Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mother Russia

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Most of you have no comprehension, except for the propaganda about Russia, of what Russia really looks like. I intend to give you a glimpse of one part of Russia, which has more treasures in it than every museum and collection in the United States. It is a place which makes Buckingham Palace look like a shack. It is a place of Czarist Russia grandeur of Catherine the Great, in her summer palace at St. Petersburg of the Hermitage.

The Hermitage was founded before America was a nation, in 1764 AD in the year of our Lord. It is a place of over 350 rooms, and the rooms are larger than most homes. It is just one place in Russia, one Russian beautifully grand thing, in a nation of grand things.

This palace which is now a museum open to the public since 1852 AD in the year of our Lord, contains over 3 million works of art. The Smithsonian would fit in one wing of the Hermitage and nothing in America, Britain or any other nation compares to the art which is on display there, unless of course it is another palace in Russia.

The Louvre is black and white dullness, compared to the masterpieces of colour which the Hermitage displays in such volume, that it papers its horizon to horizon walls with masterpieces.

In creating these golden gilded presentations, most reading this have no comprehension of these creations. The beauty of this framing is gold foil, in small folders, which is touched by a soft fan brush, moved to wood, plaster, metal and bone, where it is laid delicately into place, and then burnished by amber tools to polish it into the lustrous finish to dazzle the eyes of the stuff that dreams are made of.

Russia is a garden, a vista, and it is palaces of such artwork which has no rival in the world. The details from the floor tile to the seating are all beauty.

One wall of this palace has details which could require a lifetime to study and appreciate, and this is just one wall, a wall to take you to the "real" artwork which other nations have a few pieces of in lesser degree and build museums around.

It is a reality that even God decorates the Hermitage as whether clothed in stars at night or frost in winter, it is even more beautiful than the day vista it graced before.

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