Thursday, November 30, 2017

Al Franken back to Molesting Poodles

In these hearings today,  I want to focus on free contraception being available 
for women from Health and Human Services, with nominee Alex Azar.....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A pervert who molests women is going to question me on contraception?


Mr. Azar the senate is investigating me, but I still have contraception needs. I really need free contraception, as I would be knocking
up 30 women a month as I like nailing them when they are asleep........I mean
women need lots of contraception as unwanted pregnancies
would cost me a fortune.


You have to be kidding me........


I like getting girls in vulnerable positions and squeezing their ass cheeks
like this as their husbands and children watch.


I am open to an HHS post birth abortion for you Al.


 Women get pregnant real easy when they're passed out
from me giving them the Cosby........


Maybe you should volunteer for an HHS human size condom test and we see if you or your semen survive  a week without air.

 I found that Shma ye Israel prayer for women I nail
does not keep them from getting pregnant........

I'm thinking of the Franken IUD, in sticking you up a whale's ass and see how that goes at 20,000 leagues under the sea.

 Look I molest women and abort my bastards, so what's it
going to be free birth control or not.

Al you are disgusting, HHS is not going to fund policy for you to molest women.


I guess that means I am back to molesting poodles.


You try that shit with me Franken and your balls will be snack treats today and shit piles tomorrow.