Monday, November 20, 2017

No pardon for Food

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Humans are the cruelest creatures on the planet in their kindness of sparing death.

Whether it is elephants in Rhodesia or Turkeys in the White House, there is not any shelving them. They were birthed and they will die.

The turkeys the White House always pardoned is cruelty. These turkeys are specially bred for weight. It would be like if you had 300 pound breasts on your chest hauling around. You would waddle, your back would give out and so would your knees.
That much weight would break you down to a cripple. You wouldn't be able to walk without passing out and you would die prematurely.

There ain't no pardon to leave an animal to suffer for the rest of it's existence.

Makes no sense to waste a 50 pound bird, that will get tough and diseased and end up wasted to rot in a pit. Humans get cluttered in their ignorance.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

America needs Donald Trump to educate it as President. He should appear on the White House lawn, with that Matt Walsh 410 pump and put down those two gobblers and have Melania pick up as the boy guts them for Thanksgiving.

Don jr. did his part funding elephant salvation in buying a license. His father needs to stop the farce as pardoning turkeys to suffer and elephants to be exterminated just ain't what Andrew Jackson or Teddy Roosevelt would have done.

Mr. President the one you pardon, send it to me as I got a Presto cooker that will fit it and I don't have no Thanksgiving bird as them pumped full of chemicals poison me. I could use one live on the spur and I will Pilgrim it to a proper feast.

Nuff Said