Sunday, December 3, 2017

Randy Quaid for United States Senate

 Future Senator, Randy Quaid of Vermont

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After not much thought, and leading with my heart, the Lame Cherry after a bit of research, whole heartedly supports the candidacy of the fine actor, Randy Quaid for United States Senator from the great state of Vermont.

Randy Quaid has been smeared by the same Hollywood machine which protected pedophiles who raped and molested Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, and which rewarded a sex bully in Harvey Weinstein, before turning on Weinstein.
Mr. Quaid, himself a person assaulted as a child in being raped in Texas by a neighbor, is an individual who has overcome so very much and had the system turn on him.

The Quaids were ardent supporters of Bernie Sanders like many Americans against Hillary Clinton, after Bernie Sanders betrayed his followers in selling them out, the Quaid's provided full support for Donald Trump, and in taking that brave stand were part of the surge which kept Hillary Clinton from the White House.

Former actor Randy Quaid may have stepped out of the public spotlight, but he’s definitely not shy about taking to Twitter to share his political opinions.
It all started off with a relatively tame tweet Quaid shared with the public supporting Donald Trump for president while he posed in front of Trump Tower.
He then followed up with some commentary on Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention last week in Cleveland.
But it wasn’t until the leaked Democratic National Committee email controversy happened that Quaid really turned up the Quaid-ness.

Who of us have not been called crazy for speaking out about Sean Homo Hannity's deep state? Who among us have not suffered  financial set backs? Who among us does not love America? This is Mr. and Mrs. Randy Quaid and in that Vermont and America has a choice in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord, and Randy Quaid is a refreshing American voice of a real American.
Does anyone think for a moment that Randy Quaid is not going to tell you exactly what he thinks, why he thinks it and who is screwing America over in the US Senate? Who could be a more perfect addition to Judge Roy Moore now assailed with lies, than Randy Quaid to shine the light of Truth in the US Senate.

Do you think that these judges letting murderers and rapists foreigners loose on America again would not with Roy Moore and Randy Quaid not be impeached? In Randy Quaid, I see a voice as true as John Quincy Adams in the House of Representatives in speaking for Americans and pointing out the hypocrisy.

In Randy Quaid, you know exactly who you have and what you will get. He has told the world and is not working deals to throw a primary to Hillary Clinton. I hope to God that Randy Quaid is successful and the people of Vermont embrace him and give him the opportunity to serve them and the United States.

Senator Randy Quaid, has a very comforting sound to it. We have had enough of the fake in regime. It is time we have real Americans for a government again, by, for and of the People.


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