Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Las Vegas 9 11 Massacre

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As Jeff Rense with Gary Holland will not leave this alone as President Donald Trump did state in Reverse Speech with David John Oates that Las Vegas was the start of world war, you should probably be aware of why you are auditioning to die.

This is the rabbit hole we are going down.


 Muhammed bin Salman

Remember how Las Vegas is owned by Saudi Arabia, at least the hotel top floors where Stephen Paddock was working for the CIA and monitored by the FBI in arms deals with........
You do remember inquiry pointed to Iranians and Latin Narco terrorists right?

Would you believe that terrorists plugged into Obama's security would be leaked to the Paddock operation? How about terrorists using a country concert as cover for a major hit on a Saudi Crown Prince, as you did notice things sort of heated up in the Mideast after October 1st in a transfer of power Kushner over there making war preparations?

That sort of finishes the story, except for the Rense part in this Saudi being escorted out by armed security as Americans had their hands up, with weapons pointed at them, as sort of proof this was an Iranian hit on American soil.

You might even figure out that Delta Force was flying air cover and might have taken people out and evacuated their wounded, in helicopters, as there was a firefight on the strip. See the choppers were not hosing the crowd down, but sniping snipers.

It sort of goes a bit easier if you get pointed in the proper direction in figuring out what was taking place, and why things are being covered up, as this sort of informs the public that Americans were fodder for another Mideast war that is not yet ready to erupt, in a royal hit on American soil, and of course as someone was tracking the weapon's deal, should have probably stopped this, where security seemed to be able to protect the rich Muslim who meets with Mark Zuckerberg.


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