Friday, October 13, 2017

The Stephen Paddock Crime Scene

Everything is symmetry with Stephen Paddock in
chairs perfect together, spare clips stacked perfectly,
except for all of the firearms are haphazard.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that some time has passed on the Stephen Paddock crime scene, the Lame Cherry desires to examine this from a forensic psychological perspective, in other words, to examine this scene from right hand, left hand, and reasoning, compared to random chance of things falling where they would in a suicide or gun battle.

What first captured my attention was the 357 magnum revolver in the crime scene photos. It was not in the random chance position of being discarded by muscular reflex or being dropped by a suicide proponent. Instead that revolver was artistically canted to a precise Euclidean position of degree, so it would look pretty or framed as the eye traveled up the body of Stephen Paddock, and would capture the focal point as in reflex one looked away from the bloody face, protruding left eye, to the pretty revolver which would cement in the mind, "Oh this is the suicide weapon", so let us not look for anyone who shot Paddock in the brain.

The revolver has the statistical probability of intelligent design having placed it there.

In reviewing the Jeff Rense assessment, in his having brightened the photos and used filters to enhance them, what jumped out at me was  in the trail of 223 Remington cases on the right side of the body, trailing from the revolver, to the blood pool, down the right side, and onto the feet, a trail that no 223 rifle could lay as the cartridges should be in a perimeter pile from the fixed location of the window, which we are told was being fired out of, on the left side of the body is something which captured my attention, in there was a solitary 308 casing.

 Solitary 308 caliber casing on lower right of photo


While the type of military rifles that Mr. Paddock had in the two motel rooms, run in typical military configuration of 223, 308 American, and the AK 47's 7.62 or 30 caliber x 39 mm, I wonder how a 308 was in this odd location, separated out by again, intelligent design, in not mixed in with the rest, and framed perfectly to the right as viewed from above.

Her is a comparison in blow up, as the 308 is a larger case than the diminutive 223.

308 casing on left, 223 casing on right

Again in reviewing this from a forensic psychological perspective, these photos all appear to have been of a staged crime scene, where the individual was  right hand dominant. They reveal the psychology of the person who designed this crime scene to be zealous in detail, artistic in performance and creating such a perfect crime scene that it simply says to the world, "This looks staged", and that leads to the conclusion that a very clever group desired to sow this discord in the population again as at Oklahoma City or Dallas 1963 AD in the year of our Lord.

There is something else in this photo which is bothersome and that is the blood pool. Bright red blood indicates arterial blood, but when it is oxygenated it begins to darken to black. As the leached out blood stains portray.

Blood as with Christ on the cross, separates out, to a watery looking mixture and a darker wine mixture when a sword is plunged into the side of the Lord on the cross for that strange observation and recording in Scripture. What is bothersome is the color of the clotted blood due to the surrounding field, and that surrounding field is most troubling because it has no expression of symmetry

Study the blood clot as it is triangular or Christmas tree in shape. The surrounding leached out blood should mirror this shape, but instead there are standard rounded blobs of leaching which do not match the original blood pool.

The following two images would be considered "Behavioral Blood', meaning the blood pools, splatters and does not separate out. Stephen Paddock's blood is not behaving.

As the Violi crime scene photo reveals, the heart does not simply stop pumping when the victim is shot in the head.
The second British crime scene photo reveals that the blood does not separate out in the bed, as it separated out in the Paddock photo. The British photo shows the behavioral symmetry though, as does the Violi crime scene photo.


There is only one way that blood separates out, and that is when the blood is old, and the only way one achieves old blood, is a body which has been dead for some time. Then the blood separates out, and produces a like effect as Stephen Paddock is framed by, meaning the more viscous plasma leaches out, and the more clotted platelets ooze out slowly, and this is achieved by a body erect so the blood does not drain out, then moved to another location and then deposited.

Again, the forensic examination of this as first pointed out by the Lame Cherry reveals a staged crime scene, as Stephen Paddock's leg and foot is under the firearm with a bipod, as if the body was placed there as the laws of random act indicate this is not possible, and again points to someone who staged this crime scene perfectly framed this, to look appealing in Euclidean Symmetry, but would indicate to any professional that this was a staged crime scene.


Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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