Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Trumped on Iran

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in  matter anti matter.

In 2016, the Obama Iranian nuclear deal was the plague to Donald Trump.

Trump: Iran deal 'the worst deal ever negotiated' - Israel ...

President Trump blasts nuclear deal with Iran, says the country disrespects the United States because of it.

Then in 2017, Mr. President kept the deal around.

Then in 2017, Mr. President certified the deal that Obama made with Iran.

Trump Plans to Certify that Iran Is in Compliance With ...

President Donald Trump plans to recertify Iranian compliance with the Iran nuclear deal before the congressionally mandated deadline to do so on Monday, according to ...

Then Iran, broke another part of the Obama Trump deal.

 Iran rules out halt to missile tests as tension with USA rises...

One could say it is difficult to figure out Donald Trump as what was bad Obama, is now good Trump, but that is what Trump policy is. More globalist Obama policies, and more expanded Obama wars, now Trump wars.

If you remember Donald Trump castigating dimwit George W. Bush.........well in Afghanistan, HR McMaster is George W. Bush troop surging, just like Obama did in kill zones for Muslims, and to keep Rahtheon stockholders happy, as an Ivanak Tomahawk today is a bigger dividend check in December.

As U.S. Adds Troops in Afghanistan, Trump's Strategy Remains ...

Jun 18, 2017 · As U.S. Adds Troops in Afghanistan, Trump's ... "The administration needs to accompany any troop increase with a new political and economic ...
So what was horrid Obama policy is great Trump policy and what was chimp Bush policy is genius Trump policy. All easy to figure out as Trump has the same Wall Street Gary Cohn financiers and Jared Kushner liberals making policy for profit and attempting to protect the crumbling American hegemony.

The reality is what Nancy Pelosi crumbled in Bush43's sound containment policy, and Obama shredded for his good terrorists policy, is set the stage for an amplified 9 11 event on American shores, as Donald Trump's feckless foreign policy and inability to deal with the coup against him, as he is implementing Obama's 3rd term is a weakness, which will bring the war home to America again.

That is the reality of Donald Trump, trumped on Iran, as he was trumped on Russia by the deep state, trumped on China by the Kushners, Trumped on North Korea by China, trumped on Iran by all of the above in the globalist order.
Sound policies were offered here, but this is not about sound policies. This is about feeding the Republizan national socialist state bleeding America dead of every resources for the globalists.

The revelation that Mr. President is a globalist and a nationalist is the fact. The problem is that no one yet understood that Mr. Trump is 99% international fascist and 1% American Nationalist.

Trump: 'I'm a Nationalist and a Globalist' - Breitbart

On the eve of the 100 days in office milestone, President Donald Trump claims he is both a nationalist and a globalist — despite campaign promises that his ...

Lessons will be learned. It appears like other Wilson, Roosevelt, Obama predecessors that it is going to be a very harsh lesson of life and death in war which this president is leading America into.