Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sledgehammer Ban

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As Hillary Clinton is too preoccupied affirming to the world in a 15 city tour that she does not have testicles in why she lost the 2016 election and all other liberals are too busy Obama building libraries or looting the US Treasury with Mr. President, it falls to the Lame Cherry as the armed mob roams Florida with SLEDGEHAMMERS to call for a Sledgehamer Ban

The US Constitution does not name sledgehammers as a protected right. Nor does it state in the Second Amendment to KEEP AND BEAR SLEDGEHAMMERS. Sledgehammers are nothing no normal homeowner or citizen should ever need.

You are not busting concrete, not a union man, and half the population does not have testicles, and the other half is not a dyke like Michelle Obama with muscle capacity to use a sledgehammer, so it is time to ban sledgehammers from public ownership.

Sledgehammers must involve a sledgehammer tax like firearms. There must be a new division of BATFE to include Sledgehammers, the BATFES.
Every Home Depot and Walmart must have a form you fill out to purchase a sledgehammer to gain a license. This can not be any mom and pop, no Eric Holder straw walker of sledgehammers to Mexican gangs, this must be only high end retail corporate entities to have a background check with the following questions:

1. Have you ever beaten anyone with a sledgehammer.
2. Do you beat your spouse.
3. Have you ever been in prison.
4. Are you a drug addict.
5. Are you a terrorist.
6. Are you someone in Florida

See this sledgehammer terror in Florida would never have happened if there had been Sledgehammer control. The only terrorism would have been from politicians, NOAA and the media over Irma, and none of these bands of sledgehammers would now be taking place.

There must be categories of sledgehammers now.

Concealed to carry
Class 3 Sledgehammers
Long Sledgehammers
Plough Hammers
Assault Sledgehammers

There can be no more sawed off sledgehammers, no mechanically altered sledgehammers to increase capacity as drilling a hole and pouring in lead for weight, or any addictions which would turn these sledgehammers into assault sledgehammers, as folding handles, maul suppressors or extra capacity in lengthening the handles for more power.

The United Nations must become involved in this to limit the production and access across the globe in sledgehammer trade.

The Lame Cherry stands proudly at the front of this, while liberals have not acted on protecting the public. There must be sledgehammer free zones around schools and churches. There must be sledgehammer sweeps. There must be a sledgehammer confiscation as in the US Virgin Islands of all sledgehammers before a hurricane.
Sledgehammers must have a child proof, safety lock, and the Lame Cherry demands that a finger print unlock be mandatory on sledgehammers in order for anyone licensed to use them.

I do not want to stop there as mauls, wedges, axes and the most notorious of all in baseball bats, must all be banned. If children want to play baseball, they can do it on their computers, as baseball is dangerous with those bats and should only be watched on television.

With this, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter has been accomplished.

Mr. President, your Secretary of Treasury has banned Russian guns, it is time to ban all sledgehammers, and start at Mar Largo Florida!

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