Monday, December 11, 2017

The Franchise Killer of Talk Radio for the Deep State

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am sitting here listening to Roy Bonneville and as one of his blues songs is Somewhere in Time, I am posting this short expose' to prove what the Lame Cherry has stated in Premier Networks with George Noory is nothing but a Mockingbird operation to control a segment of the population.

Noory is a fraud as are most of his "guests" from that odd ball Steve Quayle who talks of giants to John Hogue who told everyone Hillary Clinton was going to win, and when Trump won, then suddenly Hogue knew Trump was going to win all along by his Nostradamus readings.

Noory was the one who was brainwashing listeners over the Obama rape of the Muslim world which began in Egypt. Noory had a guy on the ground there when things Muslim Brohood exploded gushing over the rapine. What was most repulsive for me was Danyon Brinkley or whatever that twice out of this world doo  gooder's name is, presented Noory with and Obama reward live on air, and that award has disappeared now that Obama was exposed.

The proof that Noory is an intelligence asset are the numbers, and even Art Bell has stated that Noory killed the Coast to Coast franchise deader than Ben Affleck killed Batman.

Art Bell stated that the decision to come out of retirement was entirely his, a response to the direction that George Noory has taken the show—closer to political talk radio rather than the open-minded exploration of the supernatural that defined Bell's tenure as host. Noory, Bell says, has "ruined" the franchise of Coast to Coast AM.
The program's ratings under Noory have fallen to only 3.25 million listeners per week. Coast to Coast AM previously boasted a weekly listening audience in excess of 10 million listeners under Art Bell. Since 2013 the listener numbers have shrunk an additional half million to a mere 2.75 million. Listener numbers in 2014 have continued to decline to 2.5 million.
Scholars have criticized Coast to Coast AM for promoting pseudohistoric and pseudoscientific ideas

Noory destroyed the greatest after hours franchise America had in taking Art Bell's audience of 10 million and destroying it to 2.5 million and dropping. In the real world Noory would have been fired, but yet Noory remains having cost Premier in advertising millions of dollars in lost audience.
That means the money is coming from an intelligence source and Noory is there because the CIA  deep state wants this fraud there.

What was the worst in this was John B. Wells who was a rising star, was fired from Coast to Coast, because his work was as good as Art Bell's and he was blowing Noory and those misfits employed there out of the ratings.
The reality is two weekend guest hosts from Minnesota and Canada are doing more work than what Noory is all week. Noory is an idiot in interviews as you can hear him reading questions off cards with nothing smooth or segue taking place ever. The reality is when Art Bell was running things, there was always an adventure every night, and Art would always say he did not know if it was true, but it sure was fun. Noory takes a knee every program as there is not any fun with Noory nor in his banning what guests can say.

Those are the realities of this, and the damage done in 3 more years have buried Coast to Coast AM. Gone are the fun and interesting guests and all that remains is boring George Noory or that Vegas anchor who did an interview with the Sheriff from Las Vegas promoting the cover up of the multiple shooters there.

Ask yourself if any other host could destroy a franchise and still be on the air? Then deduce as to why  that host is still being employed. That is what the deep state operates as, as this nitwit Noory predicts every few days, "I tell you, I can feel it, something is going to happen in Korea".
Ed Dames has been saying that on his  remote viewing time line from years ago and nothing has happened, but no one calls George Noory on his flat ass wrong predictions, except this blog.
No wonder Art Bell told Noory to stop listing him as associated with this disaster.

Why has George Noory not been fired and John B. Wells brought in to resurrect Coast to Coast AM.

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