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The Dirt Files on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Patterns are the way one investigating events, discovers a trail. There are patterns all through the Robert Mueller witch hunt of President Donald Trump, which keep popping out and keep being covered up.

For example in the Russian offer of dirt on Hillary Clinton, there is a reality that Donald Trump jr. was promised by a British associate exactly that, in connection with a Russian woman, and in the case of George Papadopoulos who worked for the Trump campaign, once again a British agent offered dirt on Hillary Clinton in connection with a Russian woman.

In the examination of this from the Lame Cherry, this blog asks you to remember that from the start of this, this blog reported that it was British involvement in manipulating the 2016 elections and not the Russians which caused all of these problems, and if you notice that President Trump has cooled to Theresa May the Prime Minister of Britain, who was head of MI6 during this British operation against America, that the evidence is there that London was overtly with Christopher Steele seeking to destabilize America and covertly through Theresa May succeeded in dividing America politically, exactly as Cecil Rhodes Round Table intended to once again annex America an bring it under London's sphere of control again.

Someone created a dirt file on Donald Trump and the same someone created a dirt file on Hillary Clinton, and someone was offering it to the Trump campaign through various sources and someone was offering it to the Hillary Clinton campaign through various sources.

We know from the information assembled in this Lame Cherry blog that the Pissgate files originated out of the Baltic states and Ukraine, with direction from Christopher Steele and it as distributed through the London regime to, two willing anti Trump hacks in John Podesta in the Hillary Clinton campaign and #NeverTrumper John McCain, and in both cases it was fag promoter pro Jeb Bush, Paul Singer of the Washington Beacon, who funded Fusion GPS in funding the Steele operation that was driving John Brennan at the CIA and James Comey at FBI to go after Trump.

On the opposite side in the Dirty Hillary Dossier which seemed to never have been produced, there is emerging a most interesting trail of patterns and coincidences, in the form of the compliant George Papadopoulos.

While in London, on or about 24 March, according to the Justice Department document, Papadopoulos had a meeting with Mifsud and a Russian woman who was said to have connections to senior Russian government officials. He then emailed the Trump campaign to say he had just met with his “good friend” the “professor” [Mifsud] who had introduced him to the Russian woman.

Joseph Mifsud (born 1960) is a Maltese academic, with high level connections to the Russian state.
He is a former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malta, a former principal in the London Centre of International Law Practice, a professorial teaching fellow at the University of Stirling] in Scotland, and director of the London Academy of Diplomacy, where he held seminars on Brexit.
He was awarded a PhD entitled "Managing educational reform: a comparative approach from Malta (and Northern Ireland); a headteachers' perspective" in 1995 from Queen's University Belfast.
Investigators say Mifsud enticed George Papadopoulos, an advisor to the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign, with a promise of Russian "dirt" on Hillary Clinton.
He is a Member of the European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR), and a former President of EMUNI in Slovenia. He was a regular at meetings of the Valdai Discussion Club, an annual conference held in Sochi, Russia, attended by Vladimir Putin.

Joseph Mifsud is flat out lying in his now disclaimers in having not any involvement in the Russian introductions in this facet of the operation against the Trump campaign. What is interesting in this is it appears he was rewarded after what he accomplished in tainting Papadopoulos, in his new job was in Scotland.
Whenever one sees a nobody on a European Council of Foreign Relations, that appears to be a mole working for British Intelligence just as Christopher Steele was the same employee in Russia.

Into this walked the upstart George Papadopoulos trying to make a name for himself and moving into the sphere of the power brokers. Papadopoulos was gifted and ambitious, but his resume was nothing to behold. In those days of the Trump campaign, when the Bush fam deep state warning was out that no one was to connect with Team Trump, Donald Trump had absolutely nothing for establishment backing. He was shunned and that is why his first team were rejects and amateurs, who did a very good job. Papadopoulos coming out of the Carson campaign was brought in as a mannequin on display for the Trump storefront. The Trump team though had no idea that it appears Papadopoulos was targeted by those behind all of this, to lay another scandal link into the Trump campaign.

George Papadopoulos
According to court papers unsealed Monday, George Papadopoulos, a former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, told federal investigators that a professor in April 2016 promised him "dirt" on Hillary Clinton compiled by Russians, including thousands of emails.
Joseph Mifsud, who joined the faculty of the University of Stirling earlier this year, was not named in the court documents. He confirmed his identity to the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday, stressing that "I have a clear conscience."
Mifsud told the Telegraph that he knew nothing about emails containing "dirt" on Clinton, calling the allegations upsetting and "incredible." He also dismissed the disclosure that he introduced Papadopoulos to a "female Russian national," calling the allegation a "laughing stock."

