Tuesday, November 21, 2017

On this our Oswald Day

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The released classified files on the John Kennedy assassination investigation are a series of revelations which the Lame Cherry first brought forward in the raised clinched fist of Lee Harvey Oswald which was a signal to those who he was involved with.
That proves a conspiracy as Lee Harvey Oswald was involved with someone else and not a lone gun man.

Jim DiEugenio produced two additional revelations on Coast to Coast AM with Richard Syrett. I have no idea why the deep state does not fire that George Noury for the incompetent he is as Syrett is a true host as John B. Wells was.
The revelations that DiEugenio discovered in the archives was that two sound men stated that two weeks before the Kennedy assassination that Jack Ruby hired them to install some sound equipment at Ruby's club. They also identified Lee Harvey Oswald as the other man.

There was something else though in this vast conspiracy which was most interesting in there have always been reports that Lee Harvey Oswald was in Mexico at the Cuban and Soviet embassies. There were reports of his voice being verified, but that appears to not be the case as the "tapes were destroyed".
In addition, there was constant surveillance of all coming and going from the Cuban and Soviet Embassy in an automated picture capture, even if the official report stated there was not enough money for the operation from the CIA, which of course was ludicrous.

It is in the Oswald of Mexico that something appears in the archives which is fascinating as DiEugenio spoke to a person who knew Oswald in Minsk. The question was how well did Oswald speak Russian? The answer was very well.
That is the problem in this, in the person who phoned the Russians in Mexico claiming to be Lee Harvey Oswald was someone the Russians could not understand and had to get an interpreter, not for this Oswald speaking English, but for this Oswald speaking Russian.

This bears repeating in the Russians could not understand the jibberish this Oswald was speaking, because he spoke such bad Russian.  This could not have been Lee Harvey Oswald, so it concludes that someone else was impersonating Lee Harvey Oswald and leaving a trail.

That is what is significant in this as while Oswald was known as a traitor in making some headlines, it is not like someone was going to be going to Mexico to impersonate him. This is significant in Oswald had someone linking him to Cuba and Russia for a reason. This is significant in the CIA covered up in the investigation the photos which would have proven this as not Oswald and then lied that the voice matched Oswald.

What would move the CIA to make certain that Oswald was in Mexico with the Soviets and Cubans? This would appear bizarre as in thing the Soviets to the Kennedy assassination could mean nuclear war and tying it to Cuba would mean an invasion of Cuba which would bring nuclear war.
That is a high stakes game to be engaged in, so that points to something was being covered up which was bigger than nuclear war, or could it be that those involved in this did not mind if the Soviet's and Americans would begin a nuclear war as this would not affect them.

Ask yourself if perhaps a larger problem might arise if the CIA did not cover up that someone was moving around a second Oswald, trying to start a nuclear war between America and Russia as cover for assassinating John Kennedy.

Jim Marrs before his death was on the Jeff Rense program with Dick Algier the remote viewer and David John Oates of Reverse Speech. What they were confirming for Marrs was that there was an operation involved, including a cover up at the highest levels of government. Lyndon Johnson knew, the Bush family knew. J Edar Hoover knew and in one of the most strange links, former President Dwight Eisenhower was being briefed by Prescott Bush, father of HW Bush on this, and several times in the reversals a reference came up to the Jewish regime in Tel Aviv.

At the heart of this is why John Kennedy was murdered. If one examines all of the above, the center point is John Kennedy denied the Jews nuclear materials for an atomic bomb. When JFK was murdered, Lyndon Johnson did not stand in the way and a quantity of nuclear material disappeared from the United States, and suddenly the Jews had an atomic bomb.

There were numbers of Americans who had a problem with John Kennedy from the treachery of the Bay of Pigs, to backing down to the Soviets in the Cuban missile crisis, to the monetary situation, to the attacks on the mafia etc... Every party that has been fingered in the assassination of JFK had a reason and was moving around the fringes and like Oswald there is a definite record of the activity to implicate them. It is almost as some foreign government with allies inside the US government had run a most complicated operation, as they did against Robert Kennedy in removing him, actually using United States assets against themselves.

It is a mystery of Oswald's raised fist, but he did make a phone call to his military handler who refused contact on the east coast. Oswald was reaching out and stating something and once this took place, he was immediately assassinated by Jack Ruby. Thus completed the false narrative of the lone gun man.

With two Oswalds there is proof of a conspiracy. Oswald was not going to hire someone to be himself in Mexico as that would only create problems for him, as if he was in on shooting JFK, linking himself to the enemies of America further would confirm he was the murderer.
With Oswald signalling he proved he was not alone, and never was alone.

Too many people were brought into Dallas from Vice President Johnson, Richard Nixon, George HW Bush, a cast of mafia and CIA, and Lee Harvey Oswald. Someone assembled them all there to make them suspects, because all knew something was happening there.

With Jared Kushner now so high placed in the Trump administration and best friends with the Prime Minister of Israel and starting wars in the Mideast, perhaps it is time to have Kushner ask the Jews exactly what their part was in all of this, in who was the second Oswald and who was the woman in the polka dot dress at the RFK assassination.

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