation of a Russian or Chinese tanker would heighten the state to war.

It therefore return to the Lame Cherry original protocols that Japan must produce nuclear weapons and arm herself, and arm in the Nuclear Asian Response, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam in a lend lease.

South Korea will be supplied with cobalt hydrogen bombs and neutron bombs. The cobalt bombs will be designed to create in a conflict a 300 mile DMZ corridor north of the DMZ, a no man's land in which all who enter will perish.
This checks the Russian and Chinese intervention in the event of war.

The purpose of this is to place a line in the sand, as North Korea has gained nuclear weapons breaking treaties with America in aid assistance, the region then becomes nuclearized.

The NAR  posts a warning that if Kim Jong Un fires one more missile, conducts one more test which the NAR deems is threatening, then Phase II is initiated.

Phase II involves Operation Toxic Pill. In this phase, the United States and Japan provide South Korea with the necessary cobalt 60 and plutonium to seed the entire DMZ with radioactive material in response to any additional threatening moves by North Korea.

The North Koreans are playing with nuclear warfare, then let radioactive toxicity be their border which is certain death.

If North Korea does not cease and begin disarming their nuclear weapons, and continues to threaten the NAR, then PHASE III is initiated in seeding the Yalu region with plutonium and cobalt 60 to isolate North Korea by land, and by this blockade produce thee effect for Peking and Moscow that their client state is now a toxic reality and all commerce moving by land is radioactive.

With this setting up of the graduated battlefield, the toxicity of the Yalu and the Incheon borders, China and Russia will be incapable of introducing any army into North Korea as the soldiers would be of extremely low morale and revolt in being introduced to a toxic radioactive bottle.


PHASE IV would involve surgical atomic strikes on all North Korean military assets.

It is deemed at any time during this process that North Korea may respond with military violence. In that event, the NAR would respond with surgical nuclear strikes to remove the nuclear sites of North Korea, with a full ringing of Pyongyang with cobalt 60 and plutonium.
It is deemed progressive to create hot zones at the railway and road centers of North Korea, in this graduated response, to Balkanize North Korea of safe zones and hot zones.
The result of this process in making North Korea too expensive for Russia or China to supply or occupy.

It is concluded in the above by the graduated effect, that the United States nor the NAR would receive a nuclear strike from the principles in responding, as the toxicity of North Korea would make her unsavory to China and Russia, and the Chinese and Russians by statistical margins will not begin a nuclear exchange over North Korea.

This concludes the Lame Cherry assessment of the tactical necessity of North Korea, in answer to the hot cold HR McMaster blundering of ships in the Sea of Japan, no ships in the Sea of Japan, Lindsey Graham all out war, Rex Tilllerson no regime change.
The Trump Administration has not had any concise direction on North Korea. It could offer the carrot of the Lame Cherry in gardens and Bibles, against the coming confrontation. There must be continuity in Trump policy which is missing. HR McMaster and Mad Dog Mattis have failed the President as much as Rex Tillerson. The above scenario, once agreed to by Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea, must be adhered to and not deviated from with complete propaganda support in media by all nations involved.

What is the hot cold policy of America is not working and will not work, as it has not worked with Moscow or Peking. It will require real actions of toxic nature to make the belligerents pay without dropping bombs, but engaging in modern nuclear walls of protection. This is the most logical and best tactical solution to North Korea, now that it was placed on the front burner by Mr. Trump in what has become feckless policy.

One makes foreign policy in what you can control, to make the adversary uncomfortable to come to your position, before you engage in the next serious step on your side of the diplomatic line.

- Lame Cherry

As this has been started by Mr. Trump, it must now be finished with correct outcome, as there is not any walking away, now that North Korea has ICBM's with the ability of multiple warheads striking 10 American cities at a firing.

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