Wednesday, November 29, 2017

When the Hannity Freezes over

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was telling an Aunt today that she does not belong on this blog, but that this blog is a way of looking at things from a different perspective. I was pondering that in reading the rage of Sean Hannity, in snippets that Hannity's brains warned him again in Lynda McGlaughlin, who you can think of a Catholic free of the Vatican and Sean Hannity's backbone, as she told him not to allow this interview in the New York Times.

I was thinking about 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, when Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin were getting kickbacks from Ted Cruz, and Sean Hannity refused to endorse Donald Trump, how it was only Jeff Rense, that  fag at Gateway Pundit and this blog who were running pro Trump stories. In fact, this blog had to work hard to generate stories for Mr. Trump and to expose his opponents, both deep state Republican and Democrat.

Yet in this revision, there is the sexual pervert Jerry Rivers now rewriting history in it was Sean Hannity who steadied Conservatives and delivered them to Donald Trump.
The fact is the work was done already as in Corey Lewandowski and Steve Bannon appeared to take the credit.

It was a pivotal moment for Hannity and for Trump, and it sealed the bond between the two men. “If you look back at those traumas,” Rivera told me, “you’ll see that Hannity steadied the whole of conservative politics during those crucial times. And I think he plays much the same role now. He’s firm in his support of the president, and woe unto you if you don’t see things the same way. He’s a shield.”

It is the same issue with Judge Roy Moore. Sean Hannity taking credit for Roy Moore, but the fact is that Homo Hannity was silent, then did a distancing interview and then got cold feet. I know these things, because I know it was the exemplary work of Aaron Klein who exposed the smear campaign against Judge Roy Moore, and a certain popular girl who again went on point as she did for Donald Trump, when no one else was willing to hold the ground.
I notice these things, because I notice how Ann Coulter  runs for the brush and tweets about "I told ya we should have got Mo Brooks". I know what it takes to be a sapper in the wire, and I know when I have done the work, who was there doing their work, and then all these damned frauds get rewarded by Donald John Trump.

If you notice in the below quote, it was Lynda McLaughlin who was holding firm for Roy Moore, and she was giving Sean Hannity cover as ball less Hannity was hedging again.

On the same program, McLaughlin, Hannity’s executive producer, argued that at least some of the allegations involved consensual contact. “Consensual, that’s true,” Hannity responded.

I thank God I was protected from being appointed in the Trump White House, but there is one person I would have wanted as my Chief of Staff and it would have been this McLaughlin. She is the type you want in a fight as she enjoys getting hit and hitting back harder.

In the Times you see the Mockingbird in action as setting up Homo Hannity as your NASCAR leader. Sean Hannity's audience is composed of three groups.

Yuse guyz
Shootin' bullets at the coons rednecks
Granny panty 

Translated, if you are not bright enough to know that Hannity has the D 9 beer drinkers that Donald Trump fancies himself as, the NASCAR and WWE Southerners and old women who get drizzle twat over Hannity.  That is why Hannity plays that shit country music as that is the audience he is supposed to brainwash.

If you remember I told you that there is a lurker  in the midst who you trust and will stab you in the back on queer issues when a pedo is exposed. Just remember why I call him Homo Hannity, as Hannity spins daily about "Gays and Lesbians" in Muslim lands, lumping them in with normal moral people.  The more you get led out to trust Donald Trump by Trump's third nipple in Homo Hannity, you are going to get led out, played and backed into a corner, just like this damned tax reward for billionaires, and when push comes to shove, Sean Hannity will tell you that you have to sell out as the proper thing to do for sex perverts.

This homo projection was all beat back when they tried under Bush43 to take over CPAC. Grover Nordquist to Ann Coulter were there, and they will Glenn Beck were all about splintering the Republican party to defeat in a 3rd party.
I told you that this Paul Singer was created by Karl Rove and W in Wall Street kickbacks to funnel money to the Bush family picks in political funding. There is an entire criminal money laundering in this, as much as Obama had built with his controlling conglomerates.

That is where all of you are being led to, just like Peggy Noonan led you out for Obama to betray you, and she just tried to cut off the innocent Judge Roy Moore in telling Obama women, that they were all twats and had to vote as the New York vulva was telling them.

You are all being conditioned on this sex pervert chit. You are being told it is wrong.......yeah it is a weapon against Christians like Roy Moore, but there sits pervert Al Franken safe in Mitch McConnell's senate and you have not seen Kevin Spacey in any pedo stories as Harvey Weinstein is being railroaded on no all of this will be twisted to make these pervs victims, and when you deplorables expect Homo Hannity to voice your opinions and Donald Trump to keep his promise to you, you will find that, you will be betrayed  and  told how wrong you are, as the pedos get protected rights like sodomites.

Stephen K. Bannon, the former chief strategist for Trump, told me Hannity is “the single most important voice for the ‘deplorables,’?” as Trump backers often style themselves. But to his critics, Hannity’s approach is at best dismaying and at worst emblematic of the corrosive, fact-free, “at-any-costs” partisanship that helped propel Donald Trump to power. “It’s dangerous stuff,” Katie Packer Beeson, Mitt Romney’s deputy campaign manager in 2012, told me. “And I do worry that it might be a while before the pendulum swings back the other way.”

The New York Times did not to a hit piece on Sean Hannity. What the Times did was herd all of you closer to drinking the Hannity semen ade, as Sean Hannity alone put Donald Trump in the White House and is your spokesmo, in you are absolutely nothing without him.

As the person God moved to write the time line to place Donald Trump into the White House, I was there, and I know what Sean Hannity did and did not do. I am quite aware of the conditioning Sean Hannity is paid huge sums to move you off what should be your Christian foundation. I listen to the tards defend Hannity in not being intelligent enough to understand the manipulation and the set up.

As it requires being stated, there is a pedophile syndicate of very powerful people. They have targeted their competitor molesters and will use the current rape claims  and fake claims to overload the population, so the mob yearns to move on, and  when that is accomplished, a specific elite will be legalized to molest children.  Think of it as the Greek way in rich people sponsoring a child for Harvard........see poor pervs can not keep up that expense,  so will be regulated to sex bots and it will all become norm and no one will remember who the hell Anita Bryant was.......the first victim of the sodomite jihad.

 I would advise the original advice to follow only Jesus, to not put your trust in princes nor in the sons of me.

Now go cuddle up with your god stocks and dollars and whisper in the mirror you are too bright to ever  fall for any of the above.........again.