Saturday, January 13, 2018

Donald Trump's Achilles Heel

John Kelly practices his Richard Nixon in the Oval Office

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Donald Trump has a Kelly's heel when it comes to all things presidential, and the best analogy of this and warning to the President, comes in the Reagan experience with Donald Regan.

Ronald Reagan had a blind spot and it was anything Irish was a good natured as President Reagan, and Don Regan know this, and exploited his "good olde Irish nature" in having a joke for Ronald Reagan whenever around the President. The problem was Don Regan had two faces, the one he smiled behind with contempt for Ronald Reagan, and the other which featured this choice verbiage aimed at Maureen Reagan, the Daughter of the President, when she was supposed to be coordinating with the Congressional Republicans.

This is what Don Regan screamed at the President's Daughter,

Goddamn it! Who do you think you are. You have been trying to run the West Wing for too long. Who do you think you are? You are a pain in the ass!!!"

During this time Nancy Reagan was approached by terrified staff, Congressional leaders and Cabinet members, including Vice President George H. W. Bush, who all said Regan could not be worked with. Congress loathed him. The Press detested him. The entire White House was Don Regan's shadow behind every corner. Mrs. Reagan  tried again and again to talk to the President about this problem but all Ronald Reagan was witnessing was the "smiling Don", and others were not telling the President how abusive Regan was.

The reality is Donald John Trump has three Achilles heels. The worst is his daughter Ivanka. The worse is his blind spot when it comes to people who wore uniforms. The last is, his ego.
Donald Trump has never learned that military people are by 99% majority, people who sit down with you and pretend to take orders, and then are off being General or President, when the President or commanding General is not around.
John Kelly and Herbert McMaster are the 99 in both are pompous asses, who portray themselves as President, and define Donald Trump is a moron.

John Kelly is intelligent as a liberal political officer. He knows enough to not punch people who will get him into trouble, and intimidates those to submission once he has Presidential authority.  Those who will not submit are fired, and in Omarosa's reality, she was emotionally assaulted by John Kelly by his degrading her significant other.
John Kelly is intelligent.

This is the problem with John Kelly. He knows how to manipulate poltroons, and no bigger poltroons are the Kushners.  They simply need to be allowed access in their liberal Jewish mafia bias, and they serve Obama voter Kelly's reason for being as a political officer of the DIA in the White House.

Kelly does though overstep, but he does so playing on Donald Trump's ego. The most recent example was the running of John Kelly's pedo promoting chief of staff out of Afghanistan to steal write in votes from Roy Moore in Alabama. Trump's ego was injured after Alabama rejected Big Luther Strange for a real Republican, and Trump wanted Moore taken down, and allowed election fraud to take place.
John Kelly was the whisperer behind all of this, because Kelly the liberal worked a deal with baby butcher Doug Jones to not vote to impeach Donald Trump, in exchange for Trump not noting that the election was stolen from Judge Roy Moore. Those are the kinds of deals one finds with John Kelly, where baby butchers win, and Christians are destroyed.

One can bring to mind how John Kelly warned Donald Trump not to make that call to the Black widow of that affirmative action soldier killed in Africa, after he ran away from the battle.
How did Kelly know this was not going to go well? It is because Kelly is plugged into the Obama network, and knew that family was sitting there waiting to pounce politically along with the press.
The key point in this, is John Kelly told the President not to do this, but he never alerted Donald Trump that he had insider information about the set up, as that would reveal who John Kelly really works for.

DACA is another John Kelly operation, Kelly had Trump sell his soul for Trump tax for the rich, and now one notes that Kelly's protege' skirt at Homoland Security, is pressing for DACA to be signed by the President, and who gets sent out but ICE to raid 7 11 stores, because the Jew named Loeb who owns 7 11, is a competitor of the Kushner mafia.
See John Kelly knows how to run Homoland in corrupting it too, just like James Comey and Robert Mueller corrupted the FBI and Justice.

