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Mother Clinton Speaks of Her Boy Al Franken's Right to Rape Women

Sexual Predator Hillary Clinton defends Sexual Bully Al Franken

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This column starts with something that needs to be said, in Hillary Clinton is an amoral, heartless, soulless, evil woman. Her history proves it in badgering a raped girl in Arkansas, attacking all the women that Bill Clinton raped, to sending intimidation goons to kill Kathleen Willey's pet, to her taking money from Muslim rapists, to Hillary Clinton's latest  foray into disgusting, in defending Al Franken in multiple assaults upon women.
So you understand this, LeeAnn Tweeden posted another woman messaged Ms. Tweeden after having Al Franken do the same criminal assault against her.

Huffington Post
Rape is Grossly Underreported in America

Is it any wonder why after the abuse Hillary Clinton engaged in against the assaulted  and continues to this day to defend rapists and pedophiles?


Three of the innocent women Hilary and Bill Clinton raped and assaulted

There seems to be a pattern in Hillary Clinton just likes rapists and can not go out of her way to defend them and pose in photos with them.

Hillary Clinton Defends Al Franken After Sex Assault ...

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton contrasted the response of Senator Al Franken following an accusation of sexual to President ...

How about I rape you with this microphone......

Honestly, in Hillary Clinton defending Al Franken for rape in stating he apologized and was accountable, after admitting he attacked LeeAnn Tweeden and bullied her for two weeks on a USO Tour, is a point of, "Should America then wipe the books clean of all the rapists and pedophiles as they have admitted their Al Franken actions and are accountable too?

To be blunt in this, Hillary Clinton has looked at the numbers and in key states she lost, if she can champion Franken, she will get the pedophile and rapist vote  to put her into the White House.

Sex Offender Statistics - Statistic Brain

Sex Offender Statistics : Sex Offender Statistics : Total number of registered sex offenders nationwide in the U.S. 747,408: Total number of sex offenders under ...

The following is a photo essay of the seared soul of Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Hillary Clinton loving serial rapist Bill Clinton with her daughter in tow


Hillary Clinton with convicted pedophile Anthony Wiener


Hillary Clinton perving for the lesbian and rapist vote

For those who forgot in 2008, Hillary Clinton was pimping her daughter Chelsea in sending her out to sodomite bars to be felt up for the lesbian vote.

Chelsea Clinton's Ass Grabbed in Philadelphia Gay Bar Crawl ...
Apr 21, 2008 - “Led around the neighborhood by Gov. Ed Rendell, Chelsea was mobbed by local gays and lesbians, as she walked from one club to the next. They ran up to hug her, posed for pictures and certainly invaded her personal space. 'I grabbed her ass,' one young woman exclaimed to her friends after snapping ...


Hillary Clinton with major donor sexual bully Harvey Weistein
who she will not return his donations.


 Hillary Clinton with Mr. Pedophile Express, Kevin Spacey

 As you can witness, Hillary Clinton is drawn to pedophiles and rapists and they are drawn to her. Hillary Clinton though was silent on Kevin Spacey and Anthony Wiener being pedophiles. She was silent on women showing their tits for her, for votes in exposing themselves. She was silent on Bill Cosby being a serial rapist. She only spoke out on Al Franken, because she sees a political edge and is auditioning for the rapist and pedophile vote.

By Hillary Clinton's standards though for Al Franken, Hillary Clinton is damned, as Hillary Clinton never once apologized for assaulting women, taking money from those who were sexually bullying women, never said she regretted attacking women that Bill Clinton raped, and she has never been held accountable, so Hillary Clinton is "guilty" as Donald Trump.
You do remember Hamrod's expression of  "Get away from me you creep" concerning Mr. Trump. When is Hillary Clinton going to say the same thing to all of her rapists and pedophiles, or for that matter will Hillary Clinton look in the mirror and tell herself, "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU CREEP"!

Hillary Clinton is simply evil. It has been proven and it needs to be said as the people need to be told things like this, lest they start believing that felonies are things which can be apologized for when they abuse others, as Hillary Clinton has a long history of engaging in.

As Jeff Sessions seems to be pedophile and rapist challenged too in recognizing crimes and pure evil, it explains why he has not appointed as Special Counsel to investigate the crimes of Hillary Clinton, instead of protecting this deviant female.

Hillary Clinton an Evil Lesbian, Roger Stone Says in New Book | New ...
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