Sunday, December 3, 2017

When Nuclear Thor Ruled The Solar System

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am fascinated at times by scientific theory as in some instances it is a delight to ponder such events. Charles Darwin who was a relative of mine is boring in his evolution nonsense, but those like Dr. John Brandenburg how theorize that Mars was destroyed by two nuclear detonations in a war in this solar system is interesting in the plus minus.


The problem with doubting all of this, is that there are at times just anomalies on Mars which do not fit Euclidean patterns. For example the two skulls on Mars which show larger cranial capacity, is something which makes one ponder.

Then there are buried formations which mimic earth.


Again, then there are what appear to be an almost coralite algae, which would seem possible in a severe cold of frost, where an algae type substance would form on a type of calcified water framework. Instead of Jack Frost, it is Cloro Frost.

I have featured previously a most interesting anomaly on Mars which appear to be instead of dust devils, electric devils. It appears that as earth generates lightning and whirlwinds, that Mars has an ionic charge, and when heated and cooled, produces a wind, which produces a whirlwind, that by moving particles in friction it produces instead of St. Elmo's Fire, a Martian electric devil, like flint on a steel.

I though am contemplating how indeed demons could take Earth genetic substance and manipulate it, as was the case in Noah's time, with human assistance. The crossing of genetic material is evident in the Bible in Jacob pealing sticks and female cattle and goats drinking before those sticks, produced mottled offspring.

If one can do this with sticks, how much more could be done with other genetic material manipulation in chemicals or electro chemical reaction.

I am not in this paper here to debate the skulls of Mars. It appears there is a plant type life form on Mars and that is sufficient for life there. What I desire to examine is could there be a type of nuclear detonation on Mars which could be explained like being struck by lightning a second time?

I return to the history of the universe in recorded legends of war in the heavens between Saturn and Jupiter, and now one supplanted the other and connections to Mars in another event, as much as the deluge of the earth as outlined by Immanuel Velikovsky as written of here in the archives.

The Professor dealt with putting legend into scientific fact, concerning near earth misses of large solar travelers which caused all types of problems on earth and the solar system. I speak in these terms as we have nuclear explosions every day in our solar system as that is what fuels the sun. Stars are born every day, as are super novas.
What if we hypothesize though something not come across before.

We have all seen veins or nuggets of gold. There are diamonds of great size. What if there was a Planet X which appeared in the solar system and a 1 in a trillion event took place?

What if Planet X in association with the death star had picked up a passenger or had in unique circumstances created concentrations of Uranium or perhaps some other radioactive element which was not stable. This would account for the 

'The Martian surface is covered with a thin layer of radioactive substances including uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium - and this pattern radiates from a hot spot on Mars,' he told Fox News at the time.
'A nuclear explosion could have sent debris all around the planet.'

Return now to Planet X, in what if it had a unique concentration of uranium ores and in this it moved through the solar system, with a Death Star, a larger body which affected all in the solar system, as the pressure from two suns increased pressures all through universe.

We know about atmospheric pressures, and we know of gravitational pressures. We know that humans would be crushed on some planets just from the size of the planet and the gravity generated, as a person under the ocean would be crushed from like pressures.

Consider the way food is cooked on the stove, in pressure canners cook things faster due to increased pressure. How your car cools itself faster under an enclosed radiator system as much as your house is cooled by an enclosed air conditioning system.
Think about the California wildfires in how spontaneous combustion actually happens on earth when the atmosphere dries, high pressure increases and tinder combusts readily with a spark of lightning.

Dust Explosion Fundamentals: Ignition Criteria and Pressure ...

Dust Explosion Fundamentals: Ignition Criteria and Pressure ... Delayed ignition source of adequate energy or temperature to ignite ... do not readily pass through ...

Autoignition temperature - Wikipedia

The autoignition temperature or kindling point of a substance ... decreases as the pressure or oxygen ... 451 for the autoignition temperature of paper ...
Return now to Mars and what if, unique events. What if Mars was under considerable pressure from Planet X and the Death Star.
Professor Velikovsky in his theories speaks of electrical arcs between planets under such passing each other, and in this, we also know that concentrated uranium, simply dropped from 6 feet will create a nuclear detonation. This is the what if, in all of this pressure on a planet, that under a unique circumstance an entire atmosphere could ignite and burn away.
What if the marks on Mars are giant electrical arcs, what if in this pressure a concentration of radioactive material ignited.

Events do not always have to be man made nor alien generated by demons. A great deal of destruction happens all the time in the universe.

Mars is a unique planet with electrical whirlwinds. It has anomalies of structure which point to unnatural design. That though is another issue to examine, but not here.