When one thinks of the truly great military men who have gone from the military to the civilian leadership, as in the great Vernon Walters, Alexander Haig and Dwight Eisenhower, each of them never forgot that they served the President. Walters was always thee most intelligent man in the room, while Haig could be brusk and Eisenhower too demure, the reality is in these military men, one always knew they were serving President Reagan, President Nixon or President Roosevelt, with American interests first, and not their own, or they were reporting back to the deep state after patroling the White House grounds like a Doberman after hours.

This is the fault of Donald Trump in the creation of John Kelly, because Reince Priebus in an attempt to have an open door for the President, created chaos and Donald Trump never trusted Priebus. With John Kelly, Trump welcomed the order "so Trump could think", but Donald Trump was deceived by thinking order was not an abduction of the President's power.
John Kelly rules, John Kelly has bitch slapped the base, John Kelly has fired loyal supporters, in order to gain supremacy for the Obama 3rd term. Donald Trump is a great deal like Ronald Reagan, in President Reagan thought he had a man he could trust in Don Regan, who held him in contempt, while Donald Trump thinks he has a man he can skirt around, but Donald Trump never considers what it will be like when John Kelly attains absolute power over Donald Trump in a 25th Amendment situation. Donald Trump discovering what it is like to be Omaraso with the FBI at his door with handcuffs is a little late to be smiling about "Yeah there is John Kelly in the back, always listening, I see him.......".

It took all of Washington to convince Ronald Reagan to fire Don Regan, who turned on the First Lady and almost engineered in his loyalists the invoking of the 25th Amendment on Ronald Reagan, because Regan's reach was so complete that he had convinced the new Chief of Staff in plotting Howard Baker that Ronald Reagan was a veg head.

Donald Trump does not have that protection as Ronald Reagan did, as the conglomerate Congress likes John Kelly's Obama policies. John Kelly takes out Donald Trump's competitors like Roy Moore and Steve Bannon. John Kelly does favors for the Kushner's in taking out fag Jew billionaires in 7 11 raids. John Kelly has all the White House twerps in a row as like Don Regan, he never allows any information or any meeting with the President unless John Kelly is there listening in.

What 2017 AD in the year of our Lord proved is Donald Trump feigns "conservative". By this it is explained, he announces promises kept, but in every instance the conglomerates of the deep state benefit, while Americans continue to be robbed. On taxes the corporations get the deductions, while the people have pennies given and dollars extrated in other areas. In Obamacare the corporations get their pounds of flesh, but Americans get bled another year in Obamacare penalties. The same will hold true on DACA, as Trump rolls back his wall, as he legalizes all the Obama illegals, so these slaves which are replacing Americans will have voting rights to vote Americans to their genocide.
This is the work of John Kelly as CPO, Chief Political Officer of the Obama Organized Community of 1600 Penn Avenue.

This blog no longer will invest the effort to promote this current presidency as I did not vote for a John Kelly coup by Robert Mueller, as Mr. President has not even said thank you for the jeopardy this blog placed itself at to put him into the Oval Office to Make America Great Again. My purpose is only one reason now and that is to post the Truth, so that people will be aware that they are not receiving the policies which they voted for, and to support those policies now is as ludicrous as Obama voters supporting that Birther when he sold America out to Wall Street, as Donald Trump has done the same exact policy.
What this blog desired was for Americans to have a life where they could work reasonable hours and keep most of what they earned, and not be slave labor competing with other foreign slaves for scraps. Those who miss that point and want this blog to be a Trump cheering section are absolute fools, as no one is exposing any of this or telling you what the future holds with these policies.

John Kelly is no HR Halderman. John Kelly is just a Don Regan, a bit more skilled in fooling people and astute enough to not call Ivanka a "strap on cunt whore to her face", but John Kelly is all the same, in not serving the President for the purpose of serving the People who expect American policies to be enacted to benefit Americans first.

Being naive, I had thought his Jehu would have turned the sword upon his enemies, but the sword was instead turned upon Americans to benefit Jehu's enemies, as he saved himself.

Donald Trump has an Achilles Heel, his is just named the Kelly's Heel, and it has made a heel of this President as it has brought Americans under the boot heel of despotry.

or maybe it was John Kelly practicing his Kevin Spacey pedophile pose

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