Papadopoulos has a finance, a rather pretty Italian to make this international, named Simona Mangiante who ABC news is giving full access to as she claims that Papadopoulos was not just a coffee boy, but was a real mover in the Trump camp. The Mockingbird of this would mean that this was Trump collusion and obstruction of justice, which is no what took place.

Papadopoulos and Mangiante were both associates of Joseph Mifsud. It is this connection and now her appearance attempting to forge a link in the public's mind, of where Robert Mueller is taking this, is a red flag. Papadopoulos is already plead out after the FBI brutalized him on arrest and detention, in the same manner they went after Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn.
Papadopoulos is already cooperating with Robert Mueller who was roughing the Greek up, and as this is before sentencing, it makes not any sense for a fiance to go in ABC and crucify her lover in stating he was one of the brains behind the operation. That kind of information gets you 20 years in prison while being an office boy gets you a Scooter Libby few months with time already served.


George Papadopoulos' fiancee, Simona Mangiante
Mangiante said she always had questions about Mifsud’s role because she rarely saw him do the work typical of most professors. He was “opaque,” she said. “It was never clear to me, his role. He doesn't strike me as an academic. He always [was] someone networking [with] people from different governments.”
She said she now believes Mifsud became interested in Papadopoulos “precisely because he was working for Trump.
Mangiante though is honest in Mifsud went after her fiance due to the Trump connection. This group which was involved in influence pedaling for money, is a group which also with MI6 connections was in the process of shattering the American elections.

Below is not the love child of Mitch McConnell and Andy Dick, but a London lawyer named Peter Dovey, who in various phases runs the London Centre of International Law Practice. No one has been able to really track down who this group is that engineered and set up this meeting with the Trump Campaign and Russia, but it is evident from the associations that what we have is Muslim oil money, using western law to inflict globalism in a unified legal movement.
I will be blunt in this, in I believe this is a great deal of Londonstan's version of David Souchet starring in the Shylock series written by Anthony Trollip in The Way We Live Now.

That story was about idiots in politics and aristocracy, speculating in America, at the guidance of a Jewish financier, whose entire operation was nothing but a Ponzi Scheme. What this looks like in Papadopoulos is "someone"  from the same group who manufactured Pissgate, who was at the operational control over the love child, used this legal front to attempt to engage the Trump campaign once in Don jr. and once in Papadopoulos concerning the Dirty Hillary Dossier, which did not exist, but if one notices in this as Jared Kushner is the one who  threw Don jr. under the bus to Robert Mueller, that someone who probably was Kushner unloaded Papadopoulos onto Robert Mueller too as a Russian collaborator which is simply bogus.


Peter Dovey
The Law Society

The Middle East Association

Immigration Law Practitioners' Association

Criminal Law Solicitors Association

British Arab Chamber of Commerce

PSDS Limited

Altra Capital Limited
Founder Director

Abu Dhabi Investment Council



CLSA Limited

London Centre of International Law Practice is a legal sweat shop according to his online complaint by one of the employees there who was suckered in to do work. It basically keeps moving addresses as a front company, and then does not pay the people it hires. This looks like an influence pedaling front shop as in the Way We Live Now, and they have their meetings and everything looks legitimate, but it accomplishes nothing, except when it appears it is engaged in disrupting American politics.

They will try to keep you working on endless contracts, never really promising anything beyond big empty words.
- They will encourage you to keep working without payment for as long as you don't snap. If you talk about money, they would procrastinate it to some other day in future.
- Apparently, the half of their team listed on the website has already left to form a new firm of their own.

This scheme has international connections, and as no one is going to jail, or George Soros is not raising hell about it, points to a conclusion that London Centre of International Law Practice is intelligence connected, and that would mean Theresa May when she was running British Intelligence and is now Prime Minister.
Do not overlook that this Mifsud is not being investigated by Robert Mueller.
The only reason that is not a Robert Mueller target, is due to the same reality that Christopher Steele is being protected by MI6. Mifsud is part of an operation which provided the Russia relationship to taint the Trump campaign. That is the only conclusion that makes sense in this, in Mifsud was working for MI6 and when approached, he carried out the mission to place another tentacle into the Trump campaign.

Its website tells prospective clients: “You decide where to study and EN Education will help you get the offers you need to live abroad during your studies.”

EN Education’s website has logos of some 20 British universities which it describes as “our partners”. However, a section headed “Our destinations” and written in Arabic suggests it can also arrange studies in other countries besides Britain: Thailand, Malaysia, Malta, Russia, Austria, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States. The inclusion of Malta and Russia in this list is interesting because of Mifsud’s connections with both of them?—?but it may be pure coincidence.

We return now to London Centre of International Law Practice, as this is the key, the exposed point in this. The principles were British and Saudi. That points to MI6 and Saudi royal influence money in London. Mifsud was the key in this in he was involved with the finance of Papadopoulos and by chance, Papadopoulos showed up on his doorstep for American influence.

The same building is also the official address for three other companies owned by Idris?—?London Academy of International Law Limited, Cambridge Academy of International Law Limited and London Centre of Law and English Limited (previously known as Islamic Finance and Legal Expertise Limited)?—?plus Valstone Limited in which Idris, Dovey and a Saudi named Waleed Binhomran have equal shares.

As you have the above links, I will tell you what this looks like to me, and it is what the Lame Cherry told you from the start of this. This was not about Russian influence or corruption of the American 2016 elections. The Russians are very much pleased with the chaos in America, as it keeps warm from erupting against them. A weakened Donald Trump and a disrupted American government by the deep state politics, benefits Russia in Ukraine, Syria and Asia.
In stating that, this blog told you it was British intelligence spying on Donald Trump for the Obama police state. That is Theresa May and MI6, and this is why in all of this from the various sources floating fake dossiers against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton from the Baltic, Ukraine at first, and later in these odd contacts to Papadopoulos and Don jr., there is only one group who has a history of playing sides against each other in intrigue for their advancement, and that is London and the Queen. They did it in 1776, were at it in the Boer War, were behind two world wars to get Germany, brought down the Czar, and it is British Intelligence which keeps appearing in the background of both Pissgate and Dirty Hillary.

Examine the facts in this. London is a bankster state. They have no power, no military and are a dumping ground for Islam. They just got out of Brexit, meaning a divide between London and the Continent.
Someone who ran Bush, Obama and Clinton were all speaking about war in scorched Europe with Russia. Who would benefit on an island, where the Germans and French were radioactive? Who would benefit in Russia being a defeated state full of resources? Who would benefit from a bankrupted United States licking nuclear sized holes in missing cities as it was drawn into another European war? The answer is Cecil Rhodes and Mayer Rothschild's round table and pawn shop of finance and politics. England would rule by default.

Which island would be a transshipping point for radioactive Europe? England, with all those trillions flowing through her registers again just as in 1776.

We know that Paul Singer, the billionaire, in the Washington Beacon, is the source who financed Pissgate in Fusion GPS who hired Christopher Steele. This same fag billionaire is joined at the hip with Katie Walsh in women's things, and Katie is the fired gift which will not go away as Mike Pence protected her and she is now back at the RNC.
In turning over those rocks we have Katie Walsh proposed to by her finance who is deep state GOP in Congress at 10 Downing Street, and Paul Singer is making moves in Europe out of his London offices. Again, British connection appearing at every turn in this scandal.

Paul Singer | Bio - The Paul E. Singer Foundation
Launched in 1977 with $1 million of capital, total assets under management for the Elliott funds have grown to over $34 billion today. Elliott also has affiliated offices in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Paul-singer. The Wall Street Journal has recognized Elliott for its early forecasting of the systemic economic crisis of 2008.

Elliott's Paul Singer Is Targeting European Companies - Bloomberg
Oct 10, 2017 - Activist investor Paul Singer, whose campaigns in the past year have taken him from Australia to South Korea, is focusing on Europe with efforts aimed at ... hours after people familiar with the matter said that Singer's fund, Elliott Management Corp., was building a stake in London-based Smith & Nephew, ...

This blog pointed to London from the start of this, and there is a deep state reason that Robert Mueller is not going after London principles in this who set all of this up. None of this by accident, just as George Soros not being prosecuted for attacking the British pound, stealing Romanian gold and funding terrorism in the United States.
You are looking at the influence peddlers, the intelligence store fronts for operations and how a multi faceted operation was aimed at the United States 2016 elections and is still in full operation today to divide America as the V for Vendetta proclaimed for Guy Fawkes. Look behind the mask and it is British and this is following a story line Cecil Rhodes, with Ashkenaz banksters using Muslim money to cause a revolution not in Russia this time, but to bring down the United States as Russia was in 1917 AD in the year of our Lord.

Together Russian and America would rule the world in assets, raw wealth and power. At war, it will be the cartel ruining the world and running it again.